Sound Of One Hand Typing

How pathetic is this going to sound? I can’t type.

I have this stupid shoulder that I hurt in 2001 in a Repetitive Mousing Incident and every now and then it flares up if I do too much typing or miscellaneous computering. Don’t know what I’ve done this time but it’s agony and I feel like crying, which makes me cranky coz as a redhead I’m supposed to have a very high pain tolerance. I am betraying my species!

The evil actually starts on the side of my neck then burns into the shoulder and shoots down behind my elbow and into the forearm before crippling the wrist and fingers. The joints are all pop and crackle. I started writing this entry on paper and was going to scan it in but that hurt too and my handwriting stinks anyway.

So I will go to the doc on Monday or find a physio and in the meantime I am going to stop being such a moany wimpy bastard. It is so naff to say you were crippled by a mouse. I would rather have been bitten by a crocodile, at least the public could sympathise with that. Take care, comrades.

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24 thoughts on “Sound Of One Hand Typing

  1. I’m very curious about the repetitive mousing incident. Hope the shoulder gets better soon. (and not just because I want you to post more!) Don’t worry about betraying the species, I do it on a regular basis.

  2. oh hasarder tis actually a really boring story!!! in 2001 i worked as a webmonkey and landed the very tedious task of manually coverting 2000+ old media releases with bad html to a new format. really shitty code needed scrapped so each one had to be done by hand. click click type type. a very pressured deadline too so after 2 weeks of just doing those stinking media releases over and over again like robot, i couldn’t move my whole arm at all. had physio for a few months and did lots of strength training and it got better.

    i hurt it again 2004 after typing a superlong crazy document and not taking enough breaks but fixed it again using same methods but managed w/out physio.

    this time methinks just did too much writing not enough breaks. sometimes you get into a trance and don’t notice til the pain cranks up, arrgh. see and now i type this superlong comment! not helping myself am i? what an idiot. yo’d think id have learned by now. arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!

    anyway really going this time. thanks for your comment 🙂

  3. Oh no!! I sympathise. I have the same problem. But after 18 months of on-off pain I got it sorted this week by having a big Bavarian massage the hell out of it. I swear it has worked a treat, so much so I’m thinking of going back for more!

  4. I can see the advertisements now for the new medical practice catering to blogging injuries. You’ve launched a new industry! Have you tried a chiropractor? Sometimes a good ripping adjustment will take the pressure off whatever nerve is kinked up.

  5. You do need a chiropractor. Believe me, one of the kind that applies pressure, not the kind that clunks your bones.
    I had a severe case, magically cured. Plus a headache I had carried around for years.. thought it was eyestrain.

  6. I mucked around for a while with some voice recognition software (Dragon Natually Speaking, I think it was called), which seemed generally to work more effectively than you might expect. Without the RSI to motivate me, I never bothered learing it properly, but I know someone who wrote a thesis using it. Difficult to use discreetly in cafes etc, though, I grant you, especially when you’re writing about nearby patrons …

  7. I gave up on speaking software and simply type with just my left hand now. Lost the use of my right (and I’m right handed, figures!) because of MS (now don’t you feel bad about being a moany wimpy bastard? Mwah!), so all I can do now is pray I don’t get your problem in my left side!! I’m so used to it now, I’m damn speedy. I agree with fifi about the chiro too!!

  8. I’m sorry Shauny. If it hurts you, a redheaded woman, imagine what it would do to an average sort of person or a redheaded man. As a member of the public, I’m sympathizing massively. The pain you described sounds horrid. I hope a chiropractor/doctor/accupuncturist/masseuse can fix it soon.

  9. Hey Shauna – I get that too – especially when working on a long report – there are exercises you can do for it which help an swimming also helps, but scotland aint known for its beaches…

  10. hi shauny..

    if doc says steroid injections ..say no! i got them in neck for similar sounding pain… (spinatous tendon inflamed) after second session my bicep had dropped to the same girth as my wrist!! really messed my shoulder and arm muscles – and still had the pain!! i thought steroids built your muscles!! After 9 months got physio and she was furious with doc….

    accupuncture, massage and physio exercises helped me .. but sometimes when doing too much comp work get the pains again… only thing that stopped pain was accupuncture… pins in ear down shoulder and arm to inside of thumb…. and a tiny gold ball in a plaster to squeeze mid-earlobe for pain relief..

    suggest – ice – anti inflamatories and REST… and just tell DR G what to type!

    *slave driver shauny*

  11. Oooh, poor you. Three blogs, a book, and job and a life sounds like a lot typing!! Clearly you’re a secretary who needs their own secretary 🙂

  12. Oh, THAT kind of repetitive mousing incident.

    Silly me. I had visions of you crawling around repetitivly reaching out to grab live, squeaking mice during a big plague or something.

    I’m so not used to computers.

  13. Aww, sorry to hear about this. Plus I believe in 2001 there was also stupid amounts of IMing. 🙂

  14. Ok – its late – I have been busy working all day and I was reading this through glazed eyes and yeah OK – its been a decade since I donned the academic gown with the green sash of medicine, but I think bobby is a little bit confused.
    For a start there isn’t a spinatous tendon in any human – ( I think that there is a spinatus process – a kind of pointy bump on a dogs spine) I think they mean the supra spinatus muscle which is on the outside of the shoulder and you can get tendinitis if you use it too frequently in a narrow range – the treatment for which is lymphatic drainage and massage I think – though acupuncture is pretty good too for reducing the swelling in this type of thing.
    As for anabolic steroids reducing muscle mass – hmmm pretty hard, they work by allowing protiens to join together a lot faster (some times 20 times – I think its been ten years I tell you) so if Bobby’s a girl – its hard to see how muscle wasting would take place…if Bobby’s a boy – maybe inactivity and might have shunk his bicep – but maybe.
    So Shauny it might be this – it might be yr median nerve, get it checked – massage, exercise, changing hands, changing seats, changing mouse type, all good ideas, but stop doing what ever yr doing for a while.. Sorry for the long post, but I am a very dull person..

  15. It may well be true that red-headed women can handle more pain than any other person, but I can assure you that red-headed women cause more pain than anybody else.

    Angry, angry people.

  16. bit of a generalisation there, eh Lachlan? *she says, without anger 😛 *

    thanks for all the medical suggestions folks 🙂

  17. Now there must be a reason why you redheaded chicks have higher pain thresholds than your blonde and brunette sisters. Maybe you guys have to put up with more crap than the rest of us so the powers that be designed you to be more tolerant of pain. If only I could acquire the same pain tolerance by dying my hair red, the idea of giving birth might not terrify me so much!

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