Victor In A 2-2

Well! I think I’ve erased about five years from my life and destroyed the springs of the couch during the Australia v Croatia match tonight. I was shaking like a shitting dog throughout the whole thing. The tension, comrades; THE TENISON!

Gareth adds: “And how many times did you scream, ‘Noooo, you fucking IDIOT!’.” About 475! And the longer the game went on the more syllables I added to the word, in increasingly Australian tones…. NOOOOOOOUUUEEEEEEEWWWWW!

But the end result was 2-2 so Australia are through to the second round! Huzzah!

We play Italy on Monday. Which really sucks because instead of perving on the supermodel cheekbones of the boys in blue, I will have to concentrate on cheering on our lads. ‘MON THE AUSSIES!


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18 thoughts on “Victor In A 2-2

  1. Ah Shauny, the more I read the more I loves ya.

    Shaking like a shitting dog indeed.

  2. tis an oft-heard phrase over here! and never been more appropriate tonight. blooooody hell, i punched gareth a few times when i got tired of punching the couch.

    on the weekend and i am going to go outside and get fresh air and a LIFE!

  3. Not many people at work this morning! This game has changed the nation…even little Johnny’s climbed on the bandwagon.

    Carrrn Straya!!!!!!!!!!

    and for balance (next season)

    Mon the Jambos!!!!!

  4. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, Ozzies are through to the next round!

    Fortunately (?) for me the Northern Hemisphere times are too out of whack with New Zealand’s, so I tend to sleep through the match and get up and watch the replay/highlights – this after I’ve quickly hopped on the web to find out what the heck the end score was! Great football AND my house/its inhabitants remain intact! Win-win!

  5. My over enthusiastic cheering woke my baby at around 4.30am this morning (sorry bub!)
    And how hilarious is it that the USA didn’t make the second round after one of their officials said Australia didn’t deserve to be in the world cup? That’s karma baby!

  6. Yes, a victor in a tutu indeed!

    Even the guy who measured up our bath for a new showercreen this morning turned up in a soccer top, its all very un-morrissey.

  7. Go the Aussies! (I too, have heard that the Italian lads are meant to be very scenic.. must investigate this further but they have to lose!)

  8. Magic.

    Mon ya Ozzie basturds!

    He says getting all cross cultural on it.

    It’s great being A Scottish Australian permenant resident.

    They’ll have their work cut out against the Italians.

    Great football from what I read of the game.

    They survived the “group of death”, ie anything with Brazil in it. Everything from here in is gravy Shauny, GRAVY.

    Climbs down from high horse and gets back to work.

  9. I write from the first class lounge of Sydney Airport which is full of fat bald men in Green and gold t-shirts ( all slighttly too small – all laughing to loud and all watching the replay on the big screen) as they rush toward Germany to watch the Socceroos do their thing..
    Disappointingly I will be in London working like the arse I am..

  10. I agree that our goalkeeper should find a small corner of the world and hide there for a while. Do you think he’ll be welcomed back peacefully at Sydney Airport? I do not.

  11. Yes I have wornn a wee walking track in the floorboards (well I regrooved it after the qualification match against Uraguay). Here I thought I was a ‘yell at screen’ kind of gal and I end up being a ‘pace and wring hands’ one; oh the dissapointment.
    Lucky Mr Scotland was able to swear at the screen; wouldnt be worth it if we didnt teach the toddler next door all those colourful words for referee through the walls.

    Love your work

  12. CARN the boys! (except for the goalkeeper … one of the commentators mentioned he’d played with klutzo at Leicester – I think – and didn’t understand how he’d managed to keep a place as reserve for AC Milan. Here’s hoping Guus does the right thing and slots Schwartzer back in his rightful place.)

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