It is just too bloody easy to get out of a blogging rhythm, don't you think? As Homer Simpson says, "Never to do today what you can put off until tomorrow." I've been busy Thinking Thin on over yonder but now I've got to get back to the Cat. In the meantime, how the hell are you doing?

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20 thoughts on “Momentum

  1. well, i’m fine thanks, how about you?

    actually, i just got over the scariest cold ever, boosted by the fact that i couldn’t take any drugs for it. grrr.

  2. Well thanks for asking, I am going fabulously….
    lots of swimming and making art in the February heat.
    Why wasnt that glove white? I heard there was snow bucketing down in the uk and I had a brief pang of jealousy.

  3. Well, doing okay, I suppose. Blogging more than have for quite a while, whether it be of any quality is the million dollar question. I know I write for myself but I sometimes find myself standing in the shower thinking “Now I’m going to write this next time I blog and I’m going to word it like this ….” and I have great images of a post worth publishing and then . . …. I forget all of it and blog shit like “this is my kid, this is my fat foot or (one of your all time favourites) this is my giant blister on my little toe”.

  4. oh, you know… sweltering in weeks of awful 40 degree celcius heat, surrounded in the constant thick smoke haze of summer bush fires, watching the grass dry before my very eyes and wishing that it were winter. It is the only things I envy of you…. coldness and snow! Global warming be damned.

    Actually I am in very “Scots mode” at the moment as I have just re-read Diana Gabaldon’s books… the Outlander series ( and having spent the past 4 weeks thinking of ‘Red Jamie’ and speaking bits and pieces of part Gaelic and 18th Century Scot in my head when reading particular things. My husband would have made such a perfect Scotsman (he has the height for it and the ‘tongue’…. he has the accent down pat… I just love that Burrrr. Sexy as… and sends a shiver down me spine.

  5. Yay! You’re back!

    Just what I need as I sit on my death bed with…well, actually, not my death bed, more my flu bed…the flu.

    And the drugs aren’t working – although people have pointed that out regularly to me over the years.

    How the heck have I got the flu when it’s the warmest winter in years and I rarely go outside for more than 5 minutes at a time (note to self – get more fresh air. note to note to self – you’re in central London stupid, there isn’t any fresh air)?

    I don’t know whether I should wash my bed linen after this or burn them. Typhoid Scott.

    The flu has been good as a diet though – although my muscle tone (must have been a very quiet tone) has gone the way of my excess weight too.

    I’ll have to watch myself as I’m off home to NZ on holiday next month and I’m already dreaming of proper fish and chips (yes, I know you have better fish and chips in Scotland) and potato top pies. Mmmmmmmmmm.

    Aren’t you sorry you asked now??!!

    Scott F 🙂

  6. I’ve noticed there seems to be quite a general sparseness in the blogosphere recently. What’s going on?

    My excuse is I’ve been away, need to get back into it. Feel like I don’t have that much to say. Obviously there’s a great need to go out and get up to some exploits in order to blog about them! Bring it on.

  7. fifi – it snowed a wee bit the other day but melted very quickly. rather pathetic, really!

    scott and bushra – sorry to hear you’ve been out of commmission!

    and scott, i bet the fish and chips in nz are much better than the soggy old scots ones! don’t kill me, scottish people.

    The B – hmmm i dunno! it might just be coz it’s stinkin february and it’s cold and miserable in the top of the world and stinking hot in the south. or maybe after xmas and new year people working like DAWGS instead of blogging

  8. Rad! Rad! Rad!

    And yes, it is SO easy to drop the blog. I get all existential about it. Why am I blogging? Does anyone care? Why am I here? Why do we have little toes? :p

  9. I’ve been sulking.
    Guess who played a gig at my favourite pub in my hometown, only three days after I left to come back to where I live?
    Peter Coombe!
    And apparently he played all the old kiddies stuff, and all the thirty-something year olds were singing along and moshing to it…
    Boo hoo!

  10. I too have been a blogging slacker.

    I think people just get really busy at the beginning of the year because we have so many goals to accomplish…..and then we slowly fizzle out as time goes on.

  11. wait, the chips in scotland are soggy? ever since you wrote that post about the chip shop in fife i’ve always imagined scotland does the best fish and chips ever!

  12. oh there’s some good ones, like the one in wrote about in Anstruther. There are also lots of bad ones, where the chips are soggy and crap. but this is what some people prefer! so it depends on your taste.

    Personally i like my chips crispy on the outside and only fried once, not sitting soggy in a basket for a few hours then refried. like the chippie near our house – you go in for a fish supper and you’re out in 20 seconds! no waiting coz it’s all been done in advance and sitting round absorbing more oil. hehe.

    When i worked in a chippie back in oz, everything was cooked to order so it was always light and crispy. happy days 🙂

    Gareth ate a helluva lot of fish and chips during our trip to Oz – both posh cafes and your traditional cafes – and he liked the Oz ones heaps better. He might get lynched for that!

  13. awwww… yes, I got confused when I first went to Aberdeen and all my friends raved about chips which turned out to be damp and flaccid. My favourite chips in the whole world, though deeply bad for you, would have to be from the Khyber Pass on the Spital. Oh yes, soft and potatoey on the inside, crisp, crunchy and oily on the outside. Mmmmmmmmm… only Aberdeen would have its best chips available from an Indian restaurant. They did do great vegetable pakoras too though.

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