The Partnership

As the Australian leg of the wedding odyssey rapidly approaches, it’s The Mothership’s turn to get the Wedding Fever. While she has a more relaxed approach than the Motherinlawship for the Scottish one, she’s still a stickler for details. Because weddings are all about details. She came up with the idea of decorating the cake with some wattle and a thistle to symbolise the union of the Aussie and the Jock. I scrounged up a thistle and assumed we’d just yank a sprig of wattle off a tree on the way to the party, but I received this memo instead:

FROM:  Mothership
SUBJECT:  Photo and Size of Thistle

Good evening to you both

Could you email photo of thistle (put something next to it that I would know for size comparison) and write the dimensions of thistle in the Email – we need to get the wattle the same size to represent your partnership with Gareth.

Luv ya

(Don’t kill me Ma! Couldn’t resist this one!)

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18 thoughts on “The Partnership

  1. so it’s not the haggis and the roo rampant then?


    the pair of you, take a set of brand new socks in your carry ons, also grundies t shirt and your face cloth. It is pefectly possible to have a near full body wash in the sink on a 747.

    you laugh now but you’ll rue (roo, roux, rooh?) the day you ignored my sage advice.

    right I am ful off Leffe beer and now must try to go to bed.

    pol x

    of the inflamable liver

  2. I’m surprised she didn’t want to get you to analyse the ratio of your height to Gareth’s and then make appropriate calculations for the representative botanicals!

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever come across those words in that particular combination;
    ‘Write the dimensions of the thistle in the email.’

    Are you sure that you and Gareth aren’t going to get wildly competitive about whether the wattle is bigger than the thistle and vice versa? (Now that you’ve cleared the bread issue out of the way.)

  4. dude,

    your mothership is the grousest of grouse. wait til youse get your kid on, she is going to be a contender in the rowdy grandmother title championship with my mum.

    also, are youse going to hit these fair shores on your sojourn? email me with details and mebbe we can catch up very briefly so i can show youse the bloodnut i made?

  5. There are large burly men at Customs in Sydney who wont let you in with a Thistle. This will no doubt send your poor Ma on a country-wide search for the most Scottish-looking thistle she can find. There are lots of Scottish people in Bundanoon, apparently, so tell her to start there. (Coincidentally, I’m going there next weekend, tell her I can pick one up for her if she finds one! If she’s THAT fastidious. I’ll drop it off for you at the Griffith takeaway, you can pick it up when you go there for your homecoming hamburger with the lot.)

  6. Congratulations on your impending fourth wedding!! (remember two in Vegas, plus Scotland and now Aussie). How exciting to finally get married in Australia!!

  7. That is so sweet. So sweet. I hope you don’t have any problems transporting the thistle (I’d box it up securely with some moist cotton-wool and hide it in the middle of my suitcase if I were you – surely a thistle wouldn’t show up on X-ray?)

    I had my bag searched at the airport this weekend! Apparently my hairbrush, which I thought was plastic, is made of carbon fibre, so it did show up and the handle looked like something pointy. A space-age hairbrush – who knew?

  8. don’t import the thistle! I’m with Trish….

    since I assume it’s a country wedding, wouldn’t there be loads of little CWA ladies on hand to fashion you a wattle/thistle motif out of icing? like those floweres at the cake competitions at the Easter show… I know sweet art at Paddington makes all manner of edible decos foer wedding cakes…

    I’d hate to hear you were locked up at customs: believe me, there’s signs everywhere warning you about bringing in bits of plant…..

  9. don’t worry people! it’s not a real thistle. it’s made out of… i dunno… something not real. so the only thing stopping us getting through customs will be that bag of oranges.

    and student, i will pass on that offer! hehe

  10. I got the thistle part, but I was wondering what the heck “wattle” was, so I typed it into google images. You say wattle, I say…mimosa!

  11. Ooo, I’m with Preya – “wattle”??? It does look a very happy plant though. Not like the nefarious, jaggy thistle. I don’t think wattle would help you defeat the Danes, though. Although I am not sure the thistle would do that either these days, not since the Danes have discovered footware, at any rate. So perhaps wattle is just as good in Scandanavian warfare.
    I’m just thinking it is a good job that Gareth is Scottish because if he were Welsh the cake would have to be savoury to accommodate leeks.

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