Crazy Buses of Europe

In the tradition of Abandoned Gloves of Scotland, I present another of my failed photo gallery projects today – Crazy Buses of Europe.

It all began in 2003 when Rhi and I embarked on our first continental jaunt, to Paris. We went out to Versailles and instead of being awed by the honking huge palace I was awed by the squadrons of tour coaches parked out the front. They were bold and daggy like 80s album covers, with senior citizens gently tumbling out their doors.

But as we ventured further I soon realised that pretty much all buses look crazy in Europe, so I abandoned my mission.

Palace of Versailles, 2003.

Edinburgh Tattoo, August 2003

Copenhagen, June 2004

John o Groats, July 2004

St Petersburg, June 2004

Druskininkai, Lithuania, September 2004

Stockholm, June 2004

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13 thoughts on “Crazy Buses of Europe

  1. There’s an old painted combi I see around Byron Bay painted with, “Granny says only floss the teeth you want to keep”.
    Maybe I’m easily amused…

  2. I love the idea of pensioners “gently tumbling” out of buses… though come to think of it, I’m only 3 years from being a pensioner myself, so shouldn’t laugh.

  3. My favourite was one I saw in Amsterdam. It had the name of the bus company splayed across the side in flamboyant fluro writing: FUCKER REISEN

  4. ha!

    well, you managed to keep me off the buses, though I say I’d probably belong on the bastad bus.

    I’ve seen that fucker reisen bus, in Paris!

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