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I like to have a well-stocked pantry of daydreams. Just so there's plenty of places to escape to when a train is delayed or the dentist is running late. Elaborate, ridiculous scenes to replay over and over. Sometimes there's celebrities or random strangers, but people always say what you want them to say and the weather is always fine and the streets are paved with chocolate. Many moons ago when I was vaguely ambitious I had an Oscar Fantasy on high rotation. I had it all planned, from the frock to the date to the witty remarks to the Entertainment Tonight reporters on the red carpet. It started with a brief montage with a personal trainer so I'd be suitably buff for the big night, and ended with a dainty gasp of surprise when my name was announced. It used to be the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, but then I realised that I was too lazy to come up with completely new screenplay even in a daydream, so it got switched to Best Adapted.

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11 thoughts on “Just To Be Nominated

  1. Ah, mine is being interviewed by a Quality Newspaper about my latest novel.

    Not that I’ve written even a not-at-all-recent novel, but a girl can dream.

  2. Mine is reading from my first novel at a booklaunch. The book has been raved about by critics, and I look gorgeous as I effortlessly answer thought-provoking questions from the literati who have gathered to hear my well-modulated voice reading a heart-rending scene.

    I have the perfect shirt to wear but only a desk drawer full of the corpses of first chapters.

  3. I used to have glamorous daydreams about novels, films etc. Now my most elaborate fantasies involve the three year old being dressed, fed and out of the house without a tantrum before being dropped off at creche leaving me to enjoy a coffee in a cafe before noon AND having showered AND been to the loo with the door shut at least once. Now THATS dreaming!

  4. Yeehee! I love the out clause at the end!

    My daydreams (usually concocted at the point of near-collapse exhaustion on some sort of exercise equipment) very often resemble a generic hip hop video narrative. If I’m not exiting a white limo and walking into a nightclub with some sort of high-fiving entourage, I’m invariably dancing around in a pool party scenario, wearing a bikini with similarly attired hip hop friends. Either way, there’s loads of bling and flash cars.

  5. Sorry to be dim, but what does “You rawk” mean? I realise that’s it’s something along the lines of “You are fine in every respect and I’d like to spend lots more quality time with you” but – connotations? etymology? As excuse for my ignorance, I plead non-Australianness and non-youngness.

  6. um… happy birthday for a few days ago?
    i remembered cos of the melbourne cup! then i had to come and check it actually WAS your birthday… and it appears it was!

    i can’t believe i remembered that. i am feeling all embarrassed and stalker-y now, but i assure you, i’m not a freak who will hunt you down and force cake on you. i just was reading your blog on cup day one year, and it has stuck that it’s your birthday.

    anyway, hope it was a good one!!


  7. Johanna from Adventures of Geo-Geek was right…I really enjoy reading your blog! (she recommended your site in a post a while ago)

    Not only is the writing witty and creative, but the occasional Aussie references are like the icing on the cake! (…or the Vegemite on the toast?) ‘ On ya 🙂

  8. What a coincidence, I have the EXACT same daydream.

    I wonder if we’ll ever ‘dream-meet’ and if we do, will our frocks clash?

  9. I love it that even daydreams aren’t afraid to tell you ‘best new original screensplay’…tell her she’s dreaming…ah the serenity.

    And on a tangent note…my server at work blocked me from coming to read this blog…apparently, it contains forbidden content…

  10. ->-> Fellow NaBloPMo writer. I saw, I clicked, I read. I laughed, I bookmarked!

    Then I thought – I have such little day-dreams – like getting to work on time! I better start “super-sizing” them. Hopefully the calories won’t count!

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