The Doctor Is In

Today wifely pride abounded as Gareth received his Ph.D in Electrical Engineering, looking ravishing in his magenta robes. After three years slaving over a hot thesis, it seems more punishment than reward to have to parade in front of hundreds of people in a freaky pink cape.

Henceforth he shall be known on this blog by his proper name, DOCTOR G!

(Rhiannon wrote "Congratulations Dr G" on a card when he passed his viva and it's totally stuck, despite his protests!)

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30 thoughts on “The Doctor Is In

  1. Wahooo!!! Congratulations to Doctor G. That’s awesome, and Shauny, I knew you had to be marrying a smart man (he did want you, after all!) but I had no idea he was DOCTOR type smart. Very cool.

  2. I wonder if that’s some sort of sneaky trick on the part of the uni? Engineering, a typically male profession – and making them wear pink, a typically female colour. Hehehe, I like their style. Also, congratulations to Dr. G! Oooh, heavens, you’ve married a doctor. Won’t your mother be proud?

  3. Bravo Dr. G, bravo indeed.

    Mind you, he must possess a certain twisted intelligence… I mean a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering? How many ways ARE there to wire a plug???

    (is now a good time to mention that my lowly college education was in the same field?)

  4. Congrats Dr. G!


    Chris – Just so you know, my comment spam filter is set to ban comments with 3 or more URLs in them, so if you just put your site URL where it says URL (and not in the actual comment as well) it will go through fine. Thanks for your comment mate! – Shauna

  5. Hmmm, there WAS a photo when I was looking last night (at silly o’clock in the morning) I thought the pomp and circumstance most becoming. Was the man on the left there to hit Dr G over the head? I hear you get thumped with John Knox’s trews in St Andrews, but that might not be the case…
    I think they give you odd coloured gowns so that if you become an academic and obviously you don’t BUY your own gown, then at academic to-dos they throw all the weird gowns and hats in the middle of the room and they fight one another for the least odd looking stuff. At least they do in Aberdeen (and nobody wants the silly floppy trencher than the least swift have to wear).

  6. well gordon apparently there’s lots more you can do besides plugs and wires. Dr G gets to do stuff like design power lines and power plants and all sorts of stuff that could kill you. sounds thrilling eh? mwahahha ๐Ÿ˜›

    and donalda, yes that was the dude that whacked him over the head! there was a pic earlier but the Doctor is a wee bit shy about having his pink-clad self on the net so i took it down ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Congrats to Doctor G. A fabulous accomplishment !!!! BTW I love those funny hats and gowns – make you feel so important for that tiny second you are up on stage – then they make you feel like a fool ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. the thesis was something about generators… ummm… i’ve read it (i proof-read the words that i could understand) but was beyond my little brain! dr g, care to elaborate? ๐Ÿ˜›

    rosemary – no floppy hat! no mortar board either. a flaming disappointment i tells ya.

  9. Congratulations, Doctor G!!!

    That new study, painted in sunny yellow, should have a large photo of Dr G in his flowing magenta robes with his ‘proud wife’ at his side (perhaps Doctor G’s proud parents too?)….an exciting moment….well done!

  10. What, no mortarboard or silly hat? Not fair. But the magenta sounds… well, not very Gareth. (My own boy is graduating MSc soon, and I was disappointed to learn last night that his hood is black and grey. Very macho. And boring.)

    Anyway, woohoo to Dr G, and to you too for doing all the proofreading. Helpful Shauny!

  11. A dozen cheers for Doctor G! I am slaving over a hot one back here in the states (heavens, that doesn’t sound right at all), and hope to be Doctor Max in the next couple of years. I look forward to looking like an arse in my doctoral robes (bright red at my Uni, so I’ll look like a giant tomato). I know how difficult it is, and how proud you must be! Huzzah!

  12. congratulations! I hear Electrical Engineering is actually tougher than most other things available on the academic menu. So wow, yey!

  13. Not meaning to bring you down, but a friend of an in-law, who I hope you never meet, just received a PhD for writing a very long document about Women who Shop in some Spanish novel.

    And for that, you get to call yourself doctor. Feh.

    At least Gareth will have something useful to add to the world.

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