Slackarse Rides Again

Once again I seem to have half a dozen half-finished entries that are all rubbish. At least I have a good excuse today – I'm dog sitting! It was a dog sitting emergency. They belong to the parents of a friend of Gareth's and they arrived at 6AM this morning. I don't even know their names! They just sit on the couch shivering and staring at me with saucer eyes. They didn't even try to steal my lunch. Strange hounds. But cute.

Wee Dugs

UPDATE:  Turns out the wee dugs are called Toby and Tibby. They're brother and sister and a crusty twelve years old. As the day wore on they got a lot more animated and friendly, even after we dragged them up a hill for a two-hour walk in the pouring bloody rain. They've gone home now but have their memory lingers thanks to the 10,000,000 white hairs now coating every surface of our flat and car.

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19 thoughts on “Slackarse Rides Again

  1. I want to read the ‘rubbish’ stop being so perfect and publish!

    P.S Nice dogs.

    P.P.S I hope I don’t sound rude.

    P.P.P.S I was sick of seeing ‘The North’ on my rss thingy.

  2. awww, sorry jude! surely The North would have disappeared off your RSS thingy once you’d read it?

    anyway, it’s not about perfection! i’m just too bloody LAZY to finish them. there’s sleep to be slept, hills to climb, tennis to watch. okay, tennis rain delays to watch 😛

  3. Hahahah on my ‘non fatty’ blog, there hasn’t been an update since MARCH – yet there are oodles of posts in draft, and when I go to look at them I go, “Eh? I don’t remember any of this :-S”

    And them dogs with their saucer eyes. Pity you can’t use them to serve tea to any just-dropped-in guests.

  4. Oh yes, the perils of having WHITE animals. Not only do I have a white tacobell dog, I also have a white bunny. Why do I keep doing this to myself?

    And this is belated.. but OMG, Puffins are real? I always thought they were made up, or extinct, or only on the back of Aussie books or something. That’s awesome!

  5. Those dogs are so cute! I haven’t had a dog since childhood, due to the impracticalities of working and living in a flat, but I miss having one – would love to dog sit if I could!

  6. what about the doggy smell? i miss doggy smell especially the paws…

    and her floppy ears… i used to play with her ears for hours the way girls twirl hair round their fingers.

  7. They look like Jack Russell Terriers… great little dogs! I had one named Snoopy (how original, give me a break I was only 3) and she was one of the best dogs we ever had. They are VERY good at the “saucer eye” technique!

  8. Ahh, gorgeous little dogs. Got one myself, but he’s a “pudding” (short legged) Jack Russell. Those are long legged little fiesty ones you were looking after. Unfortunately, you may never ever get rid of all that white hair. It is just impossible to even vacuum up every trace of it. LOL. But they would have to be one of the best dogs out!

  9. I only have animals that match my clothes. Eeep. But I guess you can’t help it if you’re dogsitting.

  10. As much as I like doggies, those little white hairs linger FOREVER. I moved out of a house 2 months ago and those white hairs?
    yep…still in my THROAT.


  11. I’m a hopeless dog lover. I know this because the hair doesn’t even bother me. Also I love the smell( at least dry) and I totally agree with the ear thing. There just so soft , that rubbing them is like therapy. Without the cost and the annoying therapist.

  12. Do Toby and Tibby know their names? They’re rather similar, and I’m trying to imagine them in an Australian accent.

    Maybe we could call our kittens Tabby and Tubby? They pay no attention to our attempts at discipline anyway so it wouldn’t make any difference what we called them.

  13. hehhe, yes alyndabear, puffins are real! and they’re spectacular 🙂

    thanks for the comments, lovelies. i’ve just got back home after five days away so not sure if Gareth has cleaned the dog hairs off the back seat of the car yet, the poor bastard!

  14. what enchanting little hounds, what timorous beasties….

    btw, re the Poo’s Love show, wouldn’t watch it unless I were paid a large sum of money, but apparently Sea Patrol outranked it by a bazillion
    viewers, so much so that its paucity of viewers was commented upon by the Herald. Hah!

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