This blog is like a dinky little country town where the population never changes. Some people die, some new ones are born to replace them; and now and then a few strangers breeze in from the city and the locals look up from their beers and give them the stink eye.

But thanks to the infrequent updates, the overall number always evens out beautifully in the end. It’s been pretty stable for years now, except for that one glorious day in 2002 when the lovely Dooce made me a member of her fantasy all girl blog-rock band and the hit counter crapped itself.

Lately I’ve been thinking about the population of this wee metropolis. Do you ever wonder where internet people go? You meet so many interesting characters through the old computer screen, but so many end up disappearing into the ether. Every now and then an old ‘face’ will just pop into your head. Sometimes you’ll remember fondly, other times you cringe. Either way you wonder what happened to them. Whether they got bald or rich or hitched or if they legally changed their name to ~DarkWolfe75~.

I think about Commenters of Yesteryear and why they went quiet. Did they go offline for good? Did I offend them? Did they stop reading when I sold out and got married? Or are they still reading, but being all quiet and lurkersome about it?

I also think about the Real World People. Back in Oz last year, I was alarmed to hear all these friends and family say breezily, “Oh yes, I’ve been reading for years!”. What?! How did you find me? Who taught you to use Google? How could you not tell me that you’d discovered my sad, secret internerd life?

So when I add up the Real Life People and the Regular Commenters, there’s still a lot of people unaccounted for. Which makes me worry, are there moreΒ Real Life People out there? Perhaps they’re among the masses who stumble in having searched for ‘trampoline sex’, ‘accounting love letter’ or ‘Pall Mall Monopoly pronouncement’, then realise they’re arrived at the site of that moron they used to know.

If you’re out there, why not say hello? Just send an email with a memory-jogging subject like:

  • Remember me from Brownies?
  • Remember that time I loaned you two dollars for the canteen?
  • Remember how you were the worst piano student ever?
  • Remember how you were an inarticulate dope at university?
  • Remember when we worked at KFC and we got it on in the storeroom and there was flour and secret herbs and spices flying all over the place?

OH YEAH, that one only happened in my head. Just don’t email to say how much this entry sucks, because I already know πŸ™‚

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100 thoughts on “Census

  1. Remember when we had hot, lesbian sex on the dance floor at that nightclub? We were tanked on liquor and goofballs, and the DJ was playing “Crazy for You” by Madonna and it just SEEMED to be the right thing to do? Remember how you asked me to dance. You took my hand and led me onto the dance floor. Eye to eye, we needed no words at all. Slowly, then, we began to move. With every breath I was deeper into you. Remember? Then you went and sold out and got married!

  2. Can’t say anything exciting because we’ve never met, but I’m certainly looking forward to other people’s comments.

  3. AHH YES maarmie, it’s all coming back now πŸ˜›

    forgive me people, i am just in a stupid mood tonight.

    and don’t worry mothership, all is fine! or, all is FOINE, as gareth would say in his crap imitation of an australian accent πŸ™‚

  4. Clicked on your name once thinking you were someone I knew, but youre not. You are funnier than the chic I thought you may be so I keep reading, and I am a freelancer therefore am addicted to the internet and no one can tell me off.

  5. I’ve been reading since you arrived in Edinburgh and I think we’ve swapped emails a couple of times over the years. I grew up in Edinburgh and now I live in Australia, so I enjoy all your observations in reverse, so to speak. Especially the ones about the Scottish weather, tee hee!

  6. Not sure how I found you, but I’ve been reading for a few months…well, lurking I guess. Lurker sounds so dirty!

    I read dg too, but I am lax with the comments. It’s too easy to lurk.

    From Canada btw.

  7. I don’t remember how I got here. Expats interest me since I am one. Sometimes I click on comment in another blog and find my way to interesting places. Maybe you were actually witty that day! :-p

  8. Good guilt trip to get us lurkers to delurk. I’ve been happily lurking away here in NZ for a while.

  9. I googled “living in Scotland” about 6 months ago and that is how I found you… your blogs kept me from doing my work for a long time but now I’ve read EVERYTHING and wait impatiently for your updates. I just moved from Las Vegas to Birmingham, Alabama… your humor keeps me sane! I sometimes live vicariously through you… and sometimes I have a life of my own… either way, I dig your humor!

  10. Sorry, just another random who enjoys your blog. I am an aussie though, does that count?

  11. i found your blog on the bloggies from a few years back. I’m an Aussie expat living in the US (have been for the last… 6 or 7 years), and i love reading your missing aussie stories… they make me so nostalgic!

  12. Have to admit to lurking also. You’re right Tricia, lurking does sound dirty….

    So remember that time that I was reading your blog and was laughing so hard the boss came to investigate my mirth and saw that I was loafing online instead of typing up his incredibly interesting letter. Remember? He asked me to come into his office and then spent the next 30 minutes talking about the evils of the internet then he gave me a warning. Ahh the memories.

  13. hey Shauny! been reading wnp for almost a year now and my cousin introduced me to it…dunno how she found it though! i am not one of The Real People, but i too am a fellow expat hailing from NSW and a reader of your other blogs…im sure you’ve seen me commenting every now and then. maybe you would even say that im a local in that little Shaunyblogville town of yours…? πŸ˜›

  14. I used to read your Open Diary, years ago – ahh the good old days – and have been enjoying WNP since it popped out, screaming, into the world.

  15. I’m a relatively new reader of WNP, I stumbled across your blog while on a wild google search trying to find out what people like about Canberra. I spent the better part of an entire afternoon reading many of your previous blogs as I am very easily seduced by lovely words and beautiful expressions.

  16. I’m a new reader to your blog. But I found a link to ‘Cooking with Ginger’ on Pille’s food blog when I started searching for information about unique Estonian food-stuffs.
    I identified with you because I’m an Aussie red-head too & also lived in Canberra durng the early 1980’s, & then overseas in the USA. Now I’m in Estonia, but I’d love to visit Scotland where my mother’s ancestors came from.

  17. hey hey,
    found this site via a link on dg and have been hooked ever since! live in amsterdam and was more intrigued that you were coming here than excited that radiohead was!

  18. ‘lo! i’ve been reading since you got featured on bbc news online, i remember gushing (argh) via IM about how your blog inspired me to get one of my own. anyway, another peep to add to your list!

  19. Just another lurker who’s been lurking since the days of Harry the dog & Harvey the car. Thanks for making me laugh.
    This is my 2nd comment in 5 years of reading. Can I go back to just lurking now?

  20. Hello, you won’t remember me at all but I’ve been reading for five years, I used to comment and we used to link to each other’s websites! The Internet is weird sometimes.

  21. Ehm, I’ve been reading for jus over a year but haven’t commented. I found you through other blogs that linked you!

  22. I think I’ve been reading for a few years now (surely not more than 3, but maybe so). I know we’ve exchanged a few emails, but I doubt I feature in your memory banks πŸ™‚ I love your sense of humor and adventure and the way you generate your stories. Over the years, I’ve tried getting into other blogs, but none seem to have the staying power that yours possesses.

    I’m not sure precisely how I got to your blog in the first place, but I think it was a random google search.

    Anyway, I don’t particularly like to comment (and thus lurk) because I never have anything amusing or interesting to say. (Case in point πŸ™‚ )

    By the by, can’t you track visitors through their IP address? Whatever tracker you use should give stats like return visitors, etc. This should give you some idea as to how much new traffic you get vs. your regular WNP consumers.

  23. I, too, lurk, having found you a couple of years ago through links on other blogs. I continue to lurk, not just because you’re very funny, but also because I’m from Edinburgh, now living in England, and enjoy your reactions to Scotland and its cuisine.

  24. Another NSW lurker here – a dg reader from way back who followed the link to here and Ginger. I cannot get enough of your witty descriptions and spot-on observations. Unlike you I do not possess a talent for writing and therefore do not comment.

  25. Hi Shauna, I am from Melbourne and have been reading your blog for at least 18 months – I got your link from the Mystygrl website (whatever happened to her?). Love reading DG, CWG and WNP. Don’t EVER stop writing!

  26. Hi Shauny, my name is Bron and I’m a lurker.

    Yup, that does sound bad!

    Been a lurker for a while – remember laughing so hard I got the hiccups. Would have been fine if I weren’t at work!

  27. I’m here too! You don’t know me, and I scarcely remember how I got here, but it had something to do with a friend linking to a post, or something, a year or two ago.

    You’ve had me roaring with laughter so many times it’s difficult to say what I love most. I love the wit, the excellent writing / word plays, the honesty and the insights into Life Overseas. I dream about going to the UK!

    And I am also a redhead in Australia.

  28. I also lurk, you have many lurker friends. It gives me something to do when I should be in the library studying and you make me laugh.

  29. Well, you know I’m a regular reader and commenter but we’ve never met…

    I was prompted to say – now I’ve just got to google ‘trampoline sex’. What the?

  30. I’m another Aussie redhead. Lurking for about a year, commented maybe 3 times. Found you linked from the spin starts here.
    I was preparing to move across the country when I started reading… your posts kind of helped me get my head around moving.

  31. I’m an Aussie red head too, but I think I found you via the blog of a librarian girl (can’t remember her name) in Auckland NZ, who was nominated for a World Blogging Award something or other, along with you. So I followed her link. She’s now gone off into the ether (joined a rock band driving across the US?) and you’re still blogging on!

  32. A trip down memory lane …

    Remember how we worked at KFC, Shauny? And used to say things over the drive-thru intercom like:

    “You’re not welcome to KFC. My name isn’t Doris. Can I not take your order?”

    And guffawed at how darned hilarious we were?


    Well …

    The truth is:

    I remember that afternoon in early 2002 when I stumbled across Loobylu’s blog. I hit one of her links to another blog. And then hit a link on that blog. Rainbows beamed. The sunshine dazzled. And there was ‘What’s New, Pussycat?’

    I thought the gang of loyal commenters seemed terrifying and would oust me from their good ship, yet still, I commented.

  33. I found you via the Bloggies about a year ago and have been addicted ever since, you wicked writerly wench. Am an Aussie too, but I don’t think we’ve had lesbian sex.

  34. I’ve also maintained a dignified silence until now. I’ve been reading for about a year..I think I got it from a link on the SMH. I’m from the UK and not a red-head, but have lived in Australia so understand the whole ex-pat thing. I even missed the drizzle when I was in Sydney! (Can’t say I’ve ever been a pork-product gal though).

  35. Hi,

    I’ve been lurking now since….January, I think. I actually read some of your entries in “Tales from the Scale,” and since I was gearing up for another go at the whole dieting thing, I was looking for places to be inspired. I breezed through your entire archives at dietgirl, and then jumped over here for more. πŸ™‚

    I’ve really enjoyed reading about you, and you’ve really been an inspiration. I think you’re hysterical, and I love the way you put words together. You are, hands down, my favorite blogger. I mean, how else would I pass the hours at work when I’m supposed to be…*gasp*…working!?!

    Thanks for writing. You’re fabulous!!

  36. I must have found you from dooce. I keep reading because I just love your accent. Kidding. I like your writing and enjoy reading about people who get out and move around the globe. And you are one funny gull (that’s my fako aussie accent).

    – Terri, Portland, Oregon, USA

  37. I have been reading and commenting (well maybe only about 3 comments) for a long time. I emailed you when I found out you and Dr. G were going to SF for part of your honeymoon, I lived there at the time and would have loved to have met you but didn’t want to seem like a crazy internet stalker. πŸ™‚ I also read your other blogs religiously. I now live in Los Angeles but if I ever make it over to Scotland I feel like I will know so much more than I would have about Scottish life, food, etc, because of your lovely funny charming entries.

  38. hello people!

    hellooooooo! helllooooooooooo!

    thanks for your kind and hilarious comments!

    just a wee note for all you cynics oot there!!!! PLEASE NOTE this wasn’t a fishing exercise… i have just been wondering about Internet People past and present, and wondering about Real World People too.

    and it’s worked out cool coz there’s some new faces and beloved old faces too…

    AAAAAAAND i got a comment from momo. and FRAN! is that you fran? as in fran formerly of “DamnYouMaria.com”, the best domain ever? of course i remember you. are you still blogging anywhere? you are a true legend…

  39. and Sarah, i certainly do remember your email. all those other people who mentioned emails, i remember yours too!!! i save them all like a true pack rat. won’t be long before i start collecting ceramic chickens!

  40. Hello,

    I am a stranger who reads your blog but understand what you’re talking about. I only have a couple of lurkers cropping up on my humble stats but I am always paranoid that somehow I have been found. I’m quite careful to try not to say things that would enable people who don’t know me to find out who I am, or would enable anyone who does know me to google me, but I’m pretty sure that if a friend found it by accident they’d work it out. The liklihood is small but it does spook me a little bit. I don’t know why I mind, I rarely say much that I don’t say in real life except boring ramblings.

    Anyway, I found your blog through – um I forget. Links from somewhere. But I was once a London girl in Aberdeen, and have also been a London girl in Australia, and very much enjoy your Australian perspective on Scotland. I even thought of you the other day when I met a Scottish Gavin but he turned out to be not half as lovely as your Gareth.

  41. i’m a redhead living in philadelphia and i lurk because i’m shy. i found you on dg (i lurk there too) and was thrilled to read about life in my favorite place in the world. i spent a term at the art college and have been missing it ever since i left. i also miss chip butties.

  42. Is lurking like being a user? Can you be a social lurker, an occasional lurker? If I go cold turkey on this blog will I start twicthing uncontrollbly? Will I have to start attending BA meetings? WILL I NEVER BE ABLE TO READ ANOTHER BLOG THE REST OF MY LIFE??

    Seriously though, you make me laugh a couple times a week, and every laugh is a good one.

    Thanks a bunch

  43. I’ve been reading you for four or five years – found you through the bloggies. You and your sister and your horrible jobs – and the beautiful sad post from the funeral where your aunt told you “Make plans!” (How did those plans turn out, Shauny?) I sent you a comment when you left for Scotland to say stay in the moment and picture the globe (“Here’s Melbourne, and here’s where we are now….”)

  44. Hmmmm….I can’t really remember how I found your blog. Maybe it was through Erin Shea’s weight loss blog. But I’ve been reading for a couple of years now and you always keep me entertained. Keep it up!

  45. Hullo there. I am also a lurker that’s been reading for quite a while. I think I may have left comments on other entries – can’t remember. I have been to both Scotland and Oz, but originally found your site when I was searching for a long-lost chat buddy of mine who lived near Melbourne in 1994. Anywho, I’m totally jealous of you for being able to get up and move to Scotland – so far, it’s my favorite place in the world (mid-highlands, Speyside area).

  46. Remember me from when we were on opendiary.com together in 1998? And you were in a chapbook I produced in 2001, and I stayed at your apartment when I was in Canberra in 2003? And you host my own crap blog, too, I think. You ARE that Shauny, right?

  47. there was a time years ago when I’d leave a message or two, but then the comment harpies would belittle my spelling so I stopped. (yes yes…feel my pain!)

    Besides in those days, Ed would write these loooooong posts that would take all lunch to read and by the time I finished them I’d be too tired to write something of my own.

    But I still come by to see how you’re doing…because Tacoma cares…

    yes…the whole damn city cares.

  48. I have no recollection of how I came across your blog but I suppose I’ve been reading it for a year or so. I like your writing, which often makes me laugh. As a Scots-born South African I find your views on all things Scottish most entertaining.

  49. I’m a long-time reader, very irregular commenter. But you know the old friend of yours I miss (or at least the person you used to trade a lot of links with) is Bright Cold Matt. I wonder what he’s doing now and whether he’s writing anywhere.

    Those were the good old days of blogging (not that these aren’t still the good old days…I’m sure they will be one day).

  50. hi Matt! thanks for saying hello πŸ™‚

    and damn!!! that is an excellent question. whatever happened to Bright Cold Matt!!? He was such a nice bloke.

    btw, it’s great to see so many redheads. WE ARE NOT EVIL, dammit.

  51. Hello there,

    I first linked to you here…

    link to stu’s blog!

    And I’ve been reading ever since. Gosh, I didn’t know it had been so long …

    hi stu! it’s been ages eh? which means we are OLD AND CRUMBLY! i just edited the link so it fits on the wee comment popup box. – s.

  52. Reading all these comments, I probably WILL sound stalker-ish.

    I don’t know you, but was reading your blog at work about 3-4 years ago, when my workmate said “oh, do you read that one too!!”

    Turns out you were an IT contractor at the time, and we were IT pimps, and I knew you by name but hadn’t realised that the blog was by the one and the same……

  53. I’m a long-time lurker, third time commenter. Love your work. Am an Australian living in Sydney with my Scottish felly. Our relationship began in Oz, we took it over to Scotia for a few years and then back here again. Will probably be torn between two places our whole lives, so reading your blog is a brilliant parallel life experience.
    Damn, just noticed that Matt got in with the talk-back style intro before I did. Looks bad, but I cannae be bothered changing it…

  54. Lurker. Can’t remember how or when I got here, but being married by Elvis cemented my affection for the blog. Commented once before.

  55. Hey shauny! I bought a really cool green bookcase off you once before you moved to Scotland. Actually I bought it off Rhi while you hid in your bedroom due to a nasty Wisdom Tooth Incident and an apparently Very Swollen Face. I got here originally via a link from a blog of a person I know in Real Life…. and I keep reading/lurking cos your blog rocks!

  56. Hi,
    Another Canberra person/lurker here. I am not normally red-headed, except when I let my beard grow… then it comes out red. So there I am with fair hair and a red beard. Can you imagine how daft that looks!!!

    Thanks for the blog. Funny as hell!!

  57. I’m a lurker from Hobart, commented once, really enjoy your clever , elegant writing.

  58. Hey!!! I lurk more than I comment, because I am easily here every day, but only comment when the mood strikes. I found you through dg, which I had been reading for a couple years longer, and finally decided to accept the link invite over here and immeditely became the guest that stays forever.

  59. Another lurker, living in Sydney. You’ve had me ever since the spewnami comment!!

  60. Hello Shaunster!
    Irregular commenter and getting slackerder, too. Still love love love your blog, but as my output levels are actually noticed these days (as opposed to the time when I first discovered The Delights of Shauny) I only have time to do a quick scan, emit a happy honk, and slide back into performing monkey mode.
    I was trailing the net for travel blogs and that’s how I found you, probably about 2 – 3 years ago.
    Oops, he’s watching… better get back to work…

  61. Hello!! Wow Shauna, I am astonished and giddy that you remember me/my former glory “damn you maria”. The unfortunate news is that for the last three years I’ve been keeping a Livejournal which is both friends-only and so so so so dull! Here it is anyway, despite these handicaps: http://metonomy.livejournal.com/
    It’s funny, this year I’ve found myself back in touch with quite a few people from the past, exes, school friends etc, and even though you and I were more “Internet acquaintances” than Internet friends, this feels a little bit the same. Oh, nostalgia!

  62. Hi Shauny,

    Yep, I’m still reading. Do you remember when an item from your Amazon wishlist turned up at your place? That was me. Still think your blog is top notch.

    All the best,

  63. Ben reading WNP for about 18 months now, I got a link from a couple of mates in Melbourne Eve and Bill Noodle-Bob of Pumpkindiary blog.
    Got addicted.

    I’m kind of the anti-shauna, I’m a Scottish bloke who lived in Australia for a long time.

    I am not, I hasten to add, anyi Shauna. I am very much pro Shauna. In fact the nest time I am up in Edinburgh I fuilly intend on buying Mr & Mrs Shauny a drink or several.

  64. Hiya shauna

    I have been reading this blog for more than 5 years, found it when i was googling alex popov, laughed so hard I cried and have been completely and ineffably addicted ever since, like a nutbag old stalker-lady…
    it is a habit i shall NEVER give up!
    i was once a traveller but am now settled back in my home town of sydney and enjoy far away places through your eyes and your wonderful words.

    I must say, Does anyone KNOW what happened to ED, i used to love his comments.

    also i was amused to note that the “buy your way into my pants” section has quietly disappeared!
    how demure you are now!!

  65. eho shauny! i’m a long, long, long time lurker. can’t remember how i came across ye – perhaps a link/comment on the captain’s (he of the fez) site? i think i’ve only commented once or twice before in all those years because i’m usually too busy laughing to form sentences not starting or ending with ‘tee hee’. i love you so much i fainted at a radiohead concert in your honour!

  66. Another lurking lurker here confessing to loving your hilarious stories for some time now. Regularly snorting with laughter but only once getting a caper stuck in my nose as a result.

    PS – Holy shit – MOMO is back!!! thats very good news! Two hilarious Aussie bloggers to read. Yay.

  67. i stumbled across you one day on a uni-lab computer and was soon laughing out loud at the legendary supermarket music entry, thrilled that this new internet thingie held such random gems. i wrote down your url by hand (this is how new to it i was) so i could go back and read more more more.

    some random comments and emails generated from these followed over the years. i asked for advice on canberra night-spots prior to a trip there, and when you replied and suggested we could have met up, it was rather thrilling that someone so immensely cool and funny would also be so lovely and kind like that.

    i have a self-imposed internet ban on and do not read like i used to, but yours is one of the dozen or so places i still endevour to visit. thanks for the years of top quality reading and laughs shauny.

  68. Like many it seems I followed the link over here from DG when you decided to out yourself. I was so excited that there was more – and then when you started up the food blog I was even more excited. There are three types of blogs that I read – food, weightloss, and personal/amusing. And you’ve got one of my favorites in each of those categories!

  69. Another Lurker here, this one for several months and DG for about a year. I found this blog via DG which I had found via a link from some other weight loss blog.

    I really enjoy reading about your life, you have a talent for making everything sound very funny and interesting. So, I’m wishing you the best of luck with the book.

    I’m another redhead, but live in the USA. I enjoy the comments about OZ and Scotland and the slang (which sometimes puzzles me).

  70. Whatever happened to the obnoxious Rocco? I was forever intrigued about his/her venom.

  71. Rocco? Was that an old commenter?

    (i did a site search and it only came up bROCCOli… hehe!!!)

    and Andy… i do remember and thank youuu πŸ™‚

    fifi – yeah, it felt a bit too early-00s whoreish to have wishlist… hehe πŸ™‚

    and nadia, my goodness! you were a Pimp when i was a pimpette? wow… the world is small! my pimp was called Lynette and she was a really good one. i LOOOVED the job she found me and still miss it so much.

    and kezza, i hope the bookcase is still working! i really did look like a potato-faced freak that day, i had to spare you that sight!

    cheers fellas!

  72. Helloooo!!!

    Long time reader/lurker here. Love your descriptions of Scotland and her peoples. I think the way you capture situations and events to be most fascinating and hilarious. If I go a day without checking your blog I feel lost! Thanks for all the great blogging…really enjoy you letting us into your life!!!

  73. I may be new in the comment area on this blog but i am an avid reader of it. I check atleast twice a week for new entries. Darn you woman, you must update more! πŸ™‚

  74. Hullo dear Shauna! I think from memory that I came to your site bloody AGES ago from Claire’s site Loobylu – maybe 5 years ago? Geez, that made my head hurt just thinking about it though! Hmmm!

    I’m always keeping up with WNP with the RSS feeds and I, too, often wonder where people have gone to too! I only recently heard from a girl called Sarz from shmoothandcreamy from whom I haven’t heard for frickin’ ages, and have on more than three occasions in the few years wondered whatever happened to Row from leafbud?!? Where do people disappear to?????

  75. Please excuse my atrociously excessive use of the word “too” in the previous comment. Got overexcited!

  76. Ahhhhhhhh Shauny…
    I’m the wee lass who reminds you of your younger days and the poddies you’d care for.
    Sheep rule!!!
    Seems like I’ve been reading since before you and your sis left home!
    Hugs from Indiana
    Stephanie the shepherdess

  77. you don’t know me in real life, but reading your blog is why i’ve visited scotland twice in the past year and how i knew to try deep fried pizza and shun warburton’s seeded batch! thank you so much!

  78. Read this for quite a while – always check regularly. Discovered DG and CWG recently. No idea how I found you at first – via gordon mclean, perhaps? Can’t remember. You are amazing with words and thoughts, I salute you!

  79. Been reading dg for about four years now, I remember when you were leaving for the UK from Australia AND before that…then I followed the sidebar to this sight.

    BTW I think I’m commenter nr.89 and that is like celebraty status for a blog…I don’t know ANYBODY that has so many readers.

  80. So I am one of those rare drifters who found your site through another and another and another then ended up here and this post hit home. I often wonder, “hey what the hell happened to so and so? I thought we were tight….”. Riiiight.

    Interesting thing about blogging though; I was in a store with my husband yesterday and out of the blue, a girl yells “Snackie!” and I almost fainted….it is strange when your net life bleeds into the damned BevMo Booze Warehouse.

    Anyway, nice to “meet you” and I am adding you to my Bloglines because I love your site :).

  81. julia, that’s probably coz half the comments are mine… it’s like voting for yourself in an election πŸ˜€

  82. I don’t honestly remember how I found your site, but it may have had something to do with Nutella. There are few opening sentences as intriguing as, “I know a man who once swam in a vat of Nutella.”

  83. Trying to remember if I got here from DG? Or DG from WNP?! Been so long now, I can’t remember anymore! I’m an American expat living in England so can totally relate to the culture shock of Living British. Oh and is it really f**ked up to think if I knew you in real life we would SO get on? The cynicism and dry sarcastic humour… sometimes I wonder if that’s all it takes for the British to accept us foreigners, despite taking the piss out of our accents πŸ™‚ Hell, it’s served me well so far. Ok, so all that sounded borderline stawker-ish so I’m going to crawl back into my lurker cave now.

  84. You might remember me, we were fellow Open Diarists some years ago. And then we met and were friends. And then you went away and got married and sold out. πŸ˜›

    Really, I just don’t read blogs anymore. I sell schtuff on eBay. I have 2 children! I got married. My scrapbook pages get published sometimes.

    And sometimes I miss the old days when everyone was crazy and we all hung out together and had fun.


  85. Hey Shauny! Dunno how I found you: it’s been so long, I’ve clean forgotten!

    Been reading and commenting for a while. Your writing always entertains, makes me smile—and sometimes guffaw out loud, too!

    Seems you had a dry patch here for awhile, so I stopped checking like, umm, errr, EVERYDAY and have taken to “what’s up pussycat?” about every coupla weeks.

    Lovin’ the new stuff with Gareth’s phony accent. Can he do Brooklyn? That’s something I’d like to hear, Gareth’s Scottish/Brooklyn. Of course, then you guys would have to come visit us here in the Big Apple.

    Keep blogging girl; you ROCK!

  86. I’ve been reading for a few years and I think I’ve only commented once before. I credit you with being partly responsible for me starting my own blog (although not in the same league as yours).


  87. ummm….. I found you aaaggggeeess ago and whilst I live in Sydney I don’t know you personally… but Rachel(rusticfillings) my friend knows your parents.. it is a small world

  88. Yet another long(ish) time lurker and first time poster. Came here via dg about 18 months ago, which I originally found by a very random google search for M&S extremely chocolatey mini bites (I had a fleeting mad conspiracy theory they had tampered with the recipe).

    Owe huge thanks to you for much needed comic relief during the dark, dark days of my finals this time last year. Between your blog and copious amounts of coffee I managed to pull through with a respectable 2:1.

    Well I’m now officially de-lurked, I’ve come out of my lurking closet, and I feel cleansed.

  89. Still reading, Tiger! Just gone all lurkerish lately…I think because these days I’m scared that every time I open my mouth (or ok, my, erm, fingers?) the only stuff that comes out is baby-drivel.

  90. to tell the truth some people do die and that’s the stink. Among other things they still appear on msn. My companion of six years just died one ordinary day. Since then I still come on to read but less often – and I must say tho it does me good to see your happy normality.
    He loved the net and was so full of ideas. Now people use the net or one specific site to make comments on all he did for them and how they intend to grab him once they get to paradise too.He died of not giving himself the time and doing too much for others.
    Hey paradise won’t be just the place we reproduce our lives with the same mistakes – I know he will never be my little husband again up there and tell them all how horrible they have been to me . So make the most of your lives all you folks. It is true – every minute is important. Bye.

  91. hello shauna πŸ™‚ haven’t been by in a few weeks (sorry, slack arse me!) but good to be back on the WNP wagon. i did have a giggle (and quiet retch) at the Mystery Meet post – it was the Mystery Meat kiddie ‘faces’ that got me! anyhoo, glad all is going swimmingly in your neck of the woods. say hola to Rory (I haven’t read his blog in a while either, NAUGHTY). my 9mo old has discovered how to unplug the laptop, which means a lot of dead battery time. yes, ok, it sounds like ‘the dog ate my homework’, but i swear it’s true. he prefers blocks to blogs…

  92. Hee! I found you thru Dietgirl. I stumbled across that site, started reading, and ended up spending the rest of the day reading it from start to now. You’re a terrific writer, and your love for your sister reminded me to call mine. πŸ˜›

    I live in the US, lived in South Africa briefly, so I know what a Pavlova is!

    Rock on, crazy girl!

  93. Hi Shauna,

    Yep, Lynette was one of the people I worked with…. don’t work there anymore though (but she still does I hear…)

  94. Been reading only for a short while in relation to how long your blog has been going.

    I read most of your archives but now only pop in every couple of weeks to catch up as I enjoy a good laugh.

    Hugs te ya hon and I just had to make it the 100’th comment.

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