Oh lordy. It's 1AM here in Chicago, 7AM back home. I'm over for the BlogHer conference thingy and I'm having a bloody great time, despite ongoing jetlag delirium! I keep spontaneously bellowing "SPRING BREAK!" and if I was back home I'd have been clobbered by now.

So much to say, but first and foremost after six years of sterling internet friendship I finally met the foxy vixen SJ of I, Asshole. Actually she is snoozing here beside me, and even though there's nowt but the Powerbook glow in the room, her red red hair is still a glowin'.

I'm com-bloody-pletely overwhelmed by all the bazillions of chicks I've met over the past few days and all the things they write about. I will talk more about those on DG tomorrow. But Blogland just got a whole lot bigger and much wee-er at the same time. I feel so fired up to just write and talk and do more stuff. I've met some real blogging heroes o' mine and some brilliant new people too, such as my other roomate Liz who is typing the night away too. I've never felt so gloriously geeky. Rock n roll.

I miss you Doc!

Oh yeah, just one more thing. Perhaps I am curmudgeonly these days, but when did it become okay to TALK WHILE THE TEACHER IS TALKING? Or in this case, talk while the blog panel people are talking. If you want to chitty chat, that's lovely. But why not do it outwith the panel, and spare the chairs for those who really want to be there in the panel moment. Manners, people!

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14 thoughts on “VagFest

  1. The title says it all. Pure class.
    I am extremely jealous, and If I ever peer out from my world of writing about cranes/boats/and tunnels and venture into the blogsphere myself (instead of lurking), then I will one day be there too.

  2. Ahh, now if I read your blog earlier, I’d have known why you were in Chicago! I love the name, Vagfest and it sounds like a really great place to meet.

    I’m with you and manners, quiet people or leave the damn room. It’s like when watching a band too.

  3. Oh, it all sounds so cool. Wish I was there… though the jetlag doesn’t sound so great.

  4. I’ve been lurking for the better part of a year…LOVE your blog, and I attended BlogHer in Second Life…to think we crossed virtual paths!!!


  5. Crazy, I’m totally stalking you. I’ve gone through the SJ route to WNPC and then through some fitness type bloggers led me to DietGirl and at some point I though ‘doh, you’re the SAME person’. I look forward to reading the vagfest wrap-up.

  6. I CAAAANNNOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT believe that you just wrote asking ‘when did it become ok to talk while the teacher is talking?’ Holy CRAP I have been asking myself the same question!

    I went to an inservice day where you got to CHOOSE what talks you went to. In a room of 10 people, 5 talked amongst themselves while the speaker struggled on.

    Oh, and the worse part?

    I. AM. A. TEACHER! And so were these other muppets! HERRO? Is that not your pet hate while you are trying to teach? Since then, I’ve notices it everywhere – seemingly educated people whose job it is to control the gobs of teenagers all day, chatting during assembly, staff meetings and student presentations.


  7. tis true crank… seems to happen a lot these days (yes, i am 100 years old;) i kept thinking WHY bother coming if you just want to chat to your pals? piss off and let someone else have your seat. grrrrrrrrr.


  8. I just claps me hands in their faces and says

    shoosh up now, shoosh

    (which renders them silent in case the crazy woman does it again.)

  9. In the interests of possibly restoring my role as a frenetic, febrile, and quite controversial commentator, I must quibble over the sobriquet “Vagfest.” The noun sounds distressingly like one of those sordid masquerades committed in motel rooms (so I hear!), where various participants hide all features from their fellow associates save their lower anatomy and an intellectual discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of each individual’s respective labial offerings are compared and contrasted and written up in a conference paper addressed to a group of hoary-headed intellectuals.

    Mind you, understanding the vagina might very well lead, in a rather protracted and divagating manner, to a newfound offering of world peace — assuming that those concerned with this noun, don’t hear the word “piece” as substitute and then begin consulting with their neighbors, “Hey, I’d like a piece of that, to facilitate my understanding of ‘world piece.'”

    “World peace, did you say?”

    “Yeah. It starts with that mighty vagina right there. That’s one piece worth pursuing.”

    “But peace involves all humans coming together for tranquility.”

    “Rest assured, she and I WILL come together for tranquility, joy, the like. The world will spin in circles! The earth will shake! The cosmos will spin around! Hubba hubba!”

    “Don’t you think you’re overthinking this? We’re here to study this momentous anatomical part of womanhood.”

    And then there is a rather embarrassing moment in which “piece” and “peace” are cleared up, and the concerned parties begin singing the time-honored Bonnie Tyler lyrics.

    So you see — one tiny misstep from the true terminology and trouble ensues!

  10. OMG – I’m in a course right now for TEACHER’S COLLEGE and people just WON’T SHUT UP!

    It’s so embarassing, honest to God… today I almost lost it on some people. Four conversations were going on while he was talking. It was our first day with this prof and eventually he said, “Okay – who is teaching the class? Me or you? Is it okay for you to be talking during my class? No – I don’t think so. If you don’t like it, go out the door and just don’t come back. Would it be appropriate for kids in your classroom to talk? Would you stand for it? Why should I then? You wouldn’t let kids do it, so why should I let you?”

    I wanted to shout, AMEN BROTHER!

    Glad I’m not the only one who feels that way. People have just lost their manners so much… it’s embarassing. Our society is going down-hill in many aspects….

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