Evil Has A New Name

Let's all just pause and admire the Commonwealth Games Day One Tally before it disappears! read it and weep Australia and Scotland, one and two. How ya like them apples, Mother England? It is very, very strange watching the Commie Games from the other side of the world. I was all psyched up to support Scotland, since Australia has enough of a cheer squad already, but the BBC telly coverage is so freaking Anglo-centric that I'll barely get a chance to wave my saltire! And how the BBC team love to slag off the Aussies and our over-confidence! How they gloat about any medal we don't win! They just held up copies of today's Age and Herald Sun and sniggered at how many pages were devoted to sport. "Oh those Aussies," said that horsey-looking presenter chick, "They're so sports mad!". Well maybe if you were a bit sports madder, you'd win more medals! Ahem. I know I'm only miffed because I'm used to playing the Underdog. When you're watching the Olympics in Oz, it's all about Australia versus Evil America. Whether it's the pool or the athletics or the ping pong, we just want to see the battlin' little Aussies stick it to the mighty Yanks. Fight fight fight! (I always imagine us like a yappy little terrier, nipping at the heels of a honking huge Alsatian. It's all very important to the wee terrier but does the big fella really give a damn?) But over here at Commonwealth Games time, England is the underdog! Australia becomes the evil one! It's Australia winning all the medals and trampling over the little countries. I've heard them cursing us in the office, Those Bloody Aussies. We can't pretend we're just lovable convicts. They want our BLOOD, people. I'm scared.

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18 thoughts on “Evil Has A New Name

  1. I was thinking about you and Dr G during the opening ceremony when the Scottish team came out and got a MASSIVE cheer from the crowd! I think Aussies and Scots have a few key things in common that tie us together: firstly our intense dislike for the whinging poms and secondly (and most importantly) our love of things drinking related!
    I must admit the TV coverage has been pretty average so far and I’m soooooo sick of the steeeewpid commentators passing judgement on the Aussies who didn’t win gold – whatever happened to simply ‘having a go’. Fark!

  2. There’s a heap of spindly little black men running ’round and ’round and ’round my neighbourhood without being chased by cops. It’s rather refreshing really. πŸ˜€

    The truly weird thing? The traffic chaos the week before the Games was horrendous, but now that they’re on it is completely smooth sailing! Bloody weird.

    I had a tear in my eye when I saw the medal tally last night, I’m an Aussie with a Scottish mother so it was great to see the Scots get one over the Aussies in a bloody swimming pool of all things! Scots know how to swim! Who knew?

  3. We watched the rugby 7’s last night, and saw a game between Scotland and Fiji. I couldn’t figure out why the Scots had chosen their weeniest players to come out, until I realised the Fijians were so bloody big noone had a chance against them! And, despite all our cheering, the Scots lost…

    On the way home in our sardine-packed train, I sat next to a lovely Scottish lady who was so chuffed Scotland made it through to the quarters: she’d not gotten tickets for the finals because she thought they had no chance πŸ˜€ Now there’s confidence for you!

  4. I agree with what Pete said, about Scots and Aussies. You could say the same for the Irish athletes; I watched Channel Seven’s weatherman interview two Irish athletes in front of an Irish Pub in Melbourn this morning, talking about St Patrick’s Day. The weatherman was holding a glass of Guiness and I swear the two athletes didn’t take their eyes off that glass the whole time. You could tell it has been a while between drinks for them… and they’re just dying for their events to be done with so they can get thee to a Pub.

  5. That’s no mean feat, scotland winning the girls200m free and the mens 400m freestyle.
    after i watched it on the tv, I said to the assembled family members “Well at least shauna will be pleased!”
    “who’s Shauna?” they all shouted in puzzled unison, so i spent the next 20 minutes trying to explain who you were and why you’d be pleased…..
    anyway, well done scottish swimmers!

  6. Just wondered what people outside Australia thought of the opening ceremony. I live in Melbourne and most people here seemed to like it except for the boy and the duck routine – what the hell did it have to do with anything??? I believe it was a big hit with the kids so I guess at least someone liked it. The fireworks and Yarra River walk were fantastic. I love reading your blog Shauna !

  7. Ahh yes, long may it continue.

    Funnily enough, in tradition of yore, the BBC news referred to how well the British team were doing… and gave a total which included the Scottish medals!! Cheeky buggers… but we’re used to it up here.

    We just let them say what they want, safe in the knowledge that we are far superior in every sense. πŸ˜‰

  8. Well, as another Commonwealther – Canada!! Go team! We sit just below jolly old England in the medal standings.

    I think the little Commonwealth countries like sticking it to olde Mother England once in a while – as payback or something.

    Sadly, I haven’t heard a peep about the Games here.

  9. ozma – you could be right about the meat πŸ™‚

    thanks for that link, ram! hope you don’t mind, i just edited it so it fits in my tiny comment window here πŸ™‚ i’m glad i preserved that screenshot of the Day One tally while Scotland was still so high up!

    Pete – you hit the nail on the head there. what happened to the joy of just HAVING A GO!?

    Jebus – I had a tear too! and fifi – you were right, i was damn proud of the scots swimmers. Did you know there are only three 50 metre swimming pools in the whole of Scotland? There are millions of them in Australia, even my tiny town where I grew up has one. We are just blessed with brilliant sporting facilities in Oz, I never realised how good we had it til I came over.

    Dee – that is hilarious about that lady… Scotland are good at the underdog thing too πŸ™‚

    Tracey – the few folk I know who saw the opening ceremony seemed to enjoy it… “I don’t know what any of it meant but it looked really cool” was one comment!

    Gordon – superior indeed πŸ˜›

    Laura – That’s right mate, PAYBACK! You guys are doing well…

  10. I’ve been thinking of you too Shauna – especially when the Scots took the best of the night on the first night. How do Scots get so good at swimming in that climate?? Good on you.

  11. Transposition

    I think thats what you call it anyway – I am an aussie chick – living back in Oz after many years in the UK with my wee souveneer – a scottish man. anywhoo… he is going mental about swimming – I get a text message every time anything happens – all he wants to hear is the ol’ “flower of scotland’ being played once! and has sat through the lovely (ahem) aussie anthem at least 200 times this week (cos we keep replaying the wins to keep us warm for the next olympics when the axis of evil – US/Asia/Europe) are back and kicking our butts…

    Best name at the CG has to be the australian ping pong player – Miao Miao – fantastic to see parents with a sense of humour.

  12. firstly congratulations on a lagh out loud peice Shana.

    Yup I think there is a huge over lap between Irish Scttish and Aussie, I think a LOT of the former became the latter.

    And here is something to keep a weather eye out for, Andy Murray is quite good at tennis so he is referred to as a Brit, as soon as he f*cks up he’ll be back to being Scottish. That is as certain as Sun up.

    I am totally home sick for Melbourne, wouldn’t it be great to be there sipping a latte and grumbling about the thousands of bloody blow ins taking all the frigging seats o the trams?


  13. What a scream! I also mentioned you to my family when Scotland won medals in the pool (of all places). Shauna? Who’s bloody Shauna when she’s at home?

    And with a family full of Scots and a son named Hamish, I’m cheering the loudest.


  14. hehe I was just thinking that when Aust was creaming the Singaporean and other lil asian teams. The terrier is now worrying mice!!

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