Ho Ho Ho Hello

As soon as I have finished looking at every single picture on HEL LOOKS I will post something new. This entry is just so that the one about shagging isn't at the top of the page. Hee!

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5 thoughts on “Ho Ho Ho Hello

  1. Oh. My. God. That site is so addictive! Never heard of UFF, but it’s obviously THE place to shop for clothes if you live in Helsinki

  2. hi shauna… long time no comment *grins*… ive just noticed theres a TV prog called DR G – Medical Examiner…. is this anything to do with with your aforementioned nocturnal activities???


    how about Doc G?? is that a better title for the ‘big man’ ??

  3. Wow. US street fashion is so BORING. It makes me think twice to read these people comment on how London and Berlin are so same-same and uninspiring, when I visit my sister in Berlin I always enjoy seeing how people dress there. They should try visiting a mall in San Diego to look at all the teeny bopper mannequins with matching mass-market accessories.

    I’m feeling a strange urge to start wearing twee little 1950’s A-line skirts and silly socks. To think that this morning I decided *against* wearing red boots with purple cargo pants, when all along I should not only have worn the red boots, but tucked the purple pants into them and added yellow leg warmers! Must get in touch with my inner European Clothing Maven.

  4. i hear ya, rg… personally i am SUCH a boring dresser, so unadventurous. i am too much of a tightarse to buy anything different.. hehe

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