So there were a few hundred carefully worded words sitting in my Gmail Drafts folder and what did I just do? I hit the Discard Draft button instead of the Save button and didn't realise until I'd clicked onto some other emails, making it far too late to Undo. Is there any shittier feeling than hours of precious drivel zapping off into the ether? All that rage and nowhere to direct it because it's your own stinking fault. Off to bed. Try again tomorrow.

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6 thoughts on “McCranky

  1. shit. shit. shit.

    I’ve done that a few times. In fact, I’m quite convinced that my best work is out there in the ether and if it wasn’t for my poor aim I’d have a book deal. Maybe even two book deals.

  2. Damn! What a shame for us, and so frustrating for you. Hope its not too long before you can bring yourself to write again!

  3. Crap. I hate that. Impotent rage is right.

    Mind you, that (or similar) has happened to me enough times that I make a habit of CTRL+A then CTRL+C’ing (select all, copy) every few minutes as I go.

  4. ouch! i’ve done that.

    (i’ve blamed that for not emailing people a few times tho… “oh, whoops, i must have pressed delete not send, so sorry!!”…. i don’t think anyone is fooled.)

    i’m with Jack Spratt on the copying every few minutes!

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