2006: Blogs

This week in Blogland feels dead, like the non-ratings summer period you get on Australian telly where it's all Macgyver and M*A*S*H repeats. So while it is quiet I shall write about my favourite things from 2006. And there's nothing you can do to stop me!

First up: BLOGS.

There are so many sailors on the sea of blogs these days, how does one pluck a few favourites out of the water? I like a blogger with a strong voice and a sense of humour. I like reading about lives far removed from my own, or people who are opinionated where I am fluffy, or people who are good at things at which I am crap. I like bloggers who are far more intelligent than me, when I'm too scared to leave comments so just sit in awed silence. And sometimes most of all, I like to make the first cuppa of the day then sip and read about people cooking good things, while I wonder how long it is until I can reasonably eat my lunch.

Here's a few of my favourites this year, many of which were new. By new I don't necessarily mean new new. Just new to me, as I always seem to "discover" blogs miles after everyone else has.

The last blog is by writer Jenny Diski and among the gold found while stalking her archives was this:

"I am a woman of no substance. I've always said so, but people choose to believe that it's some charming conceit of mine. It's true that the brighter you shine the light on the grim truth, the more people laugh gaily and exclaim how witty, indeed how wonderful, you are. The more you explain that you aren't, that you are speaking the simple unedifying truth, the more they shake their heads in admiration."

Finally, here are Gareth's Top Blogs of 2006, as deduced by peeking at his laptop screen throughout the year. First he scans my blogs for typos and amusing comments, then maybe he'll see which one of us has the most friends on stinking MySpace, then sometimes he checks for fresh bitter and twistedness on True Wife Confessions and asks, "Is this one yours? Is this one yours!?".

And then he visits his favourite blogs:

Impeccable taste!

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9 thoughts on “2006: Blogs

  1. I signed up to myspace finally about 2 days ago (in order to leave someone else a comment) – I would add you, but you are beating dr. g, so I will add him instead!

  2. OMG Shauny! You and Will Anderson have befriended each other. You win, just for the status!!

    Alllllthooouuuggghhh… The Glasshouse is now over. =(

  3. Not sure whether to thank you or curse you! Suppose I’ll have to come out of hungover beach holiday mode and write something on the bloody blog now….
    Happy Hogmanay, and thanks.

  4. lizz – woohoo! he’ll be chuffed 🙂

    bindie – yeah, me and a bazilion others too! 🙂 that is the “magic” of myspace, hehe. i just don’t bloody get that site at all. i have a MySpace coz it’s the only way my wee brother and sister back in Oz seem to communicate these days. text messages and emails are far too old-fashioned!

  5. Just worked out why I’ve been getting so many visitors from your blog! Am I a dill or what? And btw, yay for another Kate Atkinson fan. I think you’ll really like the latest – One Good Turn – it has a bit of a Scottish connection I seem to recall.
    Have a grouse 2007. I look forward to many more chuckles from your blog.

  6. Oooh, aren’t I a lucky duck making Gareth’s list! 🙂

    Happy new yeeee-haaa, kids. Hope it rules the school. And it will.

    BTW: I read Behind the Scenes at the Museum about six months ago and absolutely loved it … YET couldn’t get into Emotionally Weird, which left me feeling a bit disappointed. I’ll try the others

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