Lucky For Some

This blog turns the ripe old age of SEVEN today! Hurrah! It's crazy thinking of all the things that have happened over the last seven years and how this old girl kept rattling on throughout, sporadic and oft neglected. And it's now been five years since the last redesign. Here's a random list of Seven Things That Are In My Life Now That Weren't There Seven Years Ago.

  1. Green & Blacks
  2. Test Match Special
  3. MotoGP
  4. Mogwai
  5. Regular exercise
  6. Doctor G
  7. "Doctor" Gillian McKeith (and how I miss those innocent times)

How's about you?

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32 thoughts on “Lucky For Some

  1. And all us Fab people you’ve met via WMP πŸ˜‰

    btw Shauna I wanted to tell you – I found G&B in Safeway the other day! In Albury! It was amazing, but I couldn’t justify the cost when I could get 2 cadbury blocks for the same price and I am poor. But one day…

  2. me too with the WNP! didn’t have that before, didn’t have my own blog, didn’t have a mister, didn’t get on with sister #2 but i do now. that’s four, um, well. i didn’t have a lot before but i now i gots me a baby kicking and stretching inside me, when he or she shows up in august, i reckon i’ll have all i need!

    happy blog birthday shauna! you’re dead funny, y’know?

  3. ooh also, lizz, a lot of the supermarkets are stocking those green and blacks bars now, the BIG ONES and sometimes they knock a quid off the price. except the cherry one of course, why would my favourite G&B have to stay pricey???

  4. aw, gosh, has it been that long since I stuck your url on the menu bar so as I could compulsively read wnp at every minute of the day?

    I seem to have the same stuff, only transformed slightly. Bigger. Louder. More smelly, in some cases.

    May you continue to share your funny (and occasionally tear-inducing) take upon the world with us out here, for at least another 7 years.

  5. 1. A mortgage!
    2. A whizz-bang bicycle with disc brakes
    3. Copious amounts of Fair Trade coffee!
    4. My own office!!
    5. A niece!
    6. Friends who are actually English and not Australian backpackers
    7. Grey hair and crows feet

  6. I never saw the old version of WNP… but I remember reading an entry about when you changed the cat to the black version… what did the old cat look like?

  7. What a cool post:
    1. The name ‘writer’ in my job title
    2. a house (and mortgage)
    3. a degree
    4. Mogwai (the cat) Named after the wonderful scottish band, not the pre-watered gremlins.
    5. a degree
    6. an engagement ring
    7. blogs

  8. 1. alcohol (i’m 20)
    2. mobile phone
    3. high heels
    4. blogs
    5. a job (those were the days)
    6. university
    7. boys (went to an all girls-school)

    congrats on your anniversary!!! love wnp.

  9. Hello darling

    Seven Things That Are In My Life Now That Weren’t There Seven Years Ago:

    1. A son-in-law: that would be Dr G! (Great choice!)
    2. two daughters living overseas (sigh…)
    3. a phone bill that’s bigger than $300 per quarter (it’s worth it though)
    4. Principalship (enjoying the challenge)
    5. Exercise and enjoying it (miss it if I don’t do it)
    6. Travel overseas (about to do forth trip in July)
    7. the ’50s (don’t look it, don’t act it and love it!)
    8. Romance (ah, yes….)

    Gotta love the changes.


  10. Happy BlogDay WNP!

    Seven things I have now that I didn’t have then?

    1. A busted up old caravan
    2. The status of former homeowner and mortgage slave
    3. Half a 35 foot catamaran
    4. New friends in NSW
    5. Parents who both have new squeezes (hooray!)
    6. A blog
    7. A small secret ;o)

  11. Happy Birthday pussycat!

    Seven things that are in my life now…
    1. A freaking Sydney mortgage.
    2. My own bed, with a mattress off the floor and all!
    3. My Learners!
    4. 2 new front teeth.
    5. A boyfriend (we’ve been together a QUARTER of a year. Sounds so long no?)
    6. A healthy appreciation for dental floss.
    7. Shauny.

  12. Happy Birthday pussycat!

    Seven things that are in my life now…
    1. A freaking Sydney mortgage.
    2. My own bed, with a mattress off the floor and all!
    3. My Learners!
    4. 2 new front teeth.
    5. A boyfriend (we’ve been together a QUARTER of a year. Sounds so long no?)
    6. A healthy appreciation for dental floss.
    7. Shauny.

  13. happy birthday!

    1. a husband
    2. overseas travel
    3. 2 nieces & 2 nephews
    4. an ancestry visa (not long before we’re off!)
    5. university degree
    6. blogs
    7. laugh lines

  14. 1. Green and Black’s hot chocolate drink…mmm…just finished one now. *smaaack!*
    2. Ewen, my fiance. What a bloke!
    3. International travel!
    4. Marks & Spencer’s Extremely Chocolatey Chocolate Rolls! They have now left my life, sadly, not being available here in Sydney…
    5. Protein powder. Who knew what a difference increasing protein into my sad little vegetarian life would make?
    6. Grey hair
    7. Bloggin’.

  15. Seven years! Really? WOW, that’s awesome babe and I’m so glad to have crossed paths with you πŸ™‚

  16. Happy blogversary, Miss Shauny! And may there be many more.

    Things I have now that I didn’t have seven years ago:

    1. Six tattoos.
    2. A scholarship.
    3. An addiction to Shanghai Dumpling.
    4. Milan Kundera.
    5. A fine collection of impractical shoes.
    6. A degree.
    7. A house in Melbourne.

  17. happy Birthday WNP.

    Seven from me

    1. about 3stone. Where’d did that come from?

    2. Being in England.

    3. Not Smoking

    4. Being totally debt free

    5. Owning monster V8 Computer

    6. A sense of calm

    7. What’s New Pussycat

  18. Happy Blog Birthday! Don’t ever stop writing – I love reading your tales of life abroad, and especially your Aussie voice (I’m a Perthite in Germany)

    Just as a meta side note – it seems two of the things on your list, the de-bunker of Gillian McKeith from the Guardian story and the founder of Green and Blacks are in each others lives as well.

  19. 5 years since the last redesign? That’ s cracking recommendation for your design skills because it looks neither 5 years old nor in need of an update. Quite a coup.

  20. I remember with fondness the old orange cat πŸ™‚

    7 things in my life that weren’t there 7 years ago. Hmmmmmm…

    1. Husband. Technically, he was there because he was f-buddy at the time πŸ˜€
    2. Nephew. Awwww, so cute.
    3. An artistic streak. Whooda thunkit?
    4. An appreciation for good chocolate that has killed my tastebuds for bad.
    5. A block of land in Tasmania
    6. Fibre. I too have learned the joys of adding 2 tablespoons of Benefibre to my Berocca every morning!
    7. Seven years worth of WNP!

  21. 1. Not only WNP and the Wonderful Shauny, but my own blog didn’t exist!
    2. My gorgeous cats
    3. Rob Szabo, Lindy, Peter Katz, and many of the incredible Canadian indie musicians that have become my good friends in the past few years
    4. My best friend Emma
    5. Did I mention my cats?
    6. The bad stuff – there was no need for the scooter, wheelchair and walker I have now
    7. My latte addiction

    Happy anniversary WNP! xo

  22. Happy Anniversary πŸ™‚

    Seven Things That Are In My Life Now That Weren’t There Seven Years Ago.

    1. My baby boy
    2. My husband
    3. My bimbo of a cat
    4. My apartment
    5. My closest 2 friends
    6. Blogging (reading, writing, you name it)
    7. Knitting

  23. Ok here goes…
    1. A spouse, and hence
    2. a spousal work visa, which has lead to
    3. a travel blog and
    4. a job in publishing, while living in
    5. a (rented) flat in London, where I am trying to shed
    6. those extra pesky kilos we seem to gain in
    7. the last years of our twenties

  24. Hmmm seven things?

    1. WNP – obviously
    2. my blog
    3. my husband
    4. my son
    5. dual citizenship
    6. a confused bi-lingual brain
    7. a house + chooks

  25. Green and Blacks…is that an ancient Whiskey?????
    TMS I can understand…cricket, teh greatest game in the world
    MotoGP…my kids love it on Playstationj lol
    and Doctor…I hope thats you…well done

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