Dear Radiohead,

I love you and your little blog too. I've lapped up all the photos you have shared while recording the new album. However, I must point out a glaring omission. There's only one (1) picture featuring my delectable fancy man, Ed O'Brien. ONE! And unlike the other photos, you can't click on it to get a bigger version. How's that supposed to wallpaper my computer screen, let alone be blown up to poster size and BluTak-ed to the bedroom ceiling?

On behalf of trembling Ed fans worldwide, please heed my gentle request for more visual fodder. 

Your humble servant,

ohhh mister ed
Image unceremoniously nicked from here.
I hereby solemly swear to finish a proper entry this weekend. I've been temporarily distracted by life. And staring at this picture until it became blurred by drool.

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5 thoughts on “Inequality

  1. hiya… have you seen the albinoblacksheep site mentioned on feb 17th?? wow its sooo cool… btw ive got an mpg download of RH at Glastonbury 2003 !! brill performance – brought back memories! …was watching it again at week end

    oh and bring on the aussies…. cos we beat england on saturday, well i guess that makes us world champs again !!

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