Hello folks. My lovely webhosts upgraded me to Movable Type v4 last week and I've only just noticed that everything is cactus now. Something is up with the comment templates and I have no idea how to fix it. And I was feeling pouty because noone was commenting, but turns out comments have been received, just not published. ARRRGH. Help. Bollocks. I'll try and sort it today.

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8 thoughts on “Screwed

  1. Or it _could_ have been that we were still reading, but were struck dumb by your eloquence.

    It wasn’t, obviously. But it could’ve been.

    “Everything is cactus?”

  2. I was fooling around with MT4 this weekend, and it wasn’t working quite properly for me either. I’m glad I tested it before just upgrading blindly. It also seems like they’ve just gone and made it more like WordPress which is another blogging program.

  3. I just reread my comment and I wanted to add that I know you didn’t upgrade to MT4 yourself, so I know it’s not your fault. I reread that and it sounded vaguely like an insult, like I was saying, “That silly Shauna upgrading her blogging platform without thourough testing!” Which is not what I meant, and I’ll just shut up now.

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