Vale Kenco

Dear departed Kenco

I promise this blog isn't turning into What's New Dawg, but people often ask me about my wee pretend dog Kenco, who Gareth sponsored for a Christmas 2005 gift through the Dogs Trust. I'm sad to report that I got a letter to say that Kenco has passed away.

They say he was a boisterous hound. Loved: Football. Hated: Being disturbed while eating. I only wish I'd met him; clearly we had a lot in common.

I always imagined he'd be a real sweetie until I saw this photo of him earlier this year:

Kenco avec bone

Doesn't he look like a rocket? A real little scrapper. Somehow those fangs and manic eyes made me love him even more. So it almost seemed appropriate that he died in a fight. Well, they called it "a quarrel with one his kennel mates" in the letter, but I like to think it was some kind of canine turf war. He was rushed to the vets but had suffered from internal injuries so they made the difficult decision to put him to sleep.

As you can see from the tributes on his page on, he was a popular boy. I dare you not to get hopelessly hooked on that website, it's like a four-legged Facebook!

So Kenco will be missed, but there are other hounds in need of virtual friends. They've transferred our sponsorship to a dog called Peter Pan (Loves: Squeaky toys. Hates: Other dogs) and he looks almost as cheeky.

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15 thoughts on “Vale Kenco

  1. Awwwwww… RIP in the big white field with tennis balls and bones in the sky Kenco. Say hello to a couple of my old doggie mates up there too, OK. *teary sniff*

  2. Awwwww… my old pooch Ziegler who’s 14 years old had a stroke last Friday… I almost lost him! He’s ok for now, but has some neurological damage so his back legs are very wobbly and week… but he’s still Happy Dog, not in any pain, and can get around fine so he seems to be out of the woods for now… but basically any day now he could suffer a massive stroke and be gone in a flash. Still… he’s had a good life… from being a boney half-starved mangy stray to a pudgy, lazy dog who has his own room with his own couch and tv equipped with cable so he can tune into Animal Planet channel… plus he gets hand fed a slice of cheese every evening… Boy… I should live such a cushy life!

  3. Aw, RIP Kenco. That photo of him is tops! Love that ‘don’t fuck with me and mah squeaky bone!’ look in his eyes.

    Burning question though: just how many sponsors did this wee pooch have? judging by the tributes on Doggysnaps there were quite a few. Does Dogs Trust have some sort of scam going on the sponsorship deals, or are exclusive sponsorship rights too much to expect for a quid a week in this day and age ? 😛

  4. oh and PS. Just saw a dog called ‘Podge’ on the Dogs Trust site. How could you not love a puppy with a name like that, heh.

  5. Aww… he looks just like a JR should look! As a dog mad woman I can fully appreciate how you felt about him, even though you never met him. It’s nice that there are people like you who are willing to sponsor a dog like him… his life was undoubtedly made so much better for the love you gave him.

  6. Sorry if you’ve already covered this elsewhere on your blog, but.. why can’t you have a dog for real? (Apartment?)

    Our Maggie is a big girl’s blouse but when she grins and reveals her glorious teeth she looks downright dangerous. It’s not so though.

  7. cheers comrades!

    Helen – yep, just a wee flat. hopefully one day we’ll have a back yard 🙂

    Kimba – I know! I was miffed at first; felt like the part owner of a racehorse. but i guess £1 per day only goes so far 😛

    And PODGE is so cute!

    Gracie – Oh no! Sorry to hear about Ziegler, hope he’s doing okay. I like the idea of a daily hunk of cheese. Hehhhhehehe.

  8. Helen- Help a yank out. What is a big girls blouse?
    Shauna- I didn’t even know about doggy snaps, but I got right on it and put the big dog on. Chocolate lab named Dexter. A spoiled brat from Minnesota.

  9. Hi from an infrequent postee/poster (?) but regular reader!
    I had a hound that looked just like Kenco ( more brown blobs than black) and Topsy was her name O . She was the sweetest thing until she saw another dog (other than her dog family at home);
    she would attack anything, the bigger the better, it was a scary experience trying to take Topsy for a walk, no one would want to tackle a doberman to save their dog.
    Pehaps Kenco had a similair temperment?

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