Jockbloggers Unite!

I took Rory along for protection to the Scottish Blogmeet on Saturday. You can never be too careful! Why, I still remember the days when everyone from the internet was a pervert and/or axe murderer!

But there was not an axe blade in sight. Just lots of Guinness, nice folk and good conversation. I met Gunella, David, Wee David, Richard, Elizabeth, Martin and of course Gordon, the godfather of Scottish blogging. I only wish I could have stayed longer to meet Peter whose blog is a cracking read and Alan who has written a book about Jack The Ripper. How could you not want to meet someone who’s written a book about Jack The Ripper?

Meanwhile, Gareth and I went walking up the Dollar Glen on Sunday and later saw this one-eared sheep. READER CONTEST! WIN WIN WIN! In 25 words or less, please come up with a witty and imaginative explanation for the missing ear. Best entry wins a prize! That has yet to be determined! Does anyone not have a FlickrPro account yet?


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23 thoughts on “Jockbloggers Unite!

  1. Someone misheard some shepherd saying “Hey, you! ‘Ere now!” as “Hey, ewe! Ear now!”?

    (I gots nuthin’.)

  2. The shepherd was getting bored so one night surgically removed the ear and attached it to the chest of the ewe in front. (Do sheep have chests?)

  3. Think it’s all about evolution and sheep needs. I mean, have you ever seen two sheep deep in meaningful, intense conversation??….:)

    Seriously, came across your blog recently and fell completely in love with it. Hope to read the whole thing sometime….


  4. Obviously it has no ear because it hasn’t finished developing – it hasn’t even completely budded off from the big sheep yet.

  5. “My sister, she can talk your ears off. Why, only yesterday…”

    No, I don’t have a pro account yet 🙂

  6. Phew. When I heard about a blogmeet AND caption competition in the same post I was a tad worried.

    And doesn’t the “godfather” make me sound old?

    Caption: “Reservoir Sheep”

  7. The horns that come out later outstrip the ears, (implying that an able apprentice outdistances his master)

    Scottish Blogfather, the master of blogging, might have something to do with the mystery 😉

  8. Dammit, Shauny! I didn’t know about the Scottish Blogmeet. I wimped out of coming to the Edinburgh one on the possibly spurious grounds that I didn’t have a blog… and you weren’t there, anyway (I believe).

    But I do have a blog now and I would’ve come. I think.

    To business: this is evidently one of the new breed of sheep with ears that are retractable at will. Obviously, this new feature was been developed to protect against howling Scottish winds, but as it was lovely and sunny on Sunday I’m driven to the conclusion that this sheep has just forgotten to pop its right ear back out again. Sheep never were all that bright.

  9. The missing ear allows this sheep to cultivate an air of mystery. Wouldn’t you get tired of being just one of the flock?

    Or, the guy who docked this poor sheep’s tail didn’t understand which end was the business end.

  10. Artist Vincent van G’Ewe is outstanding in his field.

    [no, no pro account — but finally, finally I’m getting a computer on the weekend that I won’t have to wind up to write an entry — woohoo!]

  11. hi shauna! your site is HILARIOUS! gosh, leaving the world of food blogs is like realizing there is life beyond Kansas… i’ll have to troll through your archives and see what else you have to say about our lovely adopted city 😉

  12. Off spring of Dolly the cloned sheep continue to promote the case for genetic engineering.

    A new strain of ‘foot and mouth’ disease identified in Scotland is called ‘head and ear’ disease.

  13. The missing ear is indeed odd, but I would have been more concerned with the partial sheep protruding from their butts! Those sheep cloners should ease off the scotch before slicing genes.


    but if i had to pick one (which I do), i’d go with JIM. Woohoo!

  15. i couldnt resist this cos i KNOW the answer…

    you see this sheep is the favourite.. the love of his life.. of andy.. the one armed aberdonian….

    ok.. ask gareth he’ll tell you

    ps .. i might have a job … starts monday.. yep a real one

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