From A Great Height

Do you remember back in May how I went to Amsterdam to see my beloved Radiohead and when we arrived there was a sign written in the Times New Roman of Doom that said the show was cancelled because Phil The Drummer's mother had passed away suddenly and I plunged into despair which was quickly followed by crushing guilt for being disappointed considering the circumstances? Remember? Remember?

Since then I've felt bad about being too huffy to properly enjoy my time in such a fine city. At the Van Gogh museum the day after the Cancellation, I stared gloomily at one of his paintings, something involving hay or flowers. I read the caption about him chopping off his ear and thought, I hear ya buddy. Then I smacked myself in the head with my camera for being such an obnoxious twit.

So really, I felt duty bound to return to Amsterdam and see it properly! YES! And it had nothing to do with the concert being rescheduled and this being the very last show of their tour and lord knows how long it would be before they toured again. But our tickets were still valid and there were cheap flights from KLM. I'm sure a chap as environmentally worried as Thom Yorke would frown at our frivolous flying, but I couldn't resist!

It was a whirlwind 48 hours in Amsterdam, but we gave it a red hot go. From the canal boats to the cafes to the coffeeshops to the hot chips in the paper cones, we really wolfed it all down.

Now I'm deep in the throes of vacation withdrawls, just aching to be back in Super Happy Fun Holidayland. Every time I walk down a street I glare at it with disappointment because it doesn't have a canal running through it. Stupid non-Dutch streets.

Sushi by the canal
Dinner by the canal.

The concert was incredible. Oh baby. Radiohead just get better every time and make me feel glad to be alive. Don't go telling me that they went crap after OK Computer. I am still in my Super Happy Fun Concertland bubble and I'm not coming out yet. La la la!

Radiohead in Amsterdam

People always bang on about what a miserable bunch Radiohead are, but I heartily disagree. The show was foxy and fun and the band looked to be having a grand old time. The new songs went down a treat and Thom did his crazy dancing. Jokes were cracked! I am also happy to report that unlike last time, I stayed conscious for the entire gig!

Radiohead in Amsterdam

Most importantly, here is the Ed O'Brien Report. Which I'm sure is only of interest to me, but I like to note these things en blog and track my obsessions through the ages. So, in the three years that have passed since our last encounter: Ed is still more ridiculously handsome than should be legal. He is still deliciously tall, sings beautifully, plays nice guitar and does lots of fiddling round with various bleeping machines, further proving that he is not just lanky eye candy, dammit.

SHAUNA: I also noted tonight that in the three years that have passed since our last encounter, Ed is now wearing a wedding band.

GARETH: And so are you!

SHAUNA: Oh… yeah.

I took a few photos during the show but they were universally rubbish, as my view was hindered by the rows of tall, strapping Dutchmen in front of me; plus it is hard to focus the camera in a heightened state of arousal poor lighting conditions.

YEAH baby!

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12 thoughts on “From A Great Height

  1. I saw your pics on Flickr. I’m so glad you got to go again, and I think you’re terribly sophisticated to just pop over to Amsterdam for 48 hours. Well, at least without spending a few sweaty, vein-clogging days on a ‘plane.

  2. You found sushi in Amsterdam. Now thats amazing! From that land that has vending machines for hot food and everything resembles a potato croquette… maybe this has something to do with the amount of time I spend in the ahem, cafes there.

  3. rachy! remember who you’re dealing with here. sophistication isn’t in my vocab. this was more like whinging and moaning to gareth endlessly about how crushing it was to go all that way to amsterdam for the show to get cancelled and here we were with perfectly good tickets for the rescheduled show etc etc… i think it just made his life more pleasant for me to book flights to go back and shut up. hehe 🙂

    dani – yes! and nice sushi too. conveniently located near the coffee shops!

  4. …I remember my mother’s first visit to us in Amsterdam….. we were sitting in our local cafe and she gazed around her and made some comment about the number of tall-strapping Dutchmen around. I think ‘healthy-looking’ was the euphenism she used for ‘good-looking’.

  5. Sounds sooo amazing!
    Spent a couple of days in Amsterdam last year and desperately wanted to go live there afterwards as it was just so beautiful and naturally wanted to become a uber cool, stylish cyclist.
    I’ve never seen Radiohead live, infact, right now you are at the top of my envy list!

  6. Have you seen ‘A Scanner Darkly’ yet? The soundtrack is by Radiohead (though since I know nothing about Radiohead, it may all be old material that you’re already familliar with).

  7. Jealous is me.

    Not having seen ‘head (as the TRUE fan refers to them) live yet… (so I can’t be that much of a TRUE fan I guess… so I’ll go back to calling them Radiohead… pah)

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