I sacrificed another pint of blood for the People of Scotland today. Just like the first time, I am not doing it for the common good but only so Gareth can’t outdo me in the Smug and Righteous department.

The room was full of mothers who’d brought their little kids along for some sort of ghoulish entertainment. The wee girl on my left chanted Ten Little Indians over and over again until her Mum had surrendered her pint. Then the little tacker on my right covered her face with her hands, peeking through her fingers from time to time to shriek and gasp dramatically. And then, “Mummy! Get the doctor! YOUR BLOOD’S TURNING GREEN!”.

Unlike last time there were no queues today. Most of the town seemed to be queuing at the fish and chip shop down the road instead. They say only 6% of Scots donate blood. So if 90% of the population were having deep fried shite for tea tonight, how’s there going to be enough juice to revive all those flabby hearts when they finally give out? It just doesn’t add up.

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7 thoughts on “Drained

  1. Couln’t resist being the first comment!!

    I have the Smug and Righteous crown in my relationship, my partner got half way through giving blood then insisted that they take the needle out of him – he couldn’t hack it….and I love reminding him about it each and every time I give blood.

  2. I was very disappointed when I got back to Oz that I can’t give blood here as I’ve lived in the UK and they don’t want any blood that may be infected with Mad Cows Disease….truly!

    I also got shunned in the UK after giving blood there for about 9 years. Because I lived in Singapore when I was a little girl, they didn’t want my blood either….and yet both places are screaming out for blood.

    I used to love giving blood, especially the bit afterwards where you can eat biscuits and chips until you’re feeling okay to leave!!

  3. I was going to comment too on the aussie-uk blood thing too. If we have lived for 6 months or more in the UK from 1980-1996 we aren’t allowed to give blood EVER – even if you were a vegetarian. Obviously in the UK they welcome mad cow or all their blood would have to be imported.

    I looked up what other exclusions they have in Oz. They include if you have in the past year got a tatoo, a piercing, had sex with a prostitute or male-male sex – regardless of how safe its been. Really those blood bank fiends are no fun at all.

    Perhaps they’ll just make it simple and only let nuns donate in future.

  4. They got three pints out of me in England. Then when I came back up here, all my veins dived for safety and I haven’t had a successful donation since.

    I should really go back and try again, but it isn’t all that tempting to have an increasingly embarrassed nurse mangle and bruise my elbow in a futile search for a vein, and not to have any blood to show for it.

    Note – please don’t be put off by this, anyone who is dithering over whether to donate. You feel really good afterwards, and the majority of people – especially if they’re male – have no trouble giving. I didn’t either the first few times, and I am a complete wuss who hates blood.

    Although, someone did ask me if I was a vampire yesterday. Maybe that’s the explanation?

  5. Well done, but your pint may well not end up in the People of Scotland. Scottish blood transfusion reguarly send supplies down to England (and I presume vice versa). I’ve no problem with this but they try and keep it quiet for fear of it putting off donors with chips on the shoulder.

  6. Good on you! I’ve only given blood twice, once in Edinburgh and once here in California. I’ve since found out that the American Red Cross doesn’t want ANYONE who’s lived in the UK for more than 6 months between 1980 and 1996…since that’s pretty much the ONLY place I lived in that timeframe the Americans don’t want my blood at all. Now I get to tell people I’m a potential mad cow.


  7. I can’t give blood for another two years, as I had a big transfusion three years ago. Seems daft though. They doubt the “quality” of my blood now because I had a transfusion, yet shouldn’t they be sure enough of their quality control processes when they gave me someone else’s blood to be perfectly happy with my blood now? Seems a bit daft. I used to donate regularly although I absolutely hated the process, so there’s a wee bit of me that’s secretly glad I’m officially allowed a break from doing it!

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