What’s That Smell?

Have you caught a whiff of it too? The pungent stench of FAILURE?

Yes, my NaBloPoMo efforts have died in the arse. My site was out of action earlier this week due to a mysterious ailment but even before that I was already feeling ill at the prospect of coming up with another post. I was wandering the streets staring at mailboxes and bird shit and old grannies and takeaway curry joints, bleating pathetically, “Are you my blog entry?”.

And it got harder each day as it’s been getting dark earlier and earlier, so I had to squint at things.

I donated blood on Tuesday in the hope that something funny might happen, but nothing did. Except they didn’t have any tea. But that’s not funny, in fact it’s an outrage. What’s the point of bleeding if you don’t get a cuppa at the end of it? I had to settle for a Tunnocks Tea Cake, which was sickly and delicious.

So I think I will go back to my usual irregular sprouting off. I know it’s not really in the spirit of blogging, but I feel more comfortable with only piping up if/when the urge takes me. It’s hard enough to post once a week and convince people you’re not a boring bastard, but to do it every day you’re really sifting through the bottom of the budgie cage for material. NaNoWriMo on the other hand is trundling along nicely. Hurrah!

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7 thoughts on “What’s That Smell?

  1. Ooooh, let me know who you are on the Nano site (I’m ladymisstree, naturally). I’d love to see how you’re doing!

  2. it’s the opposite for me. nablopomo’s coming along beautifully, but nanowrimo’s not going quite as well. my internal editor refuses to be squished, sadly.

  3. Thank God there’s a blogger out there who has come to her senses!

    I, too, used to beat myself up over not posting more often, until I realized I was writing stuff that, were I to share it aloud at a party, would cause me to be standing very alone in a corner in no time!

    Stick with you gut feeling… then give us all the gory details about that feeling!

  4. Oh not to worry. While it’s a shame we can’t get a daily fix of Shauny, your approach of posting only when you have something to say is probably most sensible – keeps everyone wanting more. And good on you for keeping up with the NaNoWriMo. It was a big ask to do both.

    Now so far I have been a good little daily blog poster, however I have been writing and posting a load of tripe everyday. Even worse than usual. Especially after coming home from work tired and exhausted. I sometimes regret (non, je non regret rien!) the crap I have been posting later.

    I think this daily posting thing is best for those clever, witty folks who can write well within a small period of time (say 30 mins) and still leave room for a life of which to write about (although surely you are one of these people, no?), or for people who have not much else to do.

    I have also been making the effort this month to comment on more blogs that I read, which means I have been leaving my nonsensical crap in everybody else’s blog as well. But if I don’t post my first stream-of-consciousness reaction, then I don’t post at all, which means I remain a lurker – which is a bit antisocial really. Is it better to be a antisocial lurker or a crazy rambling comment hog? I am not sure. But I am going for the latter this month, just for a change!

  5. Even on the days when you’re “sifting through the bottom of the budgie cage for material” you are still much more entertaining than the realities of life here at work. Please, babble…even if you have nothing to say. It’s much better than listening to my cubical mates carry on… Anywhoo, Welcome Back!

  6. i too, am crap. i crumbled almost immediately and have backdated my posts, but really I am just a NaBloPloMo failure. And I didn’t even bother TRYING NaNoWriMo this year. Sigh…

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