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Three years ago today, love was shiny and new and I could still barely make eye contact without blushing. I'd cleverly ranted and raved in advance about crappy overpriced Valentines flowers that only last a day, so I was chuffed when Gareth showed up on my doorstep with a plant. I christened him Duncan!


I've destroyed every other plant I've ever owned, including a trio of Unkillable Cactii. But Duncan has marched on and on, strong and unruly and rather primeval looking in his dinky pot that looks like it was crafted from the walls of a Swedish sauna.

I like to think his flourishing is some sort of symbol of our relationship, but to be honest it's more likely because Gareth remembers to water the poor bastard.


Happy V-Day, Doc!

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13 thoughts on “Where The Atmosphere Is Great

  1. Valentines Day. Bah. I loved walking around all the florists and seeing the look on their faces with my Anti Valentines Day T-shirt on, and when they’d ask me who I was buying the flowers for, I’d love seeing their faces fall when I said, “Its my friends birthday.” Its also probably the one day where I can put abusive , morbid stuff all over teh web whilst gaining sympathy rather than egg bombs.

  2. Ahh Shauna you make me laugh!!! The unkillable cactus – I have had about 10 of those. Each one I get with high hopes that this will be the one that I will not kill only to have those hopes dash a couple of months later when I grieve at the loss of yet another plant species in my house. Perhaps I should try this variety and see how we go!!!

  3. Yeah you are correct Kek….. It’s definately a Bird’s Nest Fern and native of Australia (which is “Asplenum” family.. not sure which exact one though) – they are moderately easy to grow and tolerates low light situations. Do not expose the plant to strong, direct sun (you probably won’t have problems there!) and keep the soil moist. Bird’s Nest Fern prefers higher humidity ( a spell in your bathroom near a window does wonders for it as its more humid there and it tends to stay more moist also!) and the leaves turn brown if exposed to drafts. Ideal temperatures are from 55 to 70 degrees F. Propagation is by spores (brown spore grows underneath fronds). Any fronds that die off are best trimmed off close to the base (stops it looking messy). I love Bird Nests… one of my favourite Aussie tropicals!

  4. I loved reading your Valentines Day of 3 years ago – hilarious stuff. Did Gareth know it was an Australian native plant? So thoughtful of him, if he did. Hope this year’s Valentines Day was more relaxed.

  5. I just asked him and he said he had no idea it was Australian – he just bought it coz he liked the look of it and thought the pot was cool 🙂

  6. Hello dearest

    So glad Duncan is a survivor and that Dr G gives such thoughtful pressies – much more enduring than flowers, I must say. (I do like to get flowers however)

    I just thought I would share my Valentine’s story with you. One of my students, a Year 4 boy of 9, came up to me on Valentine’s Day and gave me an envelope. Thinking he was returning various permission notes (and not wearing my glasses) I opened the envelope – inside a Valentine’s card with a teddy bear leaning over with a pencil writing ‘just for you’, ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ and ‘with love’ etc.

    Inside the message, “To Ms W – Just wanted to wish you the happiest Valentine’s Day ever – from your two littliest secret admirers”!!!!

    How cute…I melted, of course…how simple it is to make someone’s day. I asked the two boys to come over (he has little brother in Year 2) and said thank you – then told them they could have a hug, (both looked at each other) or a kiss (looks of shock now) or we could do ‘hi-five’. Hands up straight away! I guess that will change for them later…

    Love is grand…enjoy!

    Mothership XOXO

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