Terrible Lizards

New York – Day Two

This afternoon we happened along past a bank surrounded by cops and yellow tape. Oh my heart leapt with joy and delicious anticipation, because surely just around the corner lurked Ice-T, wrestling some fella to the ground while grunting, "I got the perp, Chief."

Ice T, motherfuckers

You know what, I am really pished right now. Drunk, steamin, trollied, etc. Another night of gooood food and wine and company. I am bubbling over with good feeling about the world so I am just going to keep tip-tap-typing while the good feeling persists then post this later.

It's 2AM, 7AM back home. Gareth is fast asleep and looks positively angelic.

Today we walked down the road to Central Park in the rain and noted that New York squirrels are considerably leaner and more spritely than the Scottish squirrels doon the park near our house. They mustn't be eating enough chips!


Then we spent the whole darn day in the Museum of Natural History. Delicately stuffed birds and human skulls from throughout the ages. It was overwhelming and exhilarating, just thinking about all the wacky species and history crammed into our wee blue planet. I had to have a sit-down like a little old lady, gawking up at the model of a blue whale.


The dinosaurs were excellent. I love that in this modern age of technology and special effects and tiny attention spans, people are still enthralled and humbled by dinosaur skeletons.

I have a soft spot for the pterodactyls. I had this lever arch folder in high school, that's binder to you Americans. The paper was peeling off and I couldn't resist picking away at it over the term, until all that was left was an abstract, pterodactyl-ish shape. After that I was a bit pterodactyl obsessed and drew cartoons of them all the time, including once on the blackboard while the teacher was out of the room. He caught me with the chalk hovering mid-air and sent me outside. It was just weeks before our graduation. I stood outside the classroom; looking around the block at other bad kids who'd been sent out of other classrooms. They kicked the brick walls and looked sullen but I grinned like a dorkosaurus, wishing I hadn't waited so long to do something stupid. It was that same juvenile giddiness in the Hall o' Dinosaurs today, being somewhere you never thought you'd be.

Terry D

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8 thoughts on “Terrible Lizards

  1. You MUST come back after we move back! You are killing me with your good (drunken) times (especially given my condition) had without us! I’m so jealous, but so happy you’re having fun in my soon-to-be-new-home. 🙂

  2. You make more sense drunk than I do sober! Seeing whale skeletons always reminds me of my late grandad. He had been a sailor, including a long stint on the whaling ships. He used to take me as a child to the Royal Museum in Chambers Street in Edinburgh and tell that he caught the whale whose skeleton is suspended above the central hall. I believed him, of course and always pitied the other kids in the Museum whose grandads weren’t so cool! Mind you, when I used to visit his house in Newhaven, he used to point to Fife just across the Forth and tell me it was England. I believed that too.

  3. I love how the dopey old ‘Saur is a grinning loon, whilst the Pterodactyl has decided to forego the photo session and is making a swooping attempt to escape via the clearly marked exit. Yay Pterodactyl!

    Does your love of pterodactyls have anything to do with the word polydactyl? I am certain I would never remember the word for me if it wasn’t the mad old dinosaur chicken.

    LOVING that photo.

  4. I love your pterodactyl story (I had a similar moose motif going when I was in senior school… though I never drew any on blackboards. A friend of mine did, though.)

  5. You got sent out of the room for drawing a pterodactyl on the blackboard? My students draw dicks on the whiteboard and all I do is roll my eyes …

  6. Brilliant shauna .. as usual…

    ive seen the dusty whale up in the chambers street museum… cool… didnt know loth’s grandad was the one who caught it.. what about the whales jawbone at north berwick did he get that one?

    i liked the ‘electric machines’ best tho.. you press the button and they move.. was cool..oh and the vandergraf generator ..hehe

    my ‘claim to fame’ is catchin the tail of one of the Koi carp outside in the ponds.. they come over if you splash gently.. looking for food.. it was the biggest one there… what a splash till it struggled free..

    *everybody looking*

    they chuck coins in there too.. till someone said the fish were being harmed by copper poisoning

    have nice holiday..

  7. I was at the museum last month (on my first trip to NY, as a matter of fact) and I was awestruck by the blue whale model too. It was awesome. It sounds like you are having a great time. Enjoy!

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