Three Oh

Thirty rhymes with dirty, flirty and shirty and that's my official age now. Woohoo!

Last night we reluctantly boarded the flight back to Edinburgh at 7.40PM New York time, which happened to be 10.40AM on November 1st back in beloved Australia — spookily, the precise time I disembarked The Mothership back in 1977.

If I had enough energy I'd write a proper post prattling on about this magnificient milestone, and how everyone keeps reassuring me that their thirties have been their dazzling prime. Instead I've been frowning at this wee tube of anti-aging creme that the kind folks at Liz Earle Skincare chucked in for free with my latest order.

I also looked back at each of my birthday blog entries for the past seven years and felt all warm and schmoogly remembering all you lovely Commenters Throughout The Ages. And I reckon I'm in a much better frame of mind than when I started writing here aged 22.5. The blog is not so much a thinly disguised distress call now. I think we're all going to be juuuuust fine!

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43 thoughts on “Three Oh

  1. My thirties have been great – then again, I took until my thirties to do the things you’ve already done in your twenties so you’re well ahead of the game,

    Happy birthday!!!!!!

    As you get older you have to go through the minefield of cultural references: are they old enough to know David Hasselhoff? From the broadband ads? From Baywatch? From Knight Rider? From Young and the Restless (that one courtesy of my mother who reminded me as I used to watch Knight Rider)?

    …and the policemen start looking young.

    Ahhh, age….I mean youth πŸ™‚

    Scott F πŸ™‚

  2. Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you had a lovely time in NYC. Seems to me you are entering your prime, for sure!

  3. “spookily, the precise time I disembarked The Mothership back in 1977.”

    EWWW. Nice imagery!

    Happy Birthday, you darling stranger, you!

  4. Happy Birthday, what a perfect way to celebrate in NY and all.. (except the flight bit!)

    haha how very nice of them to throw in an anti-ageing cream, that’s just class in a tube!

    enjoy the dreary darkness that seems to be decending on the city!

  5. Happy birthday!

    Hope I’ve accomplished as much as you when I hit the big three oh (which feels like it’s coming up quite quickly).

  6. cherie, i was a caesarian, so the image isn’t quite as gross as you might first think πŸ˜›

    thanks groovy groovers πŸ™‚

  7. Many happy returns of the day, m’dear. It’s been an interesting trip, “watching” you over the past “seven and twenty blackbirds.” I, for one, look forward to many more to come.

  8. Happy Birthday Shauna! I hit the big three oh this year too and am still in a state of shock! Hope you enjoyed your day.

  9. Happy Birthday Shauna. I hit the big 4-0 this year so you are a mere stripling from where I am standing. (leaning on my cane and examining my grey hairs…..)

  10. I always thought my 30’s were really the prime years. So much of the youthful angst and wondering where your life is headed is over and many things have already been decided (Career, marriage, kids, etc.). Time to cruise and enjoy.

    The 40’s seem to be more of the same, so far.

    Happy birthday.

  11. Happy Birthday, Shauna! Everyone has been saying the exact same thing to me, but so far I’m still waiting for all that promised fabulousness to begin. I mean, for crying out loud it’s been three WEEKS already! πŸ™‚

  12. It’s all good…the Thirties really are Prime…infact in NYC didn’t you know that 30 is the new 20 and 40 is the new 30? So you turning the big 3-0 in NYC means you really turned 20 and you’re not even legal to drink…lol…makes it all the more taboo when you do.

    So a BIG Happy Birthday!

    Personally I look, feel and am much healthier now in my thirties than I ever was in my 20’s…and I know the 30’s will hold nothing but good fortune for you as well!


  13. 30 was not so bad. Or rather, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. You’re definitely living life to it’s fullest and really, that’s all that counts!
    Happiest of birthdays to you!!

  14. Hurrah and happy birthday! I had my 30th in 2006, and I must say I’m not used to it yet. But I am perfectly confident that you’ll rock this decade!

  15. It’s a good age.

    And I’d have bought you a pressie but, you know, thieving scumbags and all that!

    And thanks for the imagery “disembark the Mothership” – yeah I bet you looked like an alien too

  16. well, miss preciousness, thirty is the new ten. Didn’t you know?

    I missed you mightily in Scotsland, but in a way i feel you were there with me in spirit.

    God it’s fabulous: I shall return.

    I wish you the happiest of birthdays and thanks for all the wonderful years of blogging you have shared. You are truly one of a kind. Do thank the mothership for me!


    Hope you enjoyed it. Once I got over ‘all the things you need to do before you’re 30’ shite then I was cool.

    Great year! And an author. Fan-bloody-tastic!

  18. I like the idea of thirty being your official age. Can it be mine too? I’d prefer it to the age I am, frankly.

    Happy birthday to you – so glad you had a wonderful holiday but so sorry that you missed Fifi. She’s great! If you’d like to come and meet the cats we could tell you about her. I realise that this isn’t quite the same, but … you could sit in the chair she sat in. Would this give you a mystical connection? She is certainly one of your greatest fans… but you have so many, deservedly.

  19. happy belated birthday! mine is today and i’m 39…about to hit the big stepping stone up from your 30. the 30s are great. πŸ™‚

  20. Happy birthday! I like the “30 is the new 20” idea cos that means I’m 11 – and been reading you since I was…6. Awesome. Congrats on the book, never better deserved! Thanks for the entertainment all these years.

  21. Happy Birthday!!! Slap on that anti-aging cream and come join the party!!!! πŸ˜€

    New York sounds amazing, the way you tell it! Now I want to gooooo. What a great place to see out your 20’s!

  22. I turned thirty in Australia – in the middle of a four and a half month backpacking trip. I was in Brisbane. Such a beautiful country! Nineteen years ago today I was on a Contiki bus somewhere between Alice Springs and Darwin. Probably hung over. Happy Birthday!

  23. Happy birthday! Your thirties & forties ARE your best!
    You care so much less about what’s expected from you and you enjoy the good bits so much more…
    Happy happy birthday!!

  24. Happy Birthday!

    and now my mind has gone blank…

    but the important par tis remembered. Keep that smile for the rest of the decade!


  25. Happy belated birthday Miss Shauny! Can’t believe I’ve been reading your escapades for nearly 8 years now, I think! Hope this year keeps them all coming- and I can’t wait to buy your book. Is it weird to say I’m proud of you? Now whenever you’re sad, you can think “Wahoo, some random chick from Teh Internets is proud of me… I can’t be all that bad!”. Um… anyway. Happy birthday!

  26. Happy birthday, m’lovely!

    My thirties are fantastic – the decade where my life all came together. Enjoy the next ten years (oh, and all the years afterwards, of course!) xxx

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