We went to sunny Valencia on the weekend for the final race of the MotoGP season. This shot is just to establish how bloody hot it was out at the track.


There were 130,000 people in the crowd on Sunday and seven of them came up to me at various intervals as I was slapping on the sunscreen. They cupped their hands and asked in Spanish could they borrow a drop. Well I think that's what they said, it was all Blah blah blah por favor to me. But it was nice to play a small role in the prevention of a senseless peeled nose on a handsome Spanish face.


I basted myself so often that after the race I wasn't just crying because Valentino Rossi fell off his bike and lost the World Championship, but because my eyes were so flooded with chemicals a la Laboratoire Garnier. In other news, I turned 29 today. Two things happened: I woke up with an acne convention on my chin AND my friend Maghie gave me a gift pack of skin care products that included eye cream. EYE CREAM. My eyes grow old but my chin stubbornly remains in adolescence. Hmmm.

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28 thoughts on “Sunscreen

  1. actually i was quite happy that Nicky Hayden won the championship. He is a lovely Southern gent. And yes, I know naebody gives a shit about the MotoGP, sorry… πŸ™‚

  2. I hear you on the wrinkle/acne cream front. My father is 65 and still gets zits! I’m doomed. But…he also looks really young. I figure this is the tradeoff.

  3. 65!? no way. that is strangely reassuring tho, carolyn, thanks mate πŸ™‚

    crikey, better get to bed as i am getting to the age where beauty sleep becomes important. hehehehe!

  4. yeah, happy birthday, shauny. I am glad you modified your position on smug Rossi (who looks disturbingly like my step-son). I was so happy for Nicky Hayden and felt sorry for the sad australian winner who didn’t even get a name check.

  5. cheers you legends!

    anyresemblance – I couldn’t believe that either! Aussie Troy Bayliss, who will have to be the only person in history who wins the World Superbike Championship AND a MotoGP race in the same year, and nary a mention! Unbelievable.

    I was just gutted that Rossi fell off because we were expecting an epic battle of a race for the title, but after that it was bloody boring… Nicky cruising along safely (understandably) and all the other Hondas staying obediently behind him. But great rides from the Ducati boys.

    I do have a soft spot for wee Nicky though, he is just so passionate and puts his heart into in a complete non-cynical way. And he cried
    when he won and that gets me every time πŸ˜‰

  6. I have no idea what MotoGP (is that right?) is, but happy slightly belated birthday anyway. However, just wait for the wisdom that comes with age and helps you to deal with minor physical deformities and the other trials of life.

    Or not.

  7. Sorry, didn’ t mean to be anonymous there. The above commenter was me. Or, to be grammatical, I.

  8. Happy Birthday!

    I try to console myself that the trade-off for oily skin is fewer wrinkles, but it’s still annoying to be zitty at 26!

    Eye cream makes good lip moisturizer too. Just pretend it’s fancy chap stick.

  9. Happy Birthday!

    And HOLY HELL! That is one red person. Dangerously, boiling, heat-stroked red. Wow. Is that Dr. G?

    You can’t take peat bog dwellers in the sun! It’s too cruel.

  10. I care about the MotoGP. What a bloody disappointing end to a fantastic season. You know what I said – FACK! Just like Rossi πŸ™‚ When we watch GP we tend to talk about having-a a good-a reethym πŸ™‚ Headed down to Phillip Island again this year for GP. Next year heading to PI then to Malaysia to Sepang. 14 & 21 October, should be a good one.

    Going to be an interesting year….


  11. I’m in Perth Western Australia (though I was born in Buckinghamshire, England… I arrived on the sunny shores of Perth as a one year old with my parents). Having turn the BIG 40 this year I can attest that age is how you feel. I still feel 18 and get a shock when I look in the mirror at my ‘older’ self and how my skin on my hands has aged. And…. I still get the occassional pimple at 40.. but it does seem to be true that oiler skin means less wrinkles and a younger looking skin as a (eeek middle aged) women! I’ve been reading your blog for several years and always enjoy your style of writing and humour…. Happy 29th Birthday Shauny…. Cheers from down under! Sam (Samantha that is!)

  12. i tried the exaggerated lean that riders do when they go around a curve on my li’l cousin’s tricycle once…i’ll be sticking to the couch

    belated happy b’day!

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