Why haven’t I written anything? Because I’ve spent all bloody week trying to catch up on what you’ve been writing. I subscribe to far too many feeds on Bloglines and came home to 5000 unread items. I got down to about 3000 before my arse turned numb and my eyeballs threatened to explode. Not to mention completely losing touch with the real world. If anything really exciting has happened to you in the past month, please tell me in the comments because I just cannae go on like this, hen.

I did like the look of the Need Meme, where you type “[Your name] needs” into the Goog and see what it throws up:

Shauna needs help!

Shauna needs to uncover why Dr. Hipster was murdered and incidentally, who Rudy from West Sacramento is.

Shauna needs to go back to school.

Sexy young Shauna needs cock.

I dont think Shauna needs the mean comments.

Shauna needs a giraffe!!

Shauna needs deliverance from lust, and seduction!

Shauna needs to retire.

Shauna needs a stalker.

Shauna needs to discipline you.

Perhaps Shauna needs to show Miss Hickerson what to do.


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12 thoughts on “Deliverance

  1. hmmmm…

    Melissa needs… to board the blob ship that is hovering overhead.
    Melissa needs… blood will you help me?
    Melissa needs… her meds

    Sounds like I’m one sick girl…

  2. Celine needs… to learn the difference between Diva and down right Show Off Bitch.

    with my name, it’s not surprising is it? 😛

  3. Spike needs a doggy jumper for the winter, the ‘Spike needs a new pair of boots’ fund, a good capital base to expand into Japan and Hong Kong, to gurve a little more inward (whatever the fuck gurving is), to take her over his knee and spank the fear of God into her (she’s been a bad girl), food! to wash The Back window so WE can see The new DVD screen, Spike needs his Go.

    Doggy jumper and new boots. Mwha.

  4. Fiona needs a friendFiona needs to calm herself down … Fiona needs some help to remember what she must do fiona needs to go on a diet seriously. She is getting too fat too quickly.
    It’s not normal. Her face is bloating too. ….. all fiona needs is her voice + pianoFiona needs places to stop and hide

    gee, how did they know?

  5. I’M MOVING! We found a new APARTMENT!

    Isn’t that HUGE news in the grand scheme of things?

    Yeah, I thought so.

    First thing you needed to know. Some stranger’s moving. EX-CIT-ING! 😀

  6. The boyfriend moved up here and started his new job on Monday! I get to see him every day! Woo!

    And apparently (we did the meme yesterday) I need a stable home environment, serious help, to go out in the sun and tan for awhile, a little time out from all the planning and organising (what?), and some chardonnay.

    On the other hand, my brother needs to illustrate the church because he’s the chosen one of God, and legal funds as he is facing serious federal charges and a lengthy prison sentence. I suppose the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

  7. Hey Shauny,

    Welcome back girlie! Didja eat the giganterrific burger thingy?

    Oh, jes, and my website is up and running, with a blog, too. Nothing of the literate serio-comedy we see here, it’s all business and shtuff.

    Now, one question I have: There’re no plans for a Wedding IV, are there? Because, frankly, you and G-Man are making a habit of it and you NEED to cut it out and just start having sex already! Sheeesh!

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