The Slug

I've been on holidays for two days now, so that's two days I've been trying to write a new entry. Two days I've been watching crappy television, drinking port and generally surrendering to Slug Mode. This is my first Scottish Christmas where I have not spent all Christmas, Boxing and New Years Days working at Geriatric Rescue. So I just want to wallow in this beautiful nothingness of dark wintery days off. WALLOW, I tell you. I resolve to tackle the backlog of writing in the new year. It is ridiculous to have so much one could write, but to have not got off ones ample arse to write it. I have a list right here. Oh yes. I will chain myself to the desk if necessary. Merry Christmas, you lot! Tell me about your presents…

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19 thoughts on “The Slug

  1. Plastic stick insects to hold plants to stakes, a dessert bowl set with parrots on (antique) and a retractable dog lead.
    And far too many chocolates.

  2. Merry Christmas Shauny! Enjoy the slugging around for as long as you can. 😉

    My son (7yr old) made me a set of little bowls (pottery) and had managed to keep it a secret from me for about 3months. 🙂

    Hope Santa and Doctor G are good to you!

  3. A lovely silver-blue velvet blazer from my lovely husband, nice work attire from my inlaws, Party of Five season two from my sister, and a few fun odds and ends.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Mmm. Chocolates. Books – ‘Dry’ by Augusten Burroughs and two by David Sedaris. Um…more chocolate. And a picnic table!
    Keep wallowing – it’s a holiday requirement!

  5. a fm/am stereo port thingy for the ipod, the book “Wicked” by Gregory Maguire, jewelry box, new mouse and the ultimate source of blog material: from my parents, a future group vacation for my WHOLE family…will be so interesting!

  6. tiffany bracelet and necklace and a 30 gb ipod (still can’t figure out how to work it).
    joie- read “confessions of an ugly step sister”, it’s much better than “wicked”.

  7. Being a slug… I can understand. Heck, I have *already typed* entries that I’m too lazy to actually post.

    I got a Cthulu backpack for Christmas that is the KEWLEST THING EVAR, I am so spoiled. It is cute, in its Cthulu-esque going to take over the world sorta way.

    I also got a *lot* of kitchen and baking things. I’m so spoiled.

  8. I got lots of cool pressies but the most fun thing was a vampire make-up kit from a secret santa at work. We applied it to a colleague at our office christmas party and, together with the sausage-dog-making balloon kit another workmate received, it provided ample entertainment at our end-of-year bash. Although everyone’s sausage dogs looked very phallic…but that could just have been because we had drunk copious amounts of alcohol and everything looked rude! So immature…

  9. Over-the-knee stripy socks (to be worn beneath trousers only). Green hoodie. Cool bracelet that looks as though it’s made of icecubes and boiled sweets (actually lumps of quartz and fluorite). Books. Eight walnut whips from Evil Boyfriend (five remain).

  10. A very pretty sparkly purse from my sister, movies and body shop stuff from my husband COLD HARD CASH from my parents…and a packet of gravy from a distant cousin. I should add, a packet of chilli seasoning and a packet of guacamole seasoning too, but it was the gravy that got me falling off the couch in a fit of giggles.

  11. A massive juicer to replace my little one – now I can put an entire cucumber in that thing if I want! The Oprah 20th anniversary DVD collection, flannel pajamas (woot!), a lamp, sunflower dishes, and way too much chocolate.

  12. Got burnt on the beach for Chrissie.
    My girlfriend managed to knock a tooth through her lip with her surfboard.
    Bought $100 worth of summer fruit at the markets (10kg grapes for $10, I mean – REALLY) and thought of One Hundred Ways to Mix Alcohol With Fruit…
    No newsworthy fires in NSW.

    Isn’t slugging just the best? I’ve been SO busy this last year and lying on the couch (too hot to do anything else, anyway) watching Pride & Prejudice while slobbering apricots in brandy until you gently slide into a happy stupor was exactly the slobby, relaxed way I needed to spend this Christmas.

    Ahhhh, life’s good. Shame about the extra 5 kilos.

    Merry Christmas, Shaunster! And have an excellent 2006!

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