Time Lapse Photography

FRIDAY LAST, 12:10 AM:  We were trudging home from the train station after seeing Demetri Martin at the Fringe. As is the usual fashion for a night out in this town, someone intoxicated clod had bought a box of hot chips then chucked them away after a few bites. These babies had been abandoned outside a hair salon. As an experiment, I took a picture of said chips with my wee cameraphone with intention of following up on their fate in the morning.


FRIDAY LAST, 7:00 AM:  This time I was going to the train station. But definitely still trudging, since I was off to work. Unsurprisingly, the chips were gone! If you peer closely you can see the outlines of their greasy corpses on the footpath.


So who scranned them all? The answer was in the chip box, which now lay in the middle of the road.


SEAGULLS! Check out those beak holes. Don't ever try to come between a bird and its fried potatoes.

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17 thoughts on “Time Lapse Photography

  1. Not a good idea to come between:

    A GULL and its Fried Potatoes.
    A GAL and her Fried Potatoes.


  2. I saw Demetri Martin in Montreal and loved it. One of my favourites was…


    “Something I would buy, but not a nickname I would like to have.”


  3. Great link, by the way. I’m enjoying him all over again…and have become reacquainted with the punchline of the joke I already liked so much. šŸ™‚

  4. Scran is a Scots word but is now widely used in the North of England an d in Norn Iron that is according to the trusty concise Ulster Dictionary.

  5. šŸ™‚ demetri is a fox! he’s the only comedian i’ve gone along to see at all four Fringe Festivals since i moved to Scotland. Some may call that stalking, but really I’m just a fan!

  6. I could kiss you šŸ™‚ here I was desperately reading boring boring study stuff when I indulged my usual favourite form of procrastination – WNP – and now thanks to your comment about last-fm (which I had never heard of) I can now read boring boring study stuff to the accompaniment of the velvet underground. Thank you for saving my otherwise questionable and suffering sanity!!! Not only are you my favourite blogger, you always send me to such wonderful links!

  7. glad to help schelle! if you join up be sure to add me as a friend! i need more friends so it doesn’t look like i am stalking poor Witold! šŸ˜›

    OKAY SHAUNA no more procrastinating! *cracks whip*

  8. Ohh with you on the seagull thing. I’ve seen seagulls in a little seaside/Goth town (yes, really) called Whitby and they were huge, terrifying and definitely best left well alone. šŸ™‚

  9. sorry, my comment isn’t related to this post, but just had to share some sad news from Oz –



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