I have now come one step closer to my ultimate dream of swimming in a vat of Nutella. My friend Julia sent me the most incredible Christmas gift all the way from Italy… a three kilo jar.

three KILOS of heaven

That's 6.6 pounds to the unmetric. It even has a solid gold (plastic) lid to remind you that you're dealing with something special.

read it and weep!
Nutritional value: Niente!
big ted little ted
Observe how the mighty vessel dwarfs the piddling 500g jar.
It's essential to choose the right tool for the job.
Nutella on Nutella action.
Just in case you haven't grasped that this is a honking huge jar of Nutella, here it is beside the Charles and Diana Commemorative Mug for scale.

I haven't cracked the seal yet. I just want to look at it and hold it in my arms. For now.

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48 thoughts on “Megatella

  1. But I don’t understand! Surely with that size of jar you don’t need the spoon becaues your hand and arm can fit in? I think the first thing I would do would be to plunge my hand in…just because I could. I mean once you are scraping the stuff out of the bottom of the jar your arm will be inside anyway? I’d abandon the spoon and go al fresco.

  2. That is the greatest thing I have ever seen.

    When I was in Italy a few years ago, I had a cone of Nutella gelato. Needless to say, I just about died of a deliciousness overdose.

  3. Oh my GOD! I am in awe!
    That is, quite frankly, the greatest thing I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen someone actually slip on a banana peel before).
    Nutella: food of the Gods.

  4. I guess I’m just the odd one out but. . . nutella? . . . I just don’t get it. . . . have never got it, in actual fact. Mind you, years ago, when my daughter ‘got’ nutella, very strongly, Iwas enticed to buy a jar periodically. Your nutella would be safe as houses with me Shauny, promise.

    Been perusing your blog for some time. Invisible until now. Love the writing. Great stuff.

    adagio (NZ)

  5. Stuff putting your hand in the jar…could you fit your whole head in?

    Think I better go past the supermarket on the way home.

  6. I used to sell Nutella, and lots and lots of candy.

    I had a warehouse full of sweets and the only thing that really really taunted me from the back room was the damn Nutella.

    Sigh, I need to visit the grocery.

    Love you blog!

  7. I think I am in LOVE! I adore Nutella and can’t let myself buy it anymore because it causes me to lose complete control of my faculties. I’ve never actually eaten it ON anything…just a spoon and the jar are all I need!

  8. OK. Let’s do the maths.

    530 calories / 100g = 15,900 calories per jar.

    A 10 stone (63.6KG) person would have to run about 144.5 miles (231.2KM) to use that amount of energy.

    That’s the equivalent of running from Edinburgh to Inverness. All you need to do now is find a shop in Inverness that sells 3KG jars of Nutella so you’ll have enough energy for the trip back home πŸ™‚

  9. Beware, Shauna. I’m telling you from the heart, sister, from one addict to another: Ferrero Rocher legs await.
    I enclosed two personal photographs of mine to really emphasise my point.


    l l l l
    l l l l
    l l l l
    l l l l

    (Please note the sexiness factor).


    ( )( )
    ( ) ( )
    ( ) ( )

    (Please note the uncomfortable chafing action.)

  10. Em? Is that an Aussie ‘Em’ whom I taught in Kinder, Year 1, Year 5 & Year 6?

    If so, loved your sense of humour then and think it’s still better now – an A+++++ at least!

    Have you told your mum about this entry yet?

  11. Wow, that’s some big Nutella.

    It’s quite possible I’m a little aroused… orally that is.. I mean… ohh god that sounds REALLY bad… I’ll start over.

    Nutella. Yum. I’m salivating. (orally aroused… geddit… I hope… ohh this is all going horribly wrong…)

  12. There are no words.

    Except for: when can we come over? I’ll bring my own spoon (although I really liked that al fresco idea…)

  13. Now there’s a new Cheiftan of the Pudding race* in town.
    Burns night* cancelled in favour of Nutalla Night?

    you could have a jar inside the big one, like a gift in a kinder surprise.

    *denotes scottish stuff
    All too scary.

  14. Hey Shauna! We had this great big Nutella jar a few years ago here in Germany. I must say, I was tempted to buy it, but in the end knew my limits… One thing though: Is the little jar really 500 g? Here in Germany, the little jar has only 400 g of Nutella in it πŸ™ Anyway, all the best to you and keep up the good writing! Love, Charis

  15. BIG SMILE. You’ve reminded me of my first experience with nutella. It is commonly found in the US now, but at that time I had never tasted it. I had it in Germany and fell madly in love with something called hazelnut balls. They are some sort of wafer covered in nutella with hazelnut chips on the outside. Simply heaven. So I brought a jar of it home with me. I live in Australia now where it is a common indulgence. Since I diet I don’t have it very often but I still remember the love I had for it.

  16. I went out with a guy who’s (German) Mum had that size nutella jar in her kitchen. I was completely dumbfounded, just stood and stared at it.

    I might have drooled a little.

  17. Hi there! First visit here via the ‘Bloggies’ award page and what do I find… a big welcoming jar of Nutella. Oh Yes! Aussie’s are just so bloody lovely with their hospitatlity… you are going to share, aren’t you? I shall bring a large, uncut loaf – or two – of white, crusty bread from the bakers and we can get all schlubblybub with the Nutella. Sigh. Tell me, is the Green and Blacks stuff just as good or better? Need to know.

    Oh God, I gotta go shopping now. It’s been over six years since I dropped the Marlboros but I just can’t find the willpower to give the Nutella the heave-ho. However, I am finding comfort in your website, knowing that I am not alone in my longing.

  18. Hello Mrs Williams! Tis me! Messaged Mum and John to tell them about the latest blog plus comments, they will love it…do I get a scratch and sniff sticker too?

  19. how the hell did the mothership know who that emily girl was JUST BT HER NAME AND THE TONE OF THE ENTRY?????????????

    I mean, how many emilys are there in the world?
    how many people are there reading this around the world, and she guesses correctly its one of her old kindy kids?
    good god!

  20. hehe… i know why the charles n diana mug – its so tacky its cool hehe…. all you need now are the quenn picture and three ducks ornaments that fly up your wall..

    Nutella?? hmm… it’ll never break the scottish chocolate treat – deep fried mars bars!!


  21. shauna, just before we left for holidays, i took all my courage in hand and ventured into annie’s room to see if she had done her packing!
    i just happened to look down the side of her bed, and guess what was snuggling in the dust and decay there? that’s it! you guessed – a full jar of nutella, hidden from her sister ,em!

  22. I swear em told me to hide them! I swear! They just never made it back to the kitchen…
    Love the jar, i am in awe of its…whats the word? Mightyness haha. Love the site, very entertaining.

  23. GOOD LORD THERE SHOULD BE A HEALTH WARNING ON THAT THING! That reminds me of when I went to Mexico and discovered that one could get 40 ounces of Tecate, all in one go. A fotie of Tecate! That’s living baby!

  24. Its worth a trip to Italy for ! Reckon they’ll let us through customs with a few jars of that? Do we have to tick that what we are carrying is worth more than AUS $400? How much d’you think it will fetch on the black market?

  25. I had read your story about the fellow who fell into a vat of nutella and was sharing it with some friends. I told them that I had never tried nutella before so I was a bit baffled by your envy. The next day my co-worker brought a jar of nutella and sliced bananas and strawberrys for slathering. Now I get it!!! Delicious!!

  26. whoa! the whole family is here! πŸ™‚ hello to you all! if john can’t give you a jar each, just treat it like a bong… pass it round, pass it round! hehehe…

    melanie – welcome to the club! i’ve never tried dipping bananas before… ooh er…

  27. Em….scratch and sniff stickers are availble but I have updated my offerings in the classroom these days – including snack size Nutella packs. Interested??? Remember, that was a quality comment you did!

  28. Whoops….spelling error…it should have been ‘available’, not ‘availble’. I don’t do detentions or lines either!

  29. OMG. I have the same jar of Nutella too!!!Visited an Italian friend in Hong Kong, saw the jar and took it home with me πŸ™‚ It sits on my desk at the office so that when things get a little to crazy i dip a cookie and feel whole again!

  30. Warning everybody – lock the kitchen when dan ya comes over.

    and Barry, up there, with the calories comment: they are GOOD calories. like olive oil and avocado and stuff.

  31. ME LOVES THIS POST, LOL. probably the best one internet has EVAR seen. ME LOVES THIS POST, LOL. probably the best one internet has EVAR seen. 3

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