Crocs Rule!

Hello comrades! Just a quickie from Brisbane. Hope you are all well and happy. We spent a lovely day at Australia Zoo, home of many crocodillians and other DANGEROUS animals. Tomorrow we’re off to Melbourne and after that it’s back to Scotland where crippling post-holiday depression will set in. In the meantime talk amongst yourselves but don’t kill each other!

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40 thoughts on “Crocs Rule!

  1. god, she’s alive!

    make sure you don’t go via Darwin….

    Someone left the gate open at a crocodile farmtoday, and 40 crocs escaped and they only managed to recapture 20 of them…

  2. Crikey! Oh, I crack myself up sometimes. I hope I craked you Aussies up too.
    Shauny, don’t fall in!

  3. so jealous right now… cant wait to hear all the stories from Down Under!

    [hey, student. how ya goin mate? :P]

  4. Hi,

    I’m a longtime what’s up, pussycat? lurker and have meant to write for weeks re. your self-consciousness now your blog is worldwide reading, and tips for your Melbourne visit. Of course, I haven’t, I’m rushing to get to work, and you arrive in Melbourne this morning.

    In point form,

    • I love your writing. I remember reading a long time ago that you were working on a novel? I hope you are still writing fiction or other non-blog stuff, ’cause you’re brilliant, and, in the end, the blog should be a side-line to that other stuff. (A little bit overbearing perhaps? Sorry, I just think you are too good a writer not to break into print.)

    • In Melbourne: it’s lovely and sunny right now, but can change at any moment. The Melbourne Festival is up and running and quite expensive, but if you can go to something at the Spiegeltent in the Arts Centre forecourt. It’s a gorgeous old transportable music hall: have you seen it in Edinburgh?

    • Pacific House on Victoria Street (close to Church) is an amazing Chinese restaurant, in a strip of Vietnamese places. For Vietnamese, I like Than Phong, which is next door.

    • Skip the Brunswick Street strip and Acland Street (or just give them a quick once over.) The cool people have moved on to Carlisle Street in Balaclava, the Westgarth end of High Street in Northcote and the northern end of Lygon Street.

    Drop me a line if you are lost.

  5. Greetings for sunny melbourne. Ditto – its festival time and there are freebies of all kinds entertainment and arts wise including free movies at fed square But you will probably be too busy eating your way through the 1001 recommendations you got for this town 🙂
    ps: bring a coat, cold change coming on thursday night..but that’s melbourne for you.

  6. Did I ever tell you about the time there was an alligator in the swimming pool when we were on holiday in Florida?

    No? Probably because it’s a total non-story… we missed it by a couple of hours, although some kids we knew were actually in the pool with the thing and got to be on the local news. It was only a little one.

    (Robert, you are now causing me to mentally sing:

    Dayn-jah! Dayn-jah! High voltage!
    Fire in the… Taco Bell!
    Dayn-jah! Dayn-jah! High voltage!
    Fire in the… Gates of Hell!

    Blast you.)

  7. it is the 12th of Oct…that means you are currently IN MELBOURNE.

    I am apopleptic with envy.

    St Kilda, Greasy Joes, HEART HAND BRAKE BREKKIE, several coffes and the best Bloody Mary yet devised by mankind.

    Enjoy it the pair of you.

    And say hello to any one who remembers Pol the scottish Skinhead.


  8. Well Kirsten, I think THAT’S just obvious. It’s selling hagrits fritter on the corner. At Blogomonster, apparently. Although I want nothing to do with any of it. Sounds kind of neat.

  9. who prefers to read the blog and who prefers to comment?
    The comments section seems to live on regardless. Time to do some sport…….

  10. anon, it’s the whole experience. The love of encompasses the comments and the commentee.

  11. So jealous about the Melbourne thing but am consoling myself with the thought that we are moving back shortly. In the meantime, enjoy!
    (But come back soon and blog……..bloggers of a certain calibre shouldn’t be allowed to go away for more than a week at a time.)

  12. Bugger me dead if our Mothers are the same bloody person. I almost fell off my chair with sympathetic laughter while reading about the tightarseness of the Mothership!
    Love your writing doll! Will definetely be making this a regular stop.
    Prue in Melbourne!

  13. see; you are all killing eachother…and nobody cares about the blog any more. Why does everyone try to write like outspoken females?
    P.S. I have followed the blog for a long time too with great pleasure but the budding – writer- copycats are getting me down

  14. Well, we SAY we’re outspoken females, but who can tell, online? Maybe we’re shy ten-year-old boys. Mwahaahaa…

    (No, actually, last time I checked, I was definitely a female. Not that outspoken, but I’d like to think I would outspeak if I felt the need.)

    I do not remember a Jenny in any of Harry Potter. And Hagrid fritters sounds just too cannibalistic to me, so like mb I’m staying well out of it!

  15. No its Rons sister jenyWesley.I think the writter is still in the chamber of screates when she was taken over by WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED rember.

  16. hello i am back!

    can someone explain what’s going on in here? harry potter?

    and anon, email me about that ‘time for sport’ comment 🙂

    okay jetsleepy… more soon! 🙂

  17. Sadly, It’s a drunken bloody brawl in here! No place for a jetsleepy lass such as yourself… Have a nice rest…

  18. yes. u speak the truth, Dave…

    see what happens to us WNP readers when you go away for an extended period of time, shauny?!!


    hope your trip home was awesome.

  19. here is anon. I have read this wonderful refreshing blog for a long while and I meant that Shauna writes unpretentiously in her style. The time to do some sport was just to say “go and do something else and wait for Shauna to come back – don’t try to be her in her absence”, and some people were no longer even with the blog. I have never been drawn to comment before and I suppose I read the comments section from missing her – but can noone go away on holiday without being vamperized. There is only one shauna and its good to know that its always positive. Many of the comments are, to my view, people listening to themselves Sorry

  20. cheers anon, and no need to be sorry at all! 🙂

    hi folks… brain still mushy… back to bed… zzzzzzzz!

  21. Shauny, get out of bed and get blogging. I’ve got 8 days left in Norway until re-joining hubby in England, and I’m bored and distinct lack of intelligent conversationalists where I am now.

    GET TO IT! (please)

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