Come On Down

One night in Lisbon, being the wild party animals that we are, Rhi and I ordered room service and watched an epiosde of the Portugese equivalent of The Price Is Right – O Preço Certo em Euros. It had the usual elements – cheesy games, glamorous models, hyperactive host, bellowing studio audience and dopey contestants convinced that a packet of toilet paper is more expensive than a speedboat.


But would you check out the Portugese answer to Larry Emdur? I couldn't understand a word he said, but Fernando Mendes rules. Finally, a game show host without blinding teeth and Lego Man hair.


I checked out Ferdie's profile on the official O Preço Certo website, and even with the awkward Babelfish English translation, he sounds like a nice bloke.


I loved the model chicks on this show. They were all big hair, bodysuits and tight Levis. I was instantly homesick – they looked like a night out at the Bathurst Leagues Club, circa 1992. All she needed was a Tia Maria in her hand and a sequined handbag to dance around.


Likewise the male models all looked like the blokes most likely to crack on to the Tia Maria chicks, swaggering into the Club in their Jeans West ensembles after a rollicking game of rugby.


This was the part where the contestant must put all the prizes in order to win the Showcase and the audience screams HIGHER and LOWER in the local language and the host says ARE YOU SURE? in the local language and the contestant's wife does the rotating-forearm Swap Them Round dance and the contestant just looks more and more confused. I love these universal experiences.


And this is the part when he loses and the sound effects department plays the "wah wah wahhhh" of disappointment. The Dinner Set was worth more than the Encyclopedias, so he must return immediately to his job as a taxi driver. But he is still thankful for the chainsaw and leaf blower he won in the earlier round.


As the credits rolled, Fernando took a towel out of the washing machine that was in the Showcase, wrapped it round his neck like a cape then pretended to fly around the studio! Did you ever see Ian Turpie or Bob Barker do anything like that? Portugal rules.

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14 thoughts on “Come On Down

  1. All Bob Barker ever does is implore America to have their pets spayed or neutered. Superheroes are WAY better than PSAs. But I guess that goes without saying.

  2. we don’t even have the price anymore! larry is hosting wheel of fortune and he is looking oooooooooooold!

  3. I love the fact the under sports, he lists what is basically eating! That’s my kind of Olympic event.

  4. Hi there! I just enter your blog because of the name, hoping to find something in Peter Sellers style… and I almost did when I saw this post about O Preço Certo and Fernando Mendes!!!!
    Well, I’m portuguese, I don’t watch TV but I know very well the style of this show and I imagine the “surrealistic fun” you had… heheheheh.
    Cheers from Lisboa!

  5. well… we could always get old brucie to do it .. i mean he does everything else… his jokes are well ancient and double cheese (if theres such a thing) and then.. when he eyes lecherously at the models boobies and looks like he cant wait till he gets his face between them in the dressingroom later.. oops

    nice to see you… em both of you!!

  6. Good God! Harry Secombe didn’t die, he just moved to Portugal… Look at that second photo! It is the small Welshman, I assure you.

  7. I’ve been wanting to ask you what cannae means? Does it mean can not? Just wondering!

    Fernando is the ultimate game show host!

  8. My brain just totally shut down at the part where it says that Fernando Mendes is only six months older than I am. I also consider Gastronomia to be a sport, but all I can say at this point is, “All praise the power of exercise.”

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