The cranky pants are ON!

The ONE TIME I didn’t Draft in TextEditor first and wrote an entry straight into Movable Type, I hit Save and I got an Internal Server Error so I clicked the Back button and then the entry WAS GONE and it’s 10.14PM and I cannae be arsed writing it again so… BAH!

Speaking of being an idiot, I had a startling revelation yesterday upon reading this divine entry. Banoffee pie – a deliciously sickly combination of bananas, cream and caramel – is as commonplace on a Scottish restaurant menu as haggis, neeps and tatties. All this time I thought ‘Banoffee’ was either an ancient highland clan or obscure swear word but… DERR! It’s BANana + tOFFEE!

I have never felt like such a nong, except for when I was a kid and found out people committed ‘suicide’ and not ‘silverside’.

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16 thoughts on “The cranky pants are ON!

  1. Vital, vibrant, fun and sassy with a hint of sexy. I am inspired and yet made to feel inadequate and vulnerable by your talented blog. To think that I was only looking for a cat on ebay……OK that’s a big fat lie. I had finished some work and fell into the “rude words on google out of boredom” trap. There are some seriously weird people out there! Many of them seem to write to you! Is that now me? What next? Will I start wearing unkempt raincoats and hanging around sex shops? Is this the start of an awakening of dangerous desires? Do you think my wife will believe it if I explain this visit as a search for an interesting and ancient Scottish desert? I better go and unchain her from the cellar and see what she says…..when I take her gag off.

  2. Wasn’t banoffee named after 18th-century Bavarian eccentric Herr Baron Wolfgang von Banoffee, for whom this confection was invented?

  3. Yes, and it’s a little-known fact that Baron von Banoffee was actually related to (great-great-uncle of) the even more famous Count (later Obergruppenführer) Fritz von Eskimopie.

  4. Hello there. I was wondering why my stats had increased with such force. And now I know.

    Thanks for the link, and I hope the next time you encounter banoffee pie it will be all gooey and sticky the way it should be 🙂

  5. Hee hee. I’m not a banoffee pie fan (I’m not too keen on banana in concoctions, tends to go soggy) but am now desperate for a banana. Some coffee might be good too.

    My cousin thought as a little girl that there were two words for a man who drove a car for a living – “shopher”, which she had only heard, but assumed to be spelt something like that, and “chauffeur” which she had only seen written down and assumed to be pronounced “chuffaler” (where the “l” came from is anybody’s guess).

    I’ll leave it to you to judge whether her cousins have ever let her forget this. I guess we all made this kind of mistake, but some of us don’t get found out 🙂

    (I’m worried now. Am I “weird people”, rockape?)

  6. Ahhh the joys of Banoffee pie – the long slow wait as you boil the tin of condensed milk, watching it expand slowly….

    BTW, try walking into a local butcher’s and asking for a piece of “silverside” – sure ain’t corned beef round these ‘ere parts.

    Now, what’s a nong?? (Is it from that Spike Milligan poem… on the ning nang nong?)

  7. I am currently up to my elbows in paper mache with my dear little art class, making gigantic sculptures of desserts. butterfly cakes, giant slices of cake, meringues etc,and I thought Alice had MADE UP banoffy pie because she didn’t do her homework (which was: go to the cake shop and gobble up cakes after drawing pictures of them)
    so I had better release her from detention now I know they’re real.

  8. Holy crap! I used to think that about silverside too! I thought I was the only one who spent time as a kid wondering why killing yourself was named after a big pink salty piece of meat! I’m flabbergasted!

  9. Banoffee just sounds so much better with Baron von in front of it, for sure!

    Rockape! Ooh I wonder what people really used cellars for.

    Ahh fifi, banoffee is real and truly evil. but quite delicious 🙂

    ERIN! Dude! I can’t believe someone else thought it was silverside! if you are ever in town i will buy you a drink and we can toast to our collective daftness.

    i would reply to the rest of the comments but tonight i stabbed my finger with a big knife by accident and it is still bleeding and i feel a little weak so it’s time for bed. TO BED!

  10. wonderED, that should have been. i mean, everyone knows attics are for storing antiques to be dragged out years later then valued on Antiques Roadshow and/or to stash unwanted children, a la Virginia Andrews’ Flowers in the Attic series. But cellars, aside from wine, I dunno what they’re used for. Stashing your Mum’s skeleton a la Norman Bates. Was that a cellar? I cannae mind.

    OKAY i need a rest.

  11. I thought press studs were called press duds for quite a long time. A really really long time. My only excuse is that it isn’t a word you often see written down.

  12. I aways thought silverside was from the silver side of the cow. And thought I must be blind or incredibly dumb not to be able to see the silver side of the cow so never asked anyone where it was in case they discovered just how thick I was.

  13. I used to call “grilled cheese sandwiches”, “girl cheese sandwiches”.

    I found out how wrong I was and felt very silly, when I asked my mom “why isn’t there “boy cheese sandwiches” my mom made a very confused look on her face and so I felt I needed to elaborated “Maybe since “girl cheese” is made with cheddar, that “boy cheese” could be made with mozzarella, provolone, or munster?”…I must have been 6 years old or so…my mom just laughed out loud, explained my misunderstanding of the words used and proceeded to call all of my aunts and my grandma to tell them the cute thing I said!

    Humiliating…but I laugh now.

    I would leave my email but both of them
    (because the have numbers in them i.e. name#@) that #@ thingy gets me every time!)
    will not work with shauna’s filter:( oh well…lets see if i can post without an email address

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