2006: Top Three Phrases Used To Preface A Big Fart

3.   Pull My Finger (timeless classic)

2.   I Give You The Gift Of Fragrance

1.   For Your Consideration

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13 thoughts on “2006: Top Three Phrases Used To Preface A Big Fart

  1. A classic from my brother, to be used after the deed has been done:
    “Didja hear that Barking Spider?”

  2. My personal favorite, spoken by a proper southern U.S. girl after the deed was done…
    “a donkey spoke”

    I kid you not.

  3. ahh farts. why are they always so funny!? i was watching Shaun of the Dead last night and Shaun’s flatmate is farting away and he says, “I’ll stop doing them when you stop laughing.”

  4. I WISH Tim would give me the preface, instead I get the epilogue “damn ducks”. Heeehee! My mother used to always say “Who let fluffy off the chain?” Hoohaa!

  5. My boyfriend is very fond of wafting the stink cloud towards me, shouting “Smell my love!”.

    So romantic…

  6. MMMM. We love a good fart in this house. Actively encourage them in fact. I always preface mine by asking if you want to hear something funny…

  7. to anyone who ever tells you that farts are not funny, just watch a baby let rip and gurgle with mirth.

    The bub hasn’t been socialised, has had no cultural norms imprinted. They just know a good laugh when they hear one.

    Pol x

    pumpage ahoy!

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