Today I became a dog owner again. For two whole hours!

Gareth and I were walking home this afternoon and as always I was commenting on every cute hound that went by and whinging, "I wish we could have a dog."

Two minutes later an orangey ball of fur whizzed across the road, narrowly dodging a bus.

There was no owner in sight. She just trotted along, pausing to pee on tyres. She was only a wee puppy and I had visions of her pancaked under a truck. Gareth chased her down the hill and managed to call her over. A tag hanging from her glittery pink collar said her name was Fudge. I called the phone number but there was no answer. So what else could we do? We left a message and carried her home.

And gave her a drink of water.

Then she dived onto the couch and nosed around in the cushions.

She poked her nose into the vegetable box.

Then examined the fridge.

And howled as Gareth played her some tunes.

She was so very cute. And so very stinky. And whiny. And yappy. I'd forgotten how high maintenance puppies are compared to slow and independent old hounds.

After awhile she calmed down and was content to wander round the flat. It was kinda nice having her around, the quiet pad of her feet and the constant snuffling of her wee nose.

But then there was a new sound. Crunch crunch crunch. She'd helped herself to a carrot from the vegie box and was scarfing it down, dirt clods and all!


Needless to say shortly after all that fibre, she was whining by the door. We made a makeshift leash out of string and took her outside. It's not often you pick up someone's shit after you've only known them half an hour.

Her grateful owner came home from work and discovered Fudge had escaped again. I handed over the hound and was happy to see them reunited, but now I'm feeling quite bereft. A carrot-eating canine would have been ideal for our pseudo-vegetarian household.

But we'd gotten too cosy too quick, already calling her "Fudgster" and "Fudgo". Gareth had even gone round to the corner shop and bought a tin of Pal Puppy Food (with Beef and Poultry!) just in case she had to stay late. I guess we're sorted for dinner then.

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18 thoughts on “Fudge

  1. Cuteness! My parents have had similar brief adventures in dog ownership, random runaway dogs wander into their garden and start swimming in the fishpond. They are a LOT of work though aren’t they?

    Could you get a cat? We have a brother-sister pair of cats that are very friendly and loving to us, and beat the crap out of each other on a daily basis. They’re highly entertaining.

  2. bwahah! i know bushra! i must look like a twat but the dog was so cute i had to TELL SOMEBODY 🙂 i knew this would happen.

  3. awww Shauny, my 12 year old cocker spaniel, Jasper, was put down two weeks ago. Sniff sniff.

    I miss him.

  4. What a cutie! Reminds me of when my friends all surreptiously fed our 8 lb. Yorkie carrots during a football game. When we added it up (6 baby carrotts in all), and then multiplied by weight, it was like us eating around 160 baby carrots. There was poop to pay for a couple of days, I’ll tell ya’.

  5. So this post has nothing to do with the cute little dog, but I have gotten a new job…you may remember me about a year ago I dropped of the face of the earth (I became an IT professional) and I was no longer at my desk all day…but now I have gone back to being an “Office Associate” i.e. secretary (can you believe to make more money?!?!), and I am at a desk all day…I had almost a year or catching up to do, so I have just gotten through WNP? And am about to go over to DG (where I first discovered your blog(s)), along a few other people blogs….but I just wanted you to know that I missed reading your blog and hope to start mine back up too… and just wanted to say “hi” in general and having reading you for days now (I was so very far behind) I have to say the idea of a book would be nice, but I am not sure if when I was done I would be sad that you wouldn’t be writing more a week later;)

    Glad to be back!

  6. Fudgemania! I had a similar experience lately and have had really strong yernings for fluffy company and to take care of someone ever since. I suspect old carrot chompin Fudgie will be missed.

    (Mmmm beef AND chicken… I wonder if that was pure luck of finding a cow that had just scarfed down a free range chook? )

  7. My dog, Gradus, loves carrots. And cucumber. He will help himself to blackberries, too. The only thing he doesn’t like is celery.

    Me being a vegetarian might indeed have something to do with it…

  8. Aw, puppy! Dogs really like fruit & vegetables, well my ones do. One of my dogs pulls cherries off the stalk if you hold them for him (then if you hold out your hand he’ll spit out the stone, charming). I used to put apple slices in the dogs’ water bowl and watch them bob for them. What? They exist for my entertainment.

  9. I had a dog that also loved vegetables. He really loved cabbage. Preferred it to rostbeef even. So I too think many dogs like vegetables.

  10. Fudge sure is a cutie! Next time she escapes you’ll at least know her name & how to entice her to come with you – keep a carrot in your pocket!
    My Aussie terrier used to love pineapple.

  11. Oh, I would love to someday have a dog, when I can get out of apartment living. Our cat does well right now though – and my old cat KB would attack anyone making green beans (from the tin or otherwise) to have her own bowl-full.

  12. Yes, she’s very cute, but in my opinion, kittens are cuter. Our son is waging a kitten campaign. I’m tempted. But it’s not very kind to leave little baby animals alone while one is at work. (This seems to point to retiral – what a good idea.)

    Maybe you could volunteer to Fudge-sit while her owner is at work?

  13. Ha! and I thought my OH was the only one soppy enough to buy pet food for an animal he doesn’t actually own.

    It was a local cat that had been frequenting our garden and mewling piteously. He was worried it was starving, but it turned out to be unrequited love. So we still have the tin of catfood.

    I’d admit to being a cat person, but that is a very fluffy puppy.

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