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One unexpected side effect of getting married seems to be an increased capacity for shouting at the telly and moaning about the state of the world. We watched a bit of Glastonbury this weekend and complained about: bands that plunder Talking Heads but with sharper suits, the honking huge void left by John Peel and of course the mighty suckfulness of Coldplay. Everything was better back in OUR DAY, don't you know; even though our day was only a few years ago. Gareth declared that the last Really Good Glastonbury was 1997; and of course I agreed, having formed this opinion in Australia from an imported copy of Q magazine six months after the event. I'm hoping this curmudgeonly behaviour simply indicates we're now nicely settled into our state of hitchedness. And the timing is good since we have to get married AGAIN next Saturday, aka The Night of the Hot Ceilidh Action. SHAUNA:  Did you know that I've previously only been to four weddings in my whole life, but now I have to go to four weddings in one year alone? And they're all our bloody weddings! GARETH:  Yeah? I'm really getting sick of getting married to you! S:  Yeah? Well I'm really getting sick of getting married to you, too! S & G:  Hehe.

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19 thoughts on “Youth of Today

  1. as long as you’re sick of GETTING married as opposed to BEING married, then all is good.

    also, i want grandchildren too. hurry up and get Up The Duff, woman.

  2. Wow, you’re not even down the aisle (for the 4th time) and they’re already screaming for wee ones.

    You don’t HAVE to get married–again, do you? 😉

  3. Can you say “I don’t” at one of them, just to see what happens?

    Grandchildren would be good, or at least it’s about time you got yourself another wee doggie…

  4. you should have someone dramatically yell ‘STOP!’ at the part where they ask if there is anyone who thinks you two shouldn’t get married (again) just to spice things up a little. I’ll be happy to do it!

  5. …. or you could go:

    (deep martyred sigh)

    … oh alright then!

    And by the way: I never felt so old as when I looked around in My Own Favourite Nightclub and realised that I was surrounded by kids, no older than 17, 18. (this is Holland in the eighties).

    I was 21 at the time. Training hard to become a Grumpy Old Woman….

  6. So… there was the Vegas Wedding-o-Rama (with added Elvis).

    Next, The Night of the Hot Ceilidh Action.

    And then the Wonder Down Under.

    What’s number four? Does Vegas count as two?

    I have never been to Glasto and was thinking gloomily that I am probably too old now. (The boyfriend was there in ’97 if I’m not mistaken, but that was before we met. It could have been ’98 if there was one in ’98.) And I’m gloomily awaiting an extreme state of curmudgeonity brought on by the Live 8 concert in Edinburgh, which will be just along the road from me, and to which I am not going. Not that there’s anyone there I’m dying to see live, but a lot of big events seem to be passing me by at the moment… also it seems rather dumb to watch something on the TV that’s happening a whole 500 yards away, and which I’ll be able to hear if I open the windows.

    Acch, I need a holiday.

  7. Boring marriage blog – pshah!! As if! (btw Shauny, we moved to Tassie from Goulburn. It’s v.nice down here.)

  8. Ah yeah, 1997. Listening to the Radiohead set on Live On The Wireless and discovering that The Bends wasn’t a shit album after all. I’d gotten OK Computer like everyone else did, and decided that it was wrong to judge them on “Creep” alone. The set confirmed that, though.

    Save the kids for when you’ve run out of amusing things to talk about regarding being newly married. 🙂

  9. All right, you two, get a room!

    …wait a minute…

    But seriously, I agree: we want grandchildren, but only if it means you won’t slack off on the blogging. Barring that, a wee pup would be nice to read about.

  10. I was also confused about the number 4 …but then remeber that you had a civil ceremny in scotland so it is offical and you can stay in the UK aswell as the one in vegas and now the one in scotland (by the way i am getting married on the 9th)…..just one more to go!

  11. Oh what a lovely blog you have! Congrats on all the weddings 🙂 Good to hear it´s multiple weddings but only one happy husband!

  12. cheers for your comments, groovers!

    the four weddings goeth thus:

    1. Vegas 1
    2. Vegas 2 (ten minutes later, remember?)
    3. Scottish Hoedown
    4. BBQ in Oz

  13. as for the kids, there shall be no kids for the forseeable future! NAE BAIRNS, HEN!

  14. Shauny, I feel your pain. I’ve been married a year, a YEAR, and I’ve been hounded from exactly ten minutes after the ceremony until ever. Me? Kids? Whatev.

    Although if you were to have kids, they’d be darling. Just sayin’.

  15. it must suck being old.
    you know…marriage seems like its sooo far away- i keep hearing that these are the best years of my life so i should live it up, right? well…
    marriage and children the whole deal..isn’t that what life is really about. getting old. being able to complain about the good ole’ days? so what should i be doing now
    i’m wasting away.
    i’m lacking something
    what is it shauny?

  16. [blinks]…Married?…[blinks again]

    Excuse me… [shuffles through archives]

    Holy Shite! Congratulations!

    Pictures? [more shuffling]

    Damn, girl, you clean up like a shiny penny (Elvis…LMAO…nice touch)

    Best of luck to you both. Seriously. Wonderful. Very very happy for you!

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