Tomorrow! Tomorrow! You’re Only A Day Away!

After an agonising five-month wait, the 2007 MotoGP season starts tomorrow! If you're in the UK and you have a telly, it all cranks up at 11.30AM on BBC2. Seriously folks. The last season was the most wild and thrilling spectacle I'd ever witnessed. More exciting than say, being trapped naked in a tub of Nutella with Ed O'Brien from Radiohead. And 2007 is set to be a cracker, with Valentino Rossi on pole and looking to claw back the title he lost last year. To make things interesting, everyone is on new 800cc bikes that look to be even speedier than the old fellas. My grandmother used to be a hardcore rugby league fan; nothing would come between her and the Parramatta Eels. We showed up for a visit one Mother's Day and she made us all sit quietly in the kitchen and completely ignored us until half time. It's only now that I can understand her priorities. I've entered all the MotoGP dates into my diary and all social engagements, holidays and haircuts between now and November shall be arranged around the race calendar. So. If you have just 45 minutes to spare every couple of weeks, I urge you to give the two-wheeled soap opera a chance. There's plenty of characters and crashes and OVERTAKING, unlike those Formula 1 ponces. There's bimbo brolly girls and midget men in leather suits with horrible designs. Just give it a go, is all I'm saying. Somebody, share my joy!


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7 thoughts on “Tomorrow! Tomorrow! You’re Only A Day Away!

  1. Racing and rugby and more rugby. Excellent weekend.
    Talking about ham and the continental way of enjoying sport, we found ourselves in a sea of French fans at Twickenham and obliged to share their wine, which they squirted at us from huge leather bladders. The trick was to catch it in your mouth and swallow without choking. Our girls didn’t spill any. Funny that.
    Incidentally, one of the part-time brolly dollies is a full-time croupier. She hates being called a bimbo. But she is a bimbo, of course.

  2. No, for once you haven’t taken me along with you. Now, a weekend tidying up the garden; that would be fun. Still, each to his or her own.

  3. oh, you are a funny girl…
    sorry, but I cannae share your joy.

    I used to religiously watch the Tour de France from a prime vantage point on my exercise bike, pedalling away….

    World championship swimming is coming up soonish though. A nice little (welsh)swimmer is coming over from up your way, David Davies. A gorgeous person from what I can gather.
    I’ll be watching that!

  4. Oh, motorsport. I live quite near the Albert Park and I’m dreading next week. If I click on to some leather suity motorcycle men in the next few weeks I’ll be sure to give it a red hot go, but.

  5. How fabulous that an Australian won the race – first time in a while I would imagine 🙂

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