Under the Covers

You just cannae walk into a bookshop these days without tripping over a lady looking over shoulder in her undies or similar scanty garment!


(See also: Abby and Manhattan Call Girl for earlier examples)

Recently the publisher Headline repackaged a bunch of Jane Austen classics with fluffy pastel covers, “designed to appeal to women put off by the idea of reading a 19th century writer”. But if they really wanted to shift some units I reckon they should have put Lizzy Bennett in some ye olde frilly knickers, gazing coyly o’er shoulder. Or maybe Mr Darcy in tiny shorts. Now I’d pay for that in hardback.

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16 thoughts on “Under the Covers

  1. Let them miss out. There are plenty of us who love Emma and Lizzie and Anne and the rest.

    Loved “Becoming Jane Austen” and am looking forward to the “Jane Austen Book Club” movie.

    I would love to have someone stumble onto three or four more manuscripts by dear J.A. buried in a cellar somewhere.

  2. Interesting, that. Never considered myself particularly drawn to books displaying women in their undergarments on the cover.

    Hmmm…Colin Firth and Matthew McFadyen…must see that again.

  3. I’ve always been attracted to the pocket sized, old editions with the slightly faded gold edged pages and embossed covers.
    Always willing to look at ideas involving Colin Firth though.

  4. No way I would be seen dead reading one of the undies books! I used to feel embarrassed about reading the early Discworld books with the Josh Kirby covers in public…

    Maybe it is senseless prejudice, but I’ve always gone by the rule that if the cover of the book has pink as the main accent colour, it isn’t going to be my kind of thing. As far as “guilty pleasures” reading is concerned, I insist on spaceships.

    As for Mr Darcy… I’d rather have Henry Tilney, I think. At least we’d have the same taste in books.

  5. I dunno about all this undergarment books.

    You should read Grace Dent, no matter where you see her name as she is just bloody marvellous.

    Also, The Further Memoirs of a London Call girl?

    Monday the 4th.

    Got pumped by strangers for Crack

    Tuesday the 5th.

    Got pumped by strangers for Crack

    Wednesday the 6th.

    Got pumped by strangers for Crack

    etc etc

  6. Now you know what to put on the cover of your book: Shauna in her frilly knicks, tossing her auburn mane and eating some organic veg.

  7. Ohhh Mr Darcy!! No one could possibly be better than Colin Firth!! I did like Matthew McF but thought he was a touch too wimpy as for reading one of the pastel books in public, no way Jose!! That would be up there with reading Janet Evanovich – ugh!

  8. Colin Firth – yummo!! Wonderful example of male there 🙂

    How is your book going DJ?? Any progress of late??

  9. Just a few short months ago you couldn’t move without knocking over a dozen books showing a woman’s legs and feet in high-heeled shoes.

  10. ooooh no tiny shorts needed for Mr Darcy – just the wet shirt, and the intense eyes, gazing across a room, as Elizabeth rescues his sister over by the piano…

    Pause button? Me?

  11. I had noticed a similar trend here (Oz) going through a few of last year’s Reader’s Feast catalogues (I use them in a collage/sculpture hybrids).
    Am currently reading P&P with a nice classic painting of 2 lovely ladies in Empire evening dresses, possibly at a piano. It’s making a pretty bedside table decoration at the very slow rate I’m reading it!

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