Fact checker

MOTHERSHIP:  So have you been running much since your marathon?

SHAUNA:  What marathon?

M:  Your marathon. I read all about it on your website.

S:  I didn’t do a marathon. I did a 5k.

M:  So what’s the difference?

S:  Well, a 5k is 5 kilometres, and a marathon is 42 kilometres.

M:  Ohhhh, I see.

S:  Have you been telling everyone back home that I ran a marathon? Are they expecting some sort of sculpted sporting goddess to step off the plane?

M:  Quite possibly!

I should have known there was a misunderstanding when I texted her post-race and she texted back, “Can I brag?”.

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6 thoughts on “Fact checker

  1. Mothers and their fanatical devotion to their children’s fictional miraculous success stories…brings a tear to the eye, doesn’t it…

  2. And Just Who says you aint a sculpted goddess?
    Remember – more areobic activity – running if you can, riding if you cant and walking if you cant do that – fast, faster, fastest until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death..

  3. Areobic activity? What’s that? 🙂

    Think Andrew might be preaching to the converted there…

    I think, if you’re being granted the credit for running a marathon, you should take it (with a modest smile)… I shall never run a marathon. I can say this with perfect confidence.

  4. Your performance reminds me of an old Sydney City to Surf joke. The setting is the finish line of a marathon where a novice runner/marathoner is hobbling away. A grizzled old marathoner looks at him and says ‘you will feel a lot worse tomorrow,’ he pauses and then says, ‘but the really bad news is that in about 3 days you are going to think you had fun today.’

  5. Funny story.

    That’s like when you mentino that you’ve run (or will run) a triathlon and people assume that triathlon = ironman distance, and if you don’t do an ironman, then it’s not “a real triathlon.” The other classic is when you are training for a marathon and people ask something like: “Oh, you’re running the Chicago marathon? how long is that one?”

    Ah, well, I guess I shouldn’t expect everyone to be up with this stuff.

    Also, unfortunately, running a marathon isn’t enough to make everyone look like a sculpted goddess; I’ve run 2 and been able to maintain (not on purpose) my fleshy figure.

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