2006: Sport

The longer I’m away from Australia the more obsessed I become with sport. I guess it’s a sad little way to feel closer to home.

Top Three Sporting Spectacles of 2006

3.  Commonwealth Games, March
For that one glorious day when Scotland topped the medal tally, for the hilarious lawn bowls commentary, and just for two wistful weeks watching beautiful Melbourne on the telly.

2.  World Cup, June/July
The highs! The lows! The weeks on the couch with barely a pause to bathe! I’ll never forget the joy of Australia v Croatia or the devastating kick in the guts that was Australia v Italy. And I will just gloss over that whole headbutting palaver and remember the most important lesson to be learned from the World Cup – that Zinedine Zidane looks much better without hair.

Zinedine Zindane
L: Non. R: Oui!

1.  MotoGP, The Entire 2006 Season
The day before the first race of the year started I almost wrote an entry BEGGING somebody, anybody; to tune in and give this sport a go in 2006. Share my joy, you bastards. But I didn’t, and World Champ Valentino Rossi crashed out on the first turn, kicking off the most spectacular, unpredictable, tense, action-packed season in history.

From the nailbiting finish at Mugello to Dani Pedrosa “taking out” his own teammate at the penultimate race, to Rossi’s devastating crash right in front of our stand at Valencia, there were many moments when I almost wept at being so bloody fortunate to witness the sheer brilliance of it all! Luckily Gareth bought me the Season Highlights DVD so I can relive it over and over like a sad git.

And Mothership, I apologise for being a little distant when you first arrived on my doorstep back in July; but it was right in the middle of a very exciting British GP.

Most Unspectacular Sporting Spectacle of 2006(07)

The Ashes
As I write this, I’m watching the English tail being killed off in the final test match. Or to be more accurate, I’m watching the radio coverage on the digital telly, which means just voices and a scoreboard. If you want moving pictures with your cricket over here you have to pay for Sky cable. Damn you, Rupert Murdoch! But the BBC’s radio commentary and nightly TV highlights were great, and their ball-by-ball live blogging action is always hilarious.

dust to dust!

79 sleeps until the 2007 MotoGP season starts.

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10 thoughts on “2006: Sport

  1. I used to like listening to the AFL grand final on ABC radio, Roy and HG live from the card table, it was brilliant.

    You’d get the telly on, seven nine or ten can not remember which channel, turn off the sound and ramp up the boys from the ABC.

    sausage sizzle and ice cold horrible VB, it’s traditional

    chortlage. ah bless.

    Pol x

  2. I couldn’t agree more about the hair. Zidane’s that is.
    I can’t decide if the hair makes him look more like Ben Affleck or Greg Wiggle.

  3. Hi Shauna,

    I’m glad I’m not the only girl in the world who seems to have an obsession with Motogp. I heard the devastating news about Rossi crashing out in the final race in Sydney heading from the airport to my workplace for the week, and I couldn’t believe it! It took me a couple of days to get over the fact that an American had won, and I still think it “just ain’t right!!”.
    My bf and I are heading off on the big OE in 6 months (we’re kiwis) and we plan on going to a lot of the racing action for Motogp and the Spanish GP. I was really hoping to make it to the 100th anniversary of the TT as well, but won’t be quite overseas then.
    Maybe we can meet up at one of the races somewhere along the way….
    🙂 Leos

  4. greg wiggle!!!!!!!!!! mwahhahaha 🙂

    ooh leo that sounds like a fab trip! you lucky ducks 🙂 we are thinking of going to brno this year, apparently it’s a great city. someday i’d love to go to laguna seca but it’s in july so the airfares are just im-bloody-possible. maybe i can convince gareth to go back to valencia yet again since it will coincide with my 30th birthday. hehehe…

  5. No cricket coverage on the TV? That’s criminal – and probably ought to be raised in Parliament!

    Of course, no self-respecting Englishman would really want to SEE it at the moment anyway… all too depressing for them, the poor loves.

  6. Shauna, being a Scot and all, I don’t suppose you could EXPLAIN cricket at some point could you?

    Don’t quite get motorsports (one always gets the idea that the stars are not IN the vehicles, lots of money involved… basically all the stuff I hate about The Beautiful Game and boxing seems to be the point of motorsports…?) although I sort of understand the TT – why aren’t you going to the Isle of Man? A fear of Manx? We all have that.

    I am in England so the football is neither Scottish nor German, so I get confused. They don’t show much minority sport on TV anymore, and you would think that with SKY stealing all the mainstream stuff that the BBC would get their act together and show shinty, volleyball, martial arts. But no. I used to LOVE sumo and kabaddi on Channal 4…

  7. donalda – i tend to agree with you about motorsports but it’s somehow different for the motorbikes. i like MotoGP because it’s the top of the tree with the best riders, but unlike the snotty gits of Formula One, these guys seem more accessible. you get to know all the riders, they’re like characters in a two-wheel soap opera. and each race is a new episode – each track has its own challenges, and you keep tuning in to see who’ll be fast and whose bike will go cactus or who will have a tantrum or a crash… it’s very addictive.

    I also love how basic it is, a bloke on a bike – you can see the expressions on their faces beneath their visor helmets; they’re not all remote like F1 drivers. i mean, it could be anyone inside a F1 car. And they just seem more human – they’ll be sitting on their bikes on the starting line five minutes before the race and are happy for Suzi Perry to walk up with a microphone and ask them how they fancy their chances. I love it! I mean can you imagine David Beckham getting interviewed five minutes before he walked onto the pitch?

    I also like the physicality of it. You see their knees scrape the track when they lean in for corners, you see their little bodies get flung off the bike when things go wrong. And the action is compelling – they actually RACE each other, not just rely on pit stops to change place like they do in F1. I dunno, it’s just more physical and daring and dangerous.

    the TT, however, doesn’t really interest me. since it’s just an annual mad race it doesn’t have that long, drawn out drama that i like. plus it just scares the shiiiite out of me, those tiny roads!

    as for cricket, i only got into it during the 2005 Ashes after years of thinking cricket sux. But Test match cricket appeals for the same reasons as MotoGP – it’s another soap opera. Albeit far less dangerous. You get to know the players and their quirks and since the test series goes on for a couple of months you get sucked in to the drama. And each five-day match is a story in itself, some of them are so full of tension and surprises.

    A blogger i read today, who i won’t link to as i think they’re tryig to keep their blog low-profile, wrote about how listening to cricket commentary is very calming. it just goes on for hours and you can put it on in the background and read a book or cook dinner and the lull of the commentary is incredibly soothing. and then if the action picks up you just scoot back in front of the couch 🙂

    i dunno, i just get sucked into any sport that has good stories. like the world cup, wimbledon… the ryder cup golf even got me briefly 🙂

    (sorry for the essay!)

  8. Hi Shauna, did you see Casey Stoner got married this weekend to his 18 year old sweetheart who he met at Philip Island when she asked him to autograph her tummy!

  9. Oh the BBC online coverage had me in stiches. I have a major ‘blog crush’ on the various writers – such wit.

  10. I’m a sports-mad food loving Australian who moved to Edinburgh in September (PhD student), and I just found your blog and wanted to introduce myself! It’s always nice to hear what other Aussies abroad are up to, particularly when they’re in the same place with apparently the same interests.

    The cricket has been rather anti-climactic, though in other sporting events I’ll remember the kick-in-the-guts loss to Italy for a very long time. (It was in the Observer Sports Monthly’s Top Fifty Sporting tragedies last week!) I suppose the sheer elation of the Croatia madhouse couldn’t last forever…

    My other enduring memory will be of my faithful friends texting me the score every five minutes in the AFL grand final – and the horrible final message that the Swans had lost by a point. (Yes, I’m from Sydney.)

    Anyway, hello! I’ll be dropping in from time to time.

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