The Secretary Thinks Deep Thoughts – Part II

After all these years I finally figured something out yesterday. Why lever-arch folders have those big holes in the spine. It's so you can hook your finger inside and easily remove them from the shelf! What ingenuity! And all this time I thought it was a wee porthole for the papers to peep out of. Sadly, this has been the state of my brain this week. Almost as profound as the day I discovered the marvellous invention that is the staple remover. Apologies for all the waffle and obituaries lately. I shall reboot brain and post properly on the weekend.


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14 thoughts on “The Secretary Thinks Deep Thoughts – Part II

  1. yeah…and you know one of the most evil things?…

    I worked in a cockroach infested “trendy” warehouse space for a while. We had a pest guy come in and spray cancer causing chemicals around and squirt a sticky gel in tiny places where cockroaches liked to hang out. We later discovered that, much like officeplace terrorism, he had opened each of our leverarch folders and left his sticky gel around the inside of each peephole. ON EVERY SINGLE FOLDER! Each day I dashed off to the bathroom to try and get tht stuff off my fingers.

    (He obviously didn’t know that the peephole is strictly for paper peeping and finger gripping, NOT high traffic intergalactic wormholes for cockroaches!)

  2. Well there ya go! I assumed it was some sort of airing device, I think.

    Only recently – and I’m afraid, publicly, and, yes, in a meeting at work – did I find out (as the rest of the world already knew) that the ‘cc’ on emails stood for ‘carbon copy’ and NOT ‘could concern’. I made some quip about the ‘could concern’ section and got laughed out of the room like the unintentional court jester I was.

  3. Well, momo, not only did I not know cc stood for ‘carbon copy’, I’d never thought to wonder what it _did_ stand for. Then again, I’ve only really encountered it in an e-mail context, which is fairly carbon-free.

    Regarding staple removers, it took me some years to work out that you use them on the top side of the stapled papers, not the underside (which does sort of work, but not so well).

    Also that it’s easier when on the phone to peel and stick a Post-it down before writing on it, rather than trying to hold down the pad and write simultaneously, one-handed. Duh.

  4. OMG! Although I already use the WOW-hole of leaver-arch files, I have been using the staple remover on the wrong side of the staples for all this time! This post has changed my working life! 😀

  5. Hmm. I’m very old, and it never occurred to me to do the staple yoinking from the top side. Considering that K is my daughter, I do think she might have mentioned this some time in the past 27 years. Think of all the things I’ve taught you, my child, such as your letters, potty training and how to tidy up (though that last one wasn’t all that successful, I’d have to admit).

    However, I’ll try her idea. Old dog, new tricks, etc.

  6. I knew about CC (I learned to type when we used non-electric typewriters and actually did send copies made with carbon paper) but I only found out the other day that BCC on a send email page stands for ‘blind carbon copy’ – a copy which doesn’t show up on the main email when its received…. who’d’a guessed????? I don’t get why they still use ‘carbon copy’ – why not just plain ‘copy’?

  7. I just recently realized that A.K.A. actually stands for Also Known As. I always knew they meant the same thing, but for some reason it just clicked a few months ago.

    Plus, I have a bit of a stationery fetish -I love posts about binders.

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