2006: Television

Top Five Names For Telly Programmes In 2006

5.  The Seven-Year Old Surgeon (Five)

4.  The Spa of Embarrassing Illnesses (UKTV Style)

3.  Bus Pass Boob Jobs (Channel 4)

2.  The Man Whose Arms Exploded (Five)

1.  Careless Whiskers: The Unseen George Michael (Five)

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12 thoughts on “2006: Television

  1. Oh! I loved these long-winded docos (at least in title – content was oft light-on).

    I saw The Man Whose Arms Exploded and it wasn’t pretty! Bus Pass Boob Jobs fared a little better. ..


  2. Ah how I miss UK television.

    The best we got here in Oz was “Deal or No Deal”

    Careless Whiskers? That is freaking AWESOME

  3. The Man Whose Arms Exploded made it to US television. It’s one of those shows that when you watch it you aren’t sure who needs therapy more … the nut job on the screen or the nut job watching the show.

  4. aaaaaaaaaaaahhh those are real shows! I thought you made those up! I am horrified! I thought German television was bad…
    Hey, since the only “new” shows we get are copies of shows popular in the US or UK, let’s see how long it takes until we get Bus Pass Boob Jobs! (I wonder what they’ll call it… Senioren unter dem Skalpell, maybe)

  5. Hey Shauna, what happed to Kinco the 2005 Christmas Dog? Are you still his sponsor? Did you ever get to meet him? (You only have yourself to blame for these questions, those links to the side are great for catching posts you missed several years ago!)

  6. Totally unrelated comment but I was listening to Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite CD tonight…blisssssssss 😉

  7. Ali! Kenco is alive and well, haven’t got down to Darlington to meet him yet but he sent us a Xmas Card… looking a little older with some grey whiskers.. very cute 🙂

    aRRrghhhH must update blog tomorra.

  8. This can’t be real. Are these shows real?

    Damn, I’d be watching TV from morning til night if shows like that were available here.

  9. We had a great one over here last night called ‘The Woman Who Thinks Like A Cow’.

    Apparently being autistic means she can relate to cows in slaughter yards. Or something.

  10. I thought you were joshing us with those titles til I clicked on the links. I dream of the day that reality television is quarantined to one tiny channel.

    “The woman who thinks like a cow” was a treat (go SBS, you might have annoying adverts mid show now but you have great programming). The woman is autistic and the first one to be able to write a biography about how she sees the world. She’s found her niche in understanding animals and has made a living making the slaughter industry more humane. What’s more she has a really interesting satorial style.

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