I’ll Be Baaack

Now that has to be the worst entry title of all time. But it's summer, at least it has been for the past couple of days. My brain is fried so I will be back shortly with all these half-finished entries ready for public consumption!

Killer Sheep of Wanlockhead

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9 thoughts on “I’ll Be Baaack

  1. Go forth and experience Scotland… I LOVE your “Aussie views of Scotland”stories… report back soon!

  2. What do you mean, “the last couple of days”? Now’s your chance to undo some of the damage you’ve done in your time to the Scottish Tourist Board. It’s been really quite hot for… oh, nearly a week. Give Scotland credit where it’s due!

  3. Isabelle – yes – for its leading role as part of Britain in the industrialisation of the world and subsequent global warming, all hail Scotland!

    (Damage? Tourists from stinking hot countries WANT the rain and fog! Okay, maybe not all the time.)

  4. yeah sure it’s been hot, but it’s still shit! i got caught in a freak rainstorm at 6.45 this morning, soaked to the BONE so i looked like a drowned rat all day long. still, scotland rules. i feel i do plenty for the tourist industry! sales of breakfast packs have increased by 7000%!

  5. Ummm, that sheep on the right appears to have ear-extentions? Like blonde tinted, longer, yet very triangular ears. I am not going to look closely, I do not want to know the truth, the thought of Scottish farmers pimpin’ their sheep is too beautiful to lose…

  6. Comedy gangster sheep, I reckon. There’s the big stupid one and the small clever one. The small one says things like “Ah, Benson, you are so mercifully free of the ravages of intelligence,” while the big one hits people.

  7. All this sheep talk has reminded me that its been a while since I’ve watched my dvd of Father Ted… I’m going home to watch the one about “Chris the unhappy sheep”!

  8. donalda! i think there was some sort of awning on the house behind so it makes it look like he’s got a freaky noggin 🙂

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