Out on the pull

We saw a couple of most rockin bands on Friday night. The smoky little room above the pub was crammed with drinking dancing bodies, and Gareth seemed to know about 90% of them. How can one person have so many bloody acquaintances? Maybe it just seems a lot compared to the measly three or four people I know in Scotland.

The thing about knowing so many people is that you don’t always get to catch up that often, so they’re not always up to speed on what you’ve been up to. Like getting married and stuff. We were just squeezing past the masses on our way out when an old mate of Gareth’s appeared and gave a drunken grin of recognition. “Gareth! You handsome bastard! How the hell are you?”

Slurred pleasantries were exchanged, then he noticed me attached to the end of Gareth’s hand.

His grin got bigger. “Wah-hey!” he crowed, “Gaun yersel big man. I’ll leave you to it. You have a GOOD NIGHT!”. He gave Gareth a congratulatory slap on the shoulder.

“You take this man home!” he shouted after me as we headed down the stairs, “And you shag him good. He deserves it. Oh yeah. SHAG HIM GOOD!”

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18 thoughts on “Out on the pull

  1. DataPanik do sound rocking; especially if they sound like Bis circa Plastique Nouveau. I’d go up to see them in Glasgow if their next gig wasn’t on the Christmas weekend (which makes getting back tricky).

  2. Obviously he didn’t know you were married. Otherwise then he’d have known that married people don’t shag, DO THEY?

  3. Oh Faith….yes married people shag. I’ve been married 10 years and we can’t shag enough. My wife is the sexiest woman and an incredible lover. Sorry, I have to go…it’s been 30 minutes since we……you know.

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  4. Chris!

    your comments keep getting sent to my Junk Comments bin. It stops comments with more than one URL in them because it thinks it’s spam. So if you limit your site-pimping to that little URL box your comments will go through next time without delay! Happy shagging! 🙂

  5. Oh my god! I am probably the only person who freaked out when they saw this because I Loved Bis just SO much back in high school that I called our local radio station to correct the DJ on his pronunciation when he pronounced it incorrectly. I was so sad when they disbanded because I had never had the chance to see them seeing as I didn’t like in a big city at that point but still a dinky little town and I just totally swooned when I saw the face of my beloved Manda Rin, I am going to have to check this band out posthaste.
    Thanks for the tipoff!

  6. Giggle giggle…

    It’s quite endearing that (drunk and all) he still evidently thought Gareth was a lucky dog.

    I found out yesterday an old schoolfriend has not only got married without my knowing about it, but had a baby! The things that pass you by…

  7. Completely off topic (ahem) but do you know you are the no. 1 result for blood bank red cross Bourke st — I was trying to change an appointment and googled them instead of fighting my way thru White pages online.

    Amazing eh?
    Well maybe not.
    OK carry on…

  8. I hate cigarette smoke!!

    Shauny, I have another book being published next month. Yay! And just a reminder that my first book – FIRST TOUCH – is still available from Amazon. link

    Don’t be tight! BUY IT! 😉

  9. In response to your pavlova question, I have NEVER been able to cook a pavlova that turns out. Neither has my mother. They always collapse or fall apart, and you have to do some serious bricklaying, using copious amounts of whipped cream as mortar. To save you hassles I think you should somehow get one of those pre-made, ready-to-decorate pavlovas from Safeway shipped over to Scotland.

    You know, I’ve never been able to make good lamingtons either. It seems that Aussie food and my kitchen were never meant to be.

  10. Get a friend to mail over one of those “pavlova eggs” they have in the supermarket. Much less risk of things going awry than if you make it from scratch…

  11. Pavlova Eggs? I have never seen these before. Are they a powdered mix that you whip up to make a pav? Please explain more…

  12. “Gaun yersel big man” – that’s the best phrase ever uttered by anyone ever.

    Also – wtf is with everyone pimping their second-rate shit here?

  13. yes, the pav egg is a powdered mix type concept – it is packaged in a plastic “egg”. For some reason the mix tends to be more reliable…

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