If you can see this message then my domain thingy has been transferred. Huzzah! I have switched hosts and have been upgraded to Movable Type 3.2.

Thanks to Pavel at LivingDot hosting for all your help shifting this clunky old mess. I’ve been pissfarting around for six weeks cleaning out my archives – deleting spam comments, fixing broken links, sorting images and even re-publishing some stuff I’d taken offline in moments of angst and panic. Anyway, with over 10,000 comments the normal Export Entries thing kept shitting itself, so Pavel kindly moved my database and got the blog running again. I have asked about ten gazillion stupid questions throughout this process and always received prompt replies. Cheers mate!

Hopefully now you should be able to comment freely, without fear of rejection and 500 Server Errors! Woohoo.

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12 thoughts on “Switcheroo

  1. Yer I came here yesterday and got a bunch of funny errors so I figured you were doing something – I was hoping for a new layout that you’d done in moments of procrastination, but at least you’re still here.

    Have fun when you get here! If you’d come this week, you could have taken Gareth to the Henty Field Days. What a thrill.

    Maybe next time!

  2. Excellent news! Clean and shiny!
    When you get back to Oz, see a movie called ‘Look Both Ways’ – I really liked it. Which is not to say you will, but you might…

  3. ahh! i had uploaded a really old version of the Olden & Golden entry list so that’s why the links didn’t work. should be cool now 🙂 thanks dudes.

  4. four more sleeps ’til Oz, indeed my young friend.

    So who are you flying with and are you stopping half way?

    I used to do the single stint lark, with Emirates, Singapore, quantas/lufthansa but by far the best is Japan Airlines stopping off in Narita/Tokyo. Lovely bed and shower, change your grundies, and on with the endless sake insanity.

    recommended spud.

    Oh is this Gareth’s first time to ‘strail’?

    bon voyage and all that jazz.

    pol x

    not shown actual size

  5. pol – thanks dude. we’re going emirates from glasgow. would be nice to do the stopover but finances/available fares didn’t allow. next time gadget, next time. and yep, G’s first time in Oz, woohoo!

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