I Might Be In Heaven, I Might Be In Hell

Have you met the Friends for Life hounds? From the website: "Friends for Life recognises and celebrates the difference that dogs can make to their owners lives, be it through bravery, support or companionship." There's a video of the shortlisted doggies and I'm begging ye to watch it! It's only five minutes; much shorter than a MotoGP race. The must-see bit is at 4:10 where you will meet nine-year-old Nye Thomas. He fell thirty feet into a river and broke both his arms, but was rescued by his trusty dog Bud. Gareth and I have watched Nye about 25 times now. His accent makes me bust a gut every time, and he has an hilarious turn of phrase.

"When Bud rescued me I was like… ohhh, flip. This is one strong dog. I was just amazed. I mean, how is he pulling me up like? I'm nine, and he's only eight! If Bud wasn't there I might be in heaven, I might be in hell. I don't where I might be. I might be in a hostebal."


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8 thoughts on “I Might Be In Heaven, I Might Be In Hell

  1. oh,
    where do I GO to find children that speak like Nye?
    What kind of accent IS that ?

    I must vote for this doggy! How gorgeous!
    how brave!

  2. ganching – i know! they don’t care. after two years they make you prove that you’re still hitched. very tiresome and expensive process!

    fifi – he’s welsh! 🙂

  3. Oh someone mop up my melted heart! I just assumed Nye’s accent was going to be American, maybe from the deep south. It was soooo worth watching the vid just to here his little welsh voice. Someone push him back in the river, I want to hear more.

  4. oh i know, i love that kid. unfortunately he didn’t win, molly and the lovely old man took the prize. but nye won the battle of hearts! mwahaha.

  5. Thanks for posting this. Nye is adorable and so is the dog. I cannot believe that they weren’t the winners, I would have voted for them!

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