Cheers, Big Ears

Thanks everyone for all the rockin' comments lately, whether it be New York tips, computer expertise or book-related kindness. Now here, have a Mutant Cookie!

Mutant Cookies

When I walked through the door after work on Monday I was smacked in the gob by a wonderfully melty chocolate smell – Gareth had been baking! What a gem. He said he didn't space the cookies out on the tray so they turned into a conjoined megacookie (cf my megaAnzacs of 2005!) but they were heavenly. Crunchy on the outside, chewy in the middle; just the way I likes 'em.

Anyway… thanks again everyone for your supreme helpfulness. Now I've got to blast the cobwebs off this blog. I was running around like a mad chook last week with New Job Freakouts and deadline angst but I'm determined this one is going to be Calm The Hell Down Week. Hope you have a goodun, too.

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5 thoughts on “Cheers, Big Ears

  1. Oooh, does this mean more recipe stuff? I was thinking about ‘Cooking with ginger’ today because I will always be in your debt for that ‘how the hell do I get rid of my cabbage’ recipe that I now worship as a God. Hail! Cabbage!

  2. he’s a gem aint he!
    nothing beats the giant tray of cookieness… who can honestly say they can make a perfectly round cookie!

  3. Reminds me of the time the youngest (I think she was about 8 at the time) decided to bake a cake, except the only baking dish she had ever seen us use was the cookie sheet! somehow, I don’t know how, she managed to keep it all on the cookie sheet. She was pretty upset when it came out and looked like a giant mutant amoeba from a Saturday morning cartoon … but it was bloody delicious!

    That episode taught me that if it looks like crap but smells good, shut yer eyes, dummy!

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