The Ultimate

Yesterday I finally tried a deep-fried Mars Bar, that notorious Scottish snack that no actual Scots seem to eat.

Friends have sung their artery-clogging praises and I've read their history on Wikipedia, yet they've always looked too turd-ish for my liking. But yesterday we met up with Jillian and Greg, our lovely friends from San Francisco, and they were keen to give them a whirl.


Although tempted by the Easter offering, we decided to share the original. Just 80p and we were on our way to deep-fried heaven.

Now you may think this looks bogging, but compared to the murky pictures on Wikipedia, this is Michelin material. Perhaps it was because we were in St Andrews and it's all bit posh up there, but our specimen was neat and handsome, cooked in clean oil with no black clumps of last weeks chips. The batter was light and crackly like the finest tempura. The Mars Bar was frozen, so its dip in the fryer made the innards hot and gooey while still retaining its shape.


The kind chippie man chopped it into four pieces and we dove in.

"Very nice!" said Greg.

"Very nice, but faintly fishy!" said Gareth.

"Very nice, but I couldn't eat a whole one!" said Jillian.

"Very nice, but I could do with a whole one. With a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side," said fatty-fatty fat guts Shauna.

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26 thoughts on “The Ultimate

  1. Oooh, I agree. A whole with ice-cream, mmmmmmm. That lovely thought shall sustain me through to knock off time in an hour!

  2. Shauna…I trully love you mate!!!!

    (you are so bringing two of those when you come. beg them to freeze them for you and put them in an ISO bag to carry in the plane! I will make you (with all organic ingredients of course) real vanilla ice cream…with….this is the best part…organic bourbon vanilla!!!!) and pink pepper. At 3 AM on Friday morning!!!)


    You thought I was kidding?? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Also delicious and similar to this, I think, is mars pieces stuffed inside a split banana wrapped in tin foil and heated on a grill. Beautiful. I had that for the first time last spring. You can almost convince yourself that it’s healthy because there is fruit involved ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. OK, I said I’d never try a deep-fried Mars bar…. but with vanilla ice cream on the side? Oh alright, if you insist.

    I’m cooking it myself though, no fishy-flavoured oil for me!

    So do Chinese restaurants in the UK do deep-fried ice cream? Or is that strictly a weird Aussie thing?

  5. I used to own a chippy and we used to sell deep fried Mars Bars… blummin things used to explode if not done carefully!

  6. I tried a deep-fried creme egg in Edinburgh last night, but in a different chippy I think. It was delicious!! Definitely a good choice. Although, the hot white creme dribbling down my chin was not such a good look!

  7. I had one of these for the first time not long ago. Not fishy at all, and dusted with cinnamon suger. Beautiful! Until I’d finished it and my heart started pounding wildly from the excessive sugar rush.

  8. Where the heck did you FIND this? We walked the WHOLE of Glasgow on honeymoon looking for deep-fried Mars bar and could’nae find a one! Bah! I guess you have to know where to look. :-p We were told the Blue Lagoon chippies did them, but no such luck! I am going to have to MAKE THEM MYSELF AT HOME!

  9. would you believe ive never ate one (i swear) since MARS sponsored the english world cup football team and didnt see anything wrong with ramming that down our throats…..

    their sales plummeted in scotland….. real radio couldnt even give them away punters walking by…

    folks seem to give it an exemption when deep fried tho….

    must admit, my favourite was when they were brick hard out the freezer… mmmm

  10. What a bargain! We paid a whole pound for one in Edinburgh last year (note that a small portion with chips was 2.00 and large one 2.30. Not sure whether it would have come with brown sauce or vinegar:)

  11. @ Jen: Bananas ARE healthy…

    @ Elaine: “hot white creme dribbling down my chin”… umm…. no comment!

    Hey fatty fat guts, there will be a blogmeet in May.. you coming?

  12. Ohhhh! I would’ve been ordering a whole one for myself with icecream AND a banana fritter!!!

    To answer Kek’s question: I asked for fried icecream in a Chinese takeaway in London and the look I was met with was “Are you loco in the coco?” In short, I think it’s an Aussie thing.

  13. I am sitting in my flat with Elaine of the ‘white creme dribbling down my chin’ fame, she is dying of embarassment realising what you must all think of her comment and I am killing myself laughing!
    Shauna, just recently found your blog, loving it! xx

  14. I’ve read this blog entry a few times, and you know i’m not the sensitive type, but I don’t like your “fatty-fatty fat guts Shauna” comment. It doesn’t sit well with me. You are not a fatty-fatty fat guts Shauna. You are a girl who has a sweet tooth. Stop putting yourself down, biarch! Otherwise, what is the point of a comments page for biarchezzz like me? ๐Ÿ˜›

  15. a phrase like ‘fatty-fatty fat guts’ is clearly not serious… i’m not putting myself down, just taking the mickey!

    these days my self-esteem is as healthy as my appetite ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. What can I say? I try to amuse with my ill-thought through comments! (and I succeed all too often!)

  17. Hello shauny, there actually used to be (and may still be) a place in Canberra that did deep fried mars bars. A pizza shop in Lyneham, I think. The name escapes me – it used to be colloquilly known by the name of the manager. Barbara’s, maybe??

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