Hog Wild

It is wild and windy oot there, folks. If you're heading into Edinburgh for the Hogmanay celebrations, good luck!

We're going to a party around the corner but I am fighting the urge to just stay in the bathrobe and read a book.

How was your 2006? Mine was a goodun and I'm looking forward to working hard and moving forward in 2007. Happy new year, folks!

To everyone back home, I really miss youse all.

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9 thoughts on “Hog Wild

  1. Happy New Year to you too, dearest!!!

    I miss you as well.

    So does B.

    Enjoy the party – wish I was there.


  2. Happy New Year babe!

    May your book be a bestseller and all your disgraces be private 😉

  3. Happy New Year, Shauna! We stayed at home, and judging by the reports, that was a good decision. I hope you had a great night.

  4. Happy New Year, Shauna! I’ve only attended Hogmanay once, back in 98/99, so I’d be happy just to relax in a bath and read a book:)

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