Get Out Of The Kitchen

Gareth's only been out of the country for 24 hours and already I've got a wandering eye. With every episode Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares I become more and more besotted with the Michelin Man. Gordon is arrogant, moody, filthy rich, Scottish and swears every five f*cking seconds. What's not to love?


So who have you been lusting over lately?

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36 thoughts on “Get Out Of The Kitchen

  1. Hey Gordon is doing a reality show here in the US called Hell’s Kitchen. 2 teams of folks (not all chefs) 2 kitchens. Final winner gets their own restaurant. Challenges revolve around them cooking. He chews them out constantly. He is also always swearing.

    Cute pic!

  2. I love Gordon Ramsay – his show was on here last year at something like 11:30 at night, but being unemployed it was the perfect lead-in to all night infomertial (that doesn’t look like it’s spelled right, but…eh) heaven. I don’t think he can go three words without putting in a swear word just for good measure.

  3. My hobby is developing crushes on talented character actors. (I know, pathetic.) I could give you a whole boring list of current heartthrobs but Gordon looks like a very promising new candidate. I’ll have to give him a look.

  4. I’d sooner do it with Fat Bastard, Austin Powers repulsive Scottish alter ego than Gordon Ramsay.

  5. Believe it or not i thought about this blog today while at work. I pulled down the overhead projector screen and some moron had drawn a picture on it. Thats right just like the fantasy chairs only about twenty times bigger!! 🙂

  6. Gordon and I definitely have a love-hate relationship. It seems to be more hate in the moment, since I firmly refuse to give up CSI in order to watch Kitchen Nightmares…

  7. Gordon Ramsey?


    I’ve gone right off you Shauna, you’re mental lady, mental.

    as ever

    pol x

  8. Alonso the formula one driver. He’s gorgeous. I don’t don’t know whether he swears or not, but let’s just imagine he does while driving 400 mph or whatever insane speed those machines do. Ooh.

  9. There ia a tag you can set up in MT Blacklist that will tell the commenter what the offending word is . . . go to MT Blacklist>Configure>Comment Error Denial Response and put something like:

    Your comment was denied for the term __TEXT__ .

  10. Damn, monkey et al beat me to it. Not to say that they’re not right, it’s just that I lust after you too.

    Oh and also pol.

    And Johnny Depp.

    And mebbe Clive Owen.

  11. Mary McDonald from Battlestar Galactica. I remember seeing her in ID4 and for some reason she just gets my loins going, dunno why.

    Gordon Ransay = Dead Set Legend. I wish they’d show more of his stuff here in Oz.

  12. Unfortunately i don’t know of Gordon, now I feel a little bereft, why am I missing out? My current television crush/lustfest is Vincent D’Onofrio. Pure shagalicious quirky fuckable fun. I wonder if he would tilt his head like that while doing the horizontal.

  13. Gordon? Nahh. Not my type. (Why is swearing all the time sexy? Not to be disingenuous. I really don’t get it.)

    Recently saw The Motorcycle Diaries and thought Gaël Garcia Bernal was rather nice… I realise that’s unoriginal of me.

    Also quite like Ioan Grufffyd, but am in two minds about going to see him in “Fantastic 4” – that stretchy thing could be a bit yucky-looking, don’t you think?

  14. If it wasn’t for his strangely lined chin, I’d totally be up there with you. He writes very sexily as well, have you read his recipie books? Divine…

  15. Hmmm, have to see Gordy in action. Pic alone doesn’t do it for me.

    Now, this lot DOES do great things for me. Let’s see: (DEEP BREATH)

    Michael Shumacher (aaah! That sexy sternness! Accommodating but distant…. Let me rip that control to shreds!!!)

    Clive Owen (anytime! anywhere!)

    Billy Connolly anno 1990 (now he’s just an angry old man… sigh….actually, that reminds me of:)

    Danny Bhoy (witty, funny, vile lingo, SCOTTISH, politically very incorrect – I’m deeply in love)

    Michael Caine anno 1985 (argh! I’m REALLY showing my age now!)

    Andrew Johns (never watch footie – or whatever it is he plays – but I could drown in those eyes)

    George Clooney (although he acted distinctly dorkish on Parkinson when Dawn French told him to stop stalking her…)

    Kevin Bacon (sluttish & wasted, but definitely appealing)

    David Wenham (WHY am I 44 years old and overweight!! WHY!?!)

    and last but not least: Woody Harrelson – those insolent blue eyes, that overt s#xuality…

    Aargh! Will need to lie down for a while now!

  16. The obsession-worth James Purefoy and the stranger from Dear Frankie, not sure of the name.

  17. Hmm, let’s see… The spunky gardener on Desperate Housewives… Ditto the hot plumber… George Gregan (Wallabies) and Matt Rodgers (NSW Waratahs)… Johnny Depp… Nick Lachey (embarrassing celebrity crush!)… the cute guy I met at a bar last week who finally called me yesterday (woo hoo!)… Hugh Jackman… the ENTIRE French Rugby Team (since a friend sent me pics of them – nekkid)…

  18. Helena Christensen in those big billboards advertising M&S – the one of her in a white top is just stunning.. although a bit too much of a distraction when there are about 20 different billboards featuring her on the way home… makes the drive home much more enjoyable if slightly fraught with last minute braking decisions (well you can’t watch the road AND stare at her at the same time.. sheesh)

  19. Will this darn thing allow me to post a comment? I don’t swear! Maybe I should, then it might allow the comment!

  20. OH, look at that! After wasting 3 million words of unbelievable wisdom, it decides to allow that last comment. Will wonders never cease?

    Now I forget what I was going to say.

  21. hehe, you’re all horny bastards!

    natasha! i am really sorry, i need to sort this out but i am really busy at the mo.

    and charles, thanks for that tip, i will try that…

  22. Oh! Ioan! I forgot about him. He’s even better than Alonso. Ioan! I even love the way he spells his name. Sigh.

  23. I know I’m totally booring – but I still lust over Brad Pitt every time I see him.

  24. a bit late in the day here but considering the nature of my dream last night, and a nearly 20 year long crush, I thought I should just add: Johnny Depp.

  25. Hugh Laurie? Are you kidding, woman? I would have thought Blackadder and Bertie Wooster would be enough to put anyone off…

    (…although I know I’m being disingenuous. There was an article in last week’s Sunday Times on how he’s suddenly sexy. I think he’s funny, and was very good as Wooster, and also as Prince George – but sexy? Not a chance.)

  26. alex popov of course.

    certainly NOT that scraunchy little bloke with carrots on his head

  27. Gordon is far too sexist for my liking. He’d get a fat lip before long.
    My lust object is the utterly gorgeous and Frenchly civilised Thierry Henry. Hmmmm.

    The Americans and Aussies reading this will have no idea who he is. Striker in the French (and Arsenal) football team.

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